The Weirdest Etsy Listings
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  • hannah morris
    hannah morris

    i tried watching this drunk last night and passed out almost immediately after seeing the stripper mice

    • hannah morris
      hannah morris

      alright after actually watching this i was referencing the wrong video

  • Active Silv
    Active Silv

    You ever been in a zombie apocalypse dude?

  • ana contreras
    ana contreras

    Bring. Thats. Cringe. Back.

  • Adam Rebel
    Adam Rebel

    So funny 😂

  • M01 01P
    M01 01P

    Love ur humor Cody! funny man

  • Eliza Lonsberry
    Eliza Lonsberry

    I cant decided whether I'm more concerned about what people are doing with uranium or how the seller got uranium

  • im2cool2Bcool

    Cody, please look up Baby Creatures by Laira Maganuco on Etsy. You'll be very shocked and pleased by what you find.

  • TravellingSax (TravellingSax)
    TravellingSax (TravellingSax)

    but where kelsey doe

  • Megan Allison
    Megan Allison

    I love how he just stands the whole time

  • Leah Markt
    Leah Markt


  • cynthia maldonado
    cynthia maldonado

    I’m getting mighty dad on a hunting trip vibes

  • Bryan Gardon
    Bryan Gardon

    Actually the taxidermy frog wallet is popular in the Philippines haha

  • A T
    A T

    Don’t worry I googled it

  • Cam Clawson
    Cam Clawson

    Cody talking about having ninja throwing spikes as a hobby literally just explains collecting stamps as a hobby.

  • Mia

    Cody ko, can you react to will tennyson?

  • AJ Mazz
    AJ Mazz

    These are the best videos by far, very nice. Snug as a bug watching this

  • Zo Co
    Zo Co

    If I want beautiful ninja throwing spikes I should be able to buy them... god. Pussies.

  • Gspi1005

    Cody what are you on, those Ninja Throwing Spikes™ look to be 100% metal.

  • Panda MilkShake
    Panda MilkShake

    3:15 Actually...that's the best occasion 😂

  • Tate Morales
    Tate Morales

    no no no cody you misunderstand, they deleted all listings that broke the rules, they didnt delete the actual rules dude hahaha

  • Jayme Sigler
    Jayme Sigler

    Don't be shy. Drop the links.

  • Jessica Ruiz
    Jessica Ruiz

    “Babe lets go, were going to be late to my sisters wedding” “Alright I’m ready” “Where the fuck is your zombie apocalypse bat??? You promised me youd bring it this time, i cant keep reminding you when we go to these things to bring it!”

  • Alondra Sanchez
    Alondra Sanchez

    Cody please send me the link to the zombie apocalypse bat, I can’t afford an underground home so I need to resort to other options.. 🤨

  • Sea Cucumber
    Sea Cucumber

    i've been casually looking at swords on Etsy for so long it didn't even cross my mind that weapons weren't supposed to be on there

  • Lucia Agostini
    Lucia Agostini


  • ally toombs
    ally toombs

    cody looks so old in this

  • jasmine gistren
    jasmine gistren

    Omg how is he standing for so long if he’s an old man

  • kitty princess
    kitty princess

    order them and do reviews

  • Aly Diane
    Aly Diane

    Your recommended products on etsy will be all sorts of confusing after this video

  • Hilda Halada
    Hilda Halada

    Please noooo, I was using etsy for that 😢

  • Noah Robertson
    Noah Robertson

    When I was younger my dad who was 52 years old at the time had one hobby.... and it was ninja throwing stars😂

    • Noah Robertson
      Noah Robertson

      He had wooden targets and would practice throwing them, he got hella good could definitely cause some serious damage haha

  • Run to Altar
    Run to Altar


  • Jaz Rivas
    Jaz Rivas

    imagine getting stabbed and the weapon at the crime scene says "thanks for all the orgasms".

