World's Spiciest Tik Toks
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  • Edvin

    you didnt stick ur tonge out at the end

  • Simply Ashley
    Simply Ashley

    Wait liquid death of sparkling water.

  • FadedDesigns

    every nut is a dead nut if you bus it inna sock

  • FadedDesigns

    0:50 you can't just say that and move on, just like that lmao

  • Rock Hash
    Rock Hash

    His asshole is where hell is

  • Jiggs Wut
    Jiggs Wut

    He's gonna turn from Spice King to Ulcer King real soon

  • Fathi Omer
    Fathi Omer

    Doesn't seem very healthy

  • Nico

    that must be the sickest party flex

  • Jamie King Games
    Jamie King Games

    He has such a gross tongue

  • Baby M
    Baby M

    why... Why... WHYYYY... 👀

  • LoaF

    Bro all I can think about is the acid reflux🥵🤮🤮🤮

  • lustrous lamb
    lustrous lamb

    Death nut sounds like the best way to go

  • no one
    no one

    he has like 14 millions now😂

  • Brandon Condon
    Brandon Condon

    I did the Deathnut and fuck that. never again

  • Stephany Calzado
    Stephany Calzado

    You diffidently cheated with the bell pepper

  • Brianna Ramacciotti
    Brianna Ramacciotti

    The "spice money shot" reminds me of people on Fear Factor after they had to eat a bug or a pigs heart and had to show they swallowed it all lmaooo

  • LickMy Toaster
    LickMy Toaster

    I’ve been obsessed with this dude on FIbill shorts

  • DrFatBear

    did i just witness him eating tobacco like wtf

  • blockify

    Maybe he had/has covid

  • Hskskxkkwkz

    Dude these vids are absolutely disgusting.

  • K-Dog

    Those were not Carolina reapers.

  • TransPlant 161
    TransPlant 161

    6:30 the reaper jerky is the first thing in that clip I'd consider spicy lol why tf did my original comment saying this get autodeleted? What in that is even remotely against TOS?

    • TransPlant 161
      TransPlant 161

      welp, this one apparently is fine. FIbill is a fucking joke these days.

  • Alie Belt
    Alie Belt

    eww why does that guy have to open his mouth like that. Makes me want to vomit

  • ItsPJTheBot

    The Voldemort’s jizz joke killed me.🤣💀

  • Maria Perez
    Maria Perez

    Spice demon is a good band name. Dibs.

  • G O U D A
    G O U D A

    wait, did anyone else notice caleb had a republican profile picture

  • Eran Hodge
    Eran Hodge

    Eat a reaper and show your reaction lol. My brother in law got drunk and ordered 8 of them. He brought them to a party and we all got drunk enough to try it lol.

  • Nik

    None of them dared to eat mayonnaise tho

  • sreekutty sree
    sreekutty sree

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  • Daisy

    Man, they should try those really minty chewing gums...

  • Matthew Bainbridge
    Matthew Bainbridge

    Im guessing this is a tolerance issue. The receptor hit by hot peppers is the same receptor hit when youre literally on fire/touch a burning stove. If you activate that receptor enough, your body will think "wtf, theres no way ur gettin burnt like that and being fine after", and it will reduce the number of receptors you have. This is why people from certain cultures could eat this like cholula, and some will flip tf out. Edit: also a pain tolerance issue. Some people can grit their teeth through a lot of things, where others will bawl Edit 2: Love how the commenter went from carolina reaper, inside a ghost pepper...... inside a jalepeno? bruh u jumped from million+ scovilles to 10,000 max. Couldve made that a better challenge fs

  • Confetti Cake
    Confetti Cake

    You forgot to stick your tongue out.

  • SyngH

    Cody you forgot the tounge thing at the end of the challenge.

  • Dr. Desmond
    Dr. Desmond

    Fresh out of the ovski


      That's the only reason I keep coming back to this video 🤣🤣😭😭😭

  • Finn 300
    Finn 300

    I love how Cody can make videos about people making fun of them but without being hateful or mean. Sometimes his comments can be mean about the people he reacts to but they also usually are nice too

  • Lilly Fuller
    Lilly Fuller

    i shouldnt have clicked on this video while eating. after seeing that first guy open up his mouth im gonna throw up

  • TheNerdyVixen

    But…those 💩afterwords have to burn. Not worth it. 😂

  • Annalise Carter
    Annalise Carter

    it grosses me out when he sticks his tongue out

  • J V
    J V

    the lack of cut at 0:49 really got me hahahahhahahahahah idk

  • X X
    X X

    anybody know the formula for converting scovilles to nics?

  • Mar Palafox
    Mar Palafox

    9:19 this is fucking disgusting. I don't know why people like this

  • Mar Palafox
    Mar Palafox

    There's nothing more disgusting than watching a video of someone eating in the grossest way possible . . .

  • OhMyShelbiii

    Hearing people chew, gives me literal Anxiety. This was difficult to watch, but super entertaining.

  • Kei

    Sorry if someone's said it, but There's no such thing as spice receptors, those are literally pain receptors. So if you don't feel anything when you eat spicy food, better go get it checked medically, might be a bad sign. (Or a high pain tolerance lol, unrelatable)

  • Jake Sprunger
    Jake Sprunger

    8:49 "Spice Money Shot" HAHAHA

  • redmig5

    they all got the same looking blue eyes, wonder if it corresponds with their lack of spice sences

  • Joe DeLuca
    Joe DeLuca

    eating spicy food doesn't give you stomach ulcers, it can only irritate existing ones.

