The influencer scams are getting worse...
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  • Alex Sierra
    Alex Sierra

    I blasted the like button. I incinerated the subscribe button. And stomped the bell notifications

  • Luke Menard
    Luke Menard

    "pumpin' and dumpin' all of their fans" lol, I pissed myself when I heard that. (didn't actually piss)

  • manuel lopez
    manuel lopez

    The background music is kinda cringe

  • Nirmiti

    This is insulting. Not all of those influencers' viewers are THAT stupid.

  • Andrew

    cody isn't advertising the horses he's advertising lolli obviously

  • Brooks Holmes
    Brooks Holmes

    blasted that like button

  • Mia

    Cody ko, can you react to will tennyson?

  • Emma Santos
    Emma Santos

    Didn’t he say after words not to do it though?

  • Sebastian Ackerman
    Sebastian Ackerman

    Aight now mention SHIB so it pumps

  • S Greene
    S Greene

    When Cody Ko finds out about atis Paul the rat 💀💀💀💀 he’ll be so pissed

  • tz1 ark
    tz1 ark

    The quickest improvement beverly ski because calculus phylogenetically clear versus a whole cow. brainy, wealthy stitch

  • Scout

    cody's got that jsrf main menu type background music

  • Emma Grace
    Emma Grace

    Honestly shoutout to Cody for posting about this and warning others who are easily manipulated

  • X X
    X X

    nfts are bad for the environment

  • Mia Silva
    Mia Silva

    there should be one called boobie coin

  • Mori

    Soulja doesn’t give a single fuck. He did that shit with Nintendo and still denies getting a cease and desist and now this shit jfc

  • Anukriti

    make a video about crypto scam bots in youtube comments! You can find them under almost every blockchain or crypto video and they seem soooo legit

  • Miss Midnightt
    Miss Midnightt

    I feel like a lot of this was also a bunch of people buying into them just for the meme rip

  • Pete Davis
    Pete Davis

    The fact that there's a crypto called "cummies" makes me SO uncomfortable. I HATE that word 🤢🤢

  • Clash Productions
    Clash Productions

    Cody how many shirts do you own

  • starlequin

    Lil' Pump.... Lil' Dump

  • Lola Fendetti
    Lola Fendetti

    Also y'all Honey is just a data harvesting scam

  • Lola Fendetti
    Lola Fendetti

    I feel like you were so fucking close to such a good video and made a lot of good points but then you had to advertise this environmentally destructive stuff and shitty gambling.

  • no.9 ava
    no.9 ava

    THX Cody for looking out for all the boys investing in crypto

  • E. H.
    E. H.

    Maybe by making that previous video you ended up informing even more scummy influencers that this is a thing they can do because others are getting away with it and they did not previously know about it, which ended up making influencers attempting to scam a trend. I wouldn't be surprised considering what ends up trending nowadays.


    COOCHIE COIN TO THE MOOOOON 🚀🌕 #TotallyNotFinancialAdvice

  • Sarina Arina
    Sarina Arina


  • Moo

    lil pump pumpin’ the coins

  • Ed Lobo
    Ed Lobo

    Go on cold ones

  • Sativo

    Cody looks like a mix of Jim Halpert and Brad Pitt

  • Sterling Archer
    Sterling Archer

    This is exactly how Elon scammed people into buying Doge then crashed it days before China banned it. They are all scammers.

  • ancient troll
    ancient troll

    i don't feel sorry for those who get scammed online, they're so stupid, brainless and dumb...i mean look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself why am i pathetic ? why did i follow others thinking that this new crypto trend makes me look cool ?

  • Overdone Skeleton
    Overdone Skeleton

    I'm feeling that no matter how good you "breed" your virtual horse, they're still gonna code the results lol

  • taf adisah
    taf adisah

    benedict townsend being mocked ⁉️ i wont stand for it

  • My Name
    My Name

    Fun and true fact, my dog is named Sophie Dee. She also always tries to suck off my other dog and it’s really disturbing and we can’t get her to stop. Must be something about the name.