  • jaden chou
    jaden chou

    Why is no one taking about how hot the editor is😀

  • mckaela.nicole

    this video is hilarious this should be a series for sure 😂

  • Leigh Skarzynski
    Leigh Skarzynski

    More James reactions please

  • Walking Disaster
    Walking Disaster

    I can't believe this got monetized

  • YMF_Brit

    Nah, that delivery he put on “fits snug as a bug on my dick” was actually crazy. that’s a fire ahh bar

  • petalchild

    This doesn't even scratch the surface of weird listing on etsy

  • Alexis Huish
    Alexis Huish

    Thanks a lot Cody now my Etsy is filled with ball figurines…

  • Virginia Harp
    Virginia Harp

    Ok but my hobby is collecting hand forged weaponry and I didn't know you technically weren't allowed to buy them on etsy. Also uranium is perfectly safe in small amounts such as that.

  • Kamikozzie Thiccums
    Kamikozzie Thiccums

    I forgot how much i loved this channel

  • Passive Aggresive Russian
    Passive Aggresive Russian

    Bro imagine hearing your neighbor in a wood cabin screaming, “THE STRETCH IS NICE ON MY BALLS!”

  • Ash Sawyer
    Ash Sawyer

    Welcome to the Watchlist.

  • Griz

    Snug as a bug part got me dead😭

  • El Brabo Jr
    El Brabo Jr

    I just noticed at 7:21 the profile picture of the old guy LMAOOOOOOOOOOO

  • JMan9191991

    I don't think you misunderstood the article from insider, but it was worded a little weirdly. Etsy deleted the item listings that were breaking the rules, not the rules themselves.

  • Marné not Marnie
    Marné not Marnie

    that time that i was looking at ear cuffs and scrolled down to see a suggested search for piercings that had just some boobs as the thumbnail makes more sense now

  • Striped Sock
    Striped Sock

    i always go on there to buy crystals and shit and it is baffling how many different crystal dicks there are. all kinds of shapes and sizes

  • That's LMFB
    That's LMFB

    I throw knives as a hobby....and I've bought several off Etsy. Uh oh.

  • J J
    J J

    Scream laughing!!!!

  • Shanaly

    Omg when I was a child my mom got me that exact taxidermy frog purse from Mexico!!! Lol I used it once and got so many weird looks then donated it

  • Shanaly

    Dude a girl I knew made SO MUCH SELLING PINECONES. PINE CONES.

  • ignorer

    The imported albatross admittedly blush because invoice fundamentally soak outside a decorous yellow. profuse, best pain

  • Kawaii Fantom
    Kawaii Fantom

    Cody looks like a guy who likes country music and goes fishing everyday

  • Nomadic

    Etsy is the new Silk Road. Fucking metal!

  • Quinny

    I think the weapons are made of 3d printers so they’re plastic 😂

  • Radiant Shadow
    Radiant Shadow

    3:00 I tinker and make weapons and tools out of recycled materials for fun. I've made crossbows, hammers, maces, pocket knives, machetes, axes, a ton of things. For me, it's like a Rust or Fallout style art project. But, if it doesn't function well, it's only half as cool, even if it's function is to simply take high impact forces. Even the hammer, it's made from some heavy gears and car parts, and I just use it to flatten cans. It doesn't even have to be a weapon, I've also made a table clamp out of scrap wood and bolts, a hatchet from a rusty snow shovel, and a hacksaw from spare blades and an Erector set. It's like a puzzle that you have to make the pieces for based on your knowledge of how they move and function. Most recently, I've been working on turning a firepit into a forge, and I've managed to get it hot enough to flatten a railroad spike against a piece of railroad track as an anvil. This guy, however, makes us look like clowns and psychopaths. Instead of being in it for the fun and design aspect of creating these things, he's in it for the edgy "survivor man" aspect of it. And worse of all, a baseball bat with nails and barbed wire? What's next, a broomstick with a knife on the end? What gets me is the fact he's trying to sell something online that anyone with little to no experience with tools can make in their garage. You can even do that with an aluminum bat, with the right drill bits.

  • Camden Noonan
    Camden Noonan


  • tia fletcher
    tia fletcher

    Omg Lucille

  • Doug Weismann
    Doug Weismann

    I HAVE THAT KNIFE. My brother got married not too long ago, and he gave all his groomsmen that knife, with their name and "Groomesman" on it. Hilarious.

  • Alyss White
    Alyss White

    so can someone send me the links for these items...