  • Jasmine Benhassine
    Jasmine Benhassine

    How do u think Sean Evans started huh

  • Anthony DiMartino
    Anthony DiMartino

    I just realized I was making the same face reaction as Cody lmao. These Tik Toks are weird lol

  • Sayantan Dey
    Sayantan Dey

    Fun fact, spice isn't a taste that your tongue understands it's simply a pain sensation.

  • madeline

    jimin reference making it back

  • Christopher Coe
    Christopher Coe

    Here is the trick: your mouth will only ever register a top-most pain level --- it doesn't matter how much MORE hotter things you eat (or combine together) --- you will ONLY ever feel that top-most level. Sadly, it's a gimmick. (I personally top-out with the Taco Bell: Mild Sauce)

  • HayHayASMR

    Overly spicy foods can legitimately mess up your health if you go too hot and have it too often-I would never do this for a job even if I enjoy spicy food myself lmao. Remember moderation is always key y’all.

  • Jojo

    That dude must have the worst farts ever.

  • Hayden Herbison
    Hayden Herbison

    You forgot the tongue thing at the end

  • JayLama

    cody u forgot to show tongue at the end im unsubbing

  • Brynn Stewart
    Brynn Stewart

    review chalk eating asmr

  • MystBng

    he didn’t give it time to have a reaction

  • Laura Brita Otsus
    Laura Brita Otsus

    all i see is diarhea


    thanks for making my school day a bit less slow

  • kendall warren
    kendall warren

    “voldemorts jizz” lol

  • Gabrielle Spagnola
    Gabrielle Spagnola

    Omg I’m crying💀👻👻

  • Gabrielle Spagnola
    Gabrielle Spagnola

    Maybe the reason why people like this are fit is because they shit every single thing out including vital organs

  • Gabrielle Spagnola
    Gabrielle Spagnola

    I can’t handle the speed eating lookin like a squirrel with an acorn

  • Gabrielle Spagnola
    Gabrielle Spagnola

    I thought the death nut challenge was fucking until I bust pull out put barbed wire on then continue until we bust

  • Gabrielle Spagnola
    Gabrielle Spagnola

    His chin pubes on fire and him: did you see a reaction?

  • Dazen ZombieRufio
    Dazen ZombieRufio

    this video gave me heartburn on impact

  • BrAiNgAsM

    Death nut sounds like a dope black metal band

  • phanfinger

    I feel like this guy's tastebuds are completely gone now

  • zw0lfb4um

    These people's digestive systems must look apocalyptic by now ☠️

  • Emily Lois
    Emily Lois

    What about the heart burn?? What about the damage in the GI tract? I can’t eat wings without dying.

  • Griffin Martin
    Griffin Martin

    I’m surprised he hasn’t choked

  • The Open Conservative
    The Open Conservative

    Not to be crude but you *KNOW* their toilets have to be blown the fuck up after these videos

  • feetwood mac
    feetwood mac

    Ok but that's not even real wasabi that's horseradish with green food coloring... pls

  • blingtin

    kinda grossed out by him showing the contents of his mouth

  • goobercool is my name
    goobercool is my name

    Get a haircut my bro

  • Cody Woof
    Cody Woof

    Those tats a fake

  • Mary Williams
    Mary Williams

    dude has covid for sure

  • Mountain Jew
    Mountain Jew

    Holy shit... Liquid Death’s seriously gotta be shelling out 6 figures for Cody’s soul. At fuckin least lmfao. It’s a bit too much now though tbh. You’re a human, an artist, and a creator. Not a fuckin NASCAR team lmao

  • Shannon Rineer
    Shannon Rineer

    Bruh how does that Spicy King’s stomach HANDLE ALL OF THAT

    • Shannon Rineer
      Shannon Rineer

      Toilets must hate him

  • TvF Person
    TvF Person


  • lunaliia

    me eating spicy food and watching this :)

  • Maddie Becker
    Maddie Becker

    I’ve never understood why it’s such a flex to like or be able to handle v spicy stuff. Like it’s such a weird flex?

  • Bumber Dumber
    Bumber Dumber

    Dude probably takes a sweet pill to turn spice into savory

  • randomhumor1

    God the cringe. It's not like billions of people eat spicy food with no reaction everyday. The Spice King is giving me elementary school "I can eat a worm and not throw up" vibes.

  • Cam C
    Cam C

    My friends and I tried Carolina Reaper peppers and 2 of my friends threw up and the pain didn't go away for HOURS

  • Nadien Alsheraifi
    Nadien Alsheraifi

    ik it's not just me that gets mad whenever he opens his mouth after chewing, like it's so unnecessary and idek why it disgusts me but maybe it's the fact there's saliva dripping everywhere.

  • JustJeff23

    hate that dude who eats super sloppy spicy sh1t. just so excessive and IDK just doesn’t sit right with me.😭😭

  • Garrett monahan
    Garrett monahan

    Mom you shouldve warned me, these are fresh out of the ovski

  • [REDACTED] Gaming
    [REDACTED] Gaming

    uhhmm voldemorts jizz? care to explain cody hmm hmm

  • Green bean
    Green bean

    My mouth has never watered so much

  • Sofia Pizzo
    Sofia Pizzo

    5:09 you are giving me wayne campbell energy

  • Maia Labastide
    Maia Labastide

    His poor toilet...

  • Money Talk
    Money Talk


  • Ashley Nicole
    Ashley Nicole

    I’d be more comfortable if he didn’t show his tongue after lol

  • Henry W
    Henry W

    My favorite sauces, cholula original and siracha, are in the middle of the mild section

  • Dis Appointment
    Dis Appointment

    I just KNOW it hurts to shit. He probably passes out every time he shits.


    I don’t know how people enjoy takis It’s basically vinegar solidified Yewwackkks

  • Sadrac Ramirez
    Sadrac Ramirez

    my insides got torn up watching cody watching these clips 🤣