  • Nyla Harris
    Nyla Harris

    ChodeCoin, hell I’d invest 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Kris Clem
    Kris Clem

    Only scam here is that there isn't a Bezos crypto so we can get Elon to send Bezos to the moon.

  • Lilly Goodwin
    Lilly Goodwin

    cody givin mad daddy vibes in this

  • Madilyn Joy Weber
    Madilyn Joy Weber

    youtuber news is fire dude! benedict townsen... the rat... i think cody would actually really like it

  • Robert Armstrong
    Robert Armstrong

    Thank you daddy cody for spreading the word

  • Serene Singh
    Serene Singh

    cody is posting so much he must be saving for an engagement ring or something

  • maine

    lmao doesnt even acknowledge how bad crypto actually is for the environment. so tone deaf in this video

  • KeyzKlipz

    Cody says do research. Cody based

  • Morgan

    Nooo Cody look into the impact of NFTs on the environment

  • M LaR
    M LaR

    this shit is so funny. the shit people buy.

  • Ash Sawyer
    Ash Sawyer

    Thank you for informing your audience about crypto scams, but also for not being a shiddy influencer and scamming your fans.

  • dhamage2k // iPlatinumb
    dhamage2k // iPlatinumb

    PLEASE make a video on how shitty the entire snapchat “news” / entertainment section is lol

  • Lorcutt

    Cody’s videos are getting me through the week 😂

  • J S
    J S

    Ngl lost some respect

  • Nyanna Ross
    Nyanna Ross

    Everyone should watch Shark Tale and see how much trouble Oscar got himself into because of "get rich quick".

  • stillcold

    Crypto, more life Flipto! Amirite!? Get it? L-like flipping currency? Or something? I'll see myself out.


    I’m gonna make coindy ko

  • Heck N' Frick
    Heck N' Frick

    Hey all crypto is bad. Did you not do any research into the environmental damage that crypto mining does? I hope Elon crust and all his projects crash and burn in hell

  • LyricalWax

    "I don't know anything" 🤷

  • Jeff Larson
    Jeff Larson

    Nothing worse than an influencer pointing out scams while doing the same thing as the people he's dissing.

    • Jeff Larson
      Jeff Larson

      @Paula Schatz By pushing product, just like those he's railing against. You don't understand? Did you watch the whole video?

    • Paula Schatz
      Paula Schatz


  • Emperor26

    Crypto as a whole is a scam. One day everything is going to crash and everybody will have no real money. Lol.

  • Catt C
    Catt C

    Cody saw that 24k and said let me give that a try!

  • KG

    I wonder how many influencers who have ZERO financial skills or knowledge are going to get sued, or have law suits filed against them by the SEC

  • U. Wahya-Gihli
    U. Wahya-Gihli

    Nah all of it's a scam

  • Rhia Bayer
    Rhia Bayer

    can't believe ur still blasting them like this 😥

  • CPTBly

    change your pfp

  • Ray S
    Ray S

    Im pretty sure a guy named “Lil Pump” is someone we should listen to regarding cryptocurrency😂

    • Maria Zepeda
      Maria Zepeda

      Gucci gang gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang

  • Emmanuel Lopez
    Emmanuel Lopez

    Grow a beard you coward 😐

  • Smug Nugget
    Smug Nugget

    ayo can we get an office tour

  • gray pineapple
    gray pineapple

    you should make "codykoin"

  • Elektra Last name
    Elektra Last name

    He do be promoting coins right after he said it’s bad when people do that

  • Izzy T
    Izzy T

    Lil' pump and dump :(

  • WeedGrandma

    The fact they said he was blasting influencers because he's trying to keep us safe just baffles me 🥴

  • Amanda Cestari
    Amanda Cestari

    i literally got an influencer scam ad before this video

  • Noah Stirrat
    Noah Stirrat

    Just FYI for the people making lil pump scamming his fans political, republicans don’t like him either

  • Cas koboli7
    Cas koboli7

    rip the environment xD

  • koi

    Thanks dad

  • Ben Solomon
    Ben Solomon

    Would I post about MAYBE winning a Tesla to make hella money off the ad? Absolutely 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Caleb Smith
    Caleb Smith

    Me and my girl are kinda apart so thanks Cody for making these good vids

  • dirty birdy22
    dirty birdy22

    Everyone saying he's pumping the projects he mentioned just f*ck off.