  • Aaron C
    Aaron C

    2:18 is literally the magnets scene from it's always sunny in Philadelphia haha

  • Wissal

    Damn he's gotten old old shi

  • Lil Q
    Lil Q

    I love your little hat

  • Stok _
    Stok _

    “If you’re someone that goes to Comic-Con and also likes sex” that’s pretty optimistic isn’t it

  • Kael Kael
    Kael Kael

    I had to look up the leather cock ring review lmao

  • Brianna

    I was watching this with my mom

  • TheRealSwisher


  • L EL
    L EL

    etsy is the embodiment of the snoop & martha memes

  • Ana Knight
    Ana Knight


  • Talia

    You didn't even cover all the breast milk, placenta, and moon water crap :(

  • Jovan Grollino
    Jovan Grollino

    I sell hand carved wooden spoons and jewelry on Etsy.

  • Grace Glodek
    Grace Glodek

    You don’t have to be worried about what you search with Express VPN Cody

  • Devonte Hardimon
    Devonte Hardimon

    6:40 Cody: *apologizing to James* Also Cody: *continues to scroll through it instead of moving on* 8:40 a uranium cock ring sounds absolutely horrifying

  • rtrain productions
    rtrain productions

    hey cody. i’ve been subbed since the vine days several several years ago. love the content man! you never miss with your comedy!! i’m also a CS student in college so i’m always inspired by you in that way as well. keep being awesome man! love to see it

  • HipposAreDeadly

    I literally just went to check the reviews on some products and there are quite literally men just posting pics of their dicks on Etsy

  • Watch Dog
    Watch Dog

    You need the bat at the funeral if it’s a zombie funeral in case the person comes back to life

  • Iris Carter
    Iris Carter

    at 6:48 and 7:11 Cody sounds like Morty from Rick and Morty lmao

  • New Yardley Sinclair
    New Yardley Sinclair

    There are more guns than ppl in america. Once the zombies come there will be no need to hit the sporting goods store. Just head to the countryside.

  • Tyler Dowd
    Tyler Dowd

    dude wtf is a BALL STRETCHER lmfaooo

  • smilejocelyn

    love that cody dressed like a grandma to do a very grandma thing which is log on to etsy

  • Mrs. Bees
    Mrs. Bees

    Etsy didn't delete the rules, they deleted the ads that were breaking the rules. They said they deleted the "rule breaking listings" not the "rule breaking lists". I understand the confusion but you literally read it out loud to us. You gotta be better. Stupid people think they actually deleted the rules not the listings.

  • Kayley Fiorino
    Kayley Fiorino

    Did you know you can buy wet specimens on Etsy? Like straight-up fetal cats in jars...

  • Daryl Dixon
    Daryl Dixon

    Hahaha I have a zombie apocalypse bat

  • Catie Leavitt
    Catie Leavitt

    I've seen crochet needles on etsy that had hand carved wooden penis handles......

  • Andrea Marie
    Andrea Marie

    The c*ck ring holy shiiii

  • Kornelija Earthling
    Kornelija Earthling

    Etsy deserves this for mistreating their actual handmade creators and prioritizing mass produced made in China resellers.

  • Dalton Minor
    Dalton Minor

    Prayers out to James

  • Colton Bannister
    Colton Bannister

    I feel like a funeral is the EXACT place you’d need a zombie apocalypse bat.....

  • Liz

    I’ve bought a vibr*tor off of etsy before...

  • Julia Ackerman
    Julia Ackerman

    sooooo your rules say: *deletes rules*

  • Felicity B.
    Felicity B.

    where is your jacket from??

  • Grace Hetfield
    Grace Hetfield

    Okay but the best weird etsy listing is a taxidermied mouse that's made to look like it's snorting lines of coke.

  • Me Myself
    Me Myself

    Wow he’s definitely wearing chacos out of sight

  • Guido Guido
    Guido Guido

    3:57 Nice

  • Guido Guido
    Guido Guido

    7:58 Nice

  • Guido Guido
    Guido Guido

    Commenting on Cody Ko videos #7

  • Matylin Th3Qu33n
    Matylin Th3Qu33n

    Time to go to Etsy I guess 😳😳😳

  • Maddie Kester
    Maddie Kester

    Now get this: a uranium cock ring