  • TransPlant 161
    TransPlant 161

    Considering at least one crypto site has openly ditched customers and stated "we scammed you dumbasses", I wouldn't trust any of it. Especially since if it's untraceable, you can't do *shit* about it.

  • Chevi c
    Chevi c

    Man idc if ppl wanna make money or gamble, I just wish they could do it in a way that doesn't actively fuck the earth's heath :/ like specifically with NFT/crypto mining its just hard to justify imo

  • Elizabeth Thornton
    Elizabeth Thornton

    Cody: “don’t listen to influencers crypto recommendations” Also Cody: “here’s a few cryptos I love”

    • Elizabeth Thornton
      Elizabeth Thornton

      @Joshua Simons yeh don’t worry it’s a joke

    • Joshua Simons
      Joshua Simons

      He didn't say don't listen. He said not blindly trust them without doing some research yourself.

  • Crypto ZLDR
    Crypto ZLDR

    CHODE Coin!

  • dictatorofneptune

    Lolli is a very unfortunate name for program that has nothing to do with hentai.

  • Lily Coburn
    Lily Coburn

    Dad Cody lookin out

  • Ariel Håvik
    Ariel Håvik

    the horse crypto has to be legit, I mean, Cody is terrified of horses.

  • Overtly Dramatic
    Overtly Dramatic

    "Cummies could be good," Cody Ko, 2021

  • zkyconz

    can you please make a video on digital horse racing and we just watch along?

  • Crypto Dude
    Crypto Dude

    Great content Codi! Im here from coffeezillas vid of you, and have liked and subscribed. Thanks for taking the time to share your big brain info. :)

  • Dm A7
    Dm A7

    You da man Cody. Saved alot of people's wallets by shedding light on this. Kudos my friend

  • gb

    Lost some respect when you mentioned NFT.

    • Heck N' Frick
      Heck N' Frick

      Lost so respect when he said not all crypto is bad

  • Stefania Diamond
    Stefania Diamond

    Investing is gambling & no one EVER got wealthy from gambling...they'll be greedy and wait until it's worthless or pull it early before it's valuable the only way to make money is to be an insider. That shirt hurt me to my core 🤣

  • Coasting California
    Coasting California

    I built a coin on the eth chain called stupidCoin, I didnt even put it on the real market just the dev chain. I had like 30 people ask me where to buy it. It was a joke. people will buy anything.

  • Andreas Ebenheart
    Andreas Ebenheart

    so... when are we going to be able to invest in "CodyKoins"

  • Olivia Watts
    Olivia Watts

    Thanks dad!

  • DJ DZK
    DJ DZK

    lil pump n dump

  • Kevin Luo
    Kevin Luo

    He could have scammed everyone by making the video about these being scams.

  • Ocean Juicer
    Ocean Juicer

    thanks dad 😄👍

  • Jimmy Corbett
    Jimmy Corbett

    Elon musk tweeted that cumrocket (Cummins) was going to the moon and it skyrocketed😂😂

  • Hashmeer Sulaiman
    Hashmeer Sulaiman

    Yo Cody, it's time to produce a new merch, Cody Crypto-KOin! Let's go!

  • Chadwick Chadford
    Chadwick Chadford

    The worst thing is that these kids are probably Investing their parents money

  • Angelica L
    Angelica L

    But digital horse racing isn’t a scam 😂

  • Angelica L
    Angelica L

    Ahh yes, market manipulation

  • braginsky

    cody: don't get scammed guys! the media: CODY KO EATS THE ASS OF CRYPTO INFLUENCERS AND KILLS THEIR FAMILIES!!!!!!!!!!!