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The weird world of Jeremy Fragrance.

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  • Victoria Coleman
    Victoria Coleman

    ive never seen someone lick their lips from right to left and actually cover the whole thing (13:52)

  • norma

    im sorry did i hear that correctly

  • Rain Love
    Rain Love

    This dude is actually pretty wholesome. I bet he’s a good guy

  • bendove55

    When I’m standing at the Nordstrom... Dam the Lowkey flex

  • Jaquavis

    Bring back that’s cringe

  • zuviel swag
    zuviel swag

    where the deutschen at 🗣

  • zoefinch

    3:30 kinda hurt

  • Cally Miller
    Cally Miller

    next tattoo is definitely gonna be “sex, love & matcha tea”

  • RyanTal24

    Why does he seem like the character from American psycho

  • Ella Hansen
    Ella Hansen

    i love how half of these comments are about cody saying no to bringing back that's cringe... :') also cody why do you say fragrance like that, frAgrance?

  • hillary duffleball
    hillary duffleball


  • Cliff Edge
    Cliff Edge

    Haven’t laughed like that for a while.

  • skeleton310

    Jeremy has been around the youtube fragrance scene for a while and hes great. always so sexy

  • Ima Go Apesht
    Ima Go Apesht

    This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen and I was listening to it in the grocery store absolutely dying

  • Ainsley Caldwell
    Ainsley Caldwell

    Video idea credit to nickisnotgreen and dannygonzalez

    • Ainsley Caldwell
      Ainsley Caldwell

      Here's the original :

  • Gianni Almerico
    Gianni Almerico


  • Madison Cuervo
    Madison Cuervo

    really good video not that i came or anything

  • Ernest Gallo
    Ernest Gallo

    He’s slowly losing his mind! Getting skinnier and more bizarre. Miami and Cocaine Mano y Mano. He’s out of his fvcking mind. I laugh at him.

  • sofie h
    sofie h

    As a German. I’m starting to feel scared / embarrassed because the cringe level and accent reminds me of German C list celebrities and SHIT this is so bad

  • Drew Blackland
    Drew Blackland


  • VorticoseComb1

    5:37 nah nah nah chode is it

  • 1up

    Er hats geschafft

  • sims

    whats this 'thats cringe' slander 😀

  • Red White
    Red White

    It’s like a wine that you can drink

  • Hannaah Latham
    Hannaah Latham

    It’s y’all getting upset over him saying no to that’s cringe when they literally have a whole channel together and they do that on a daily😂 shows how “real” some of you really are.

  • Isabel Schaffmeister
    Isabel Schaffmeister

    How could you not talk about how this guy chugs a gallon of raw milk EVERY DAY

  • Hannah Secrest
    Hannah Secrest

    I’m fucking CRYINg at “my ass is filled with energy” oh my god 😂😂😂

  • s🧎🏼‍♀️

    SUGAR GAYYYY petition to bring back that’s cringe xo

  • Honza Ryant
    Honza Ryant

    Man its a fuck*ng fridge for books behind you?

  • Dara Delic
    Dara Delic

    well theres something about him that explains a lot of things like his.... energy? ... hes german youre welcome

  • Error Unknown
    Error Unknown

    “I stimulated my penis” HELL YEAH LETS GO

  • RYLzArieSz

    3:11 - 3:23 i haven't laughed so hard for so long 🤣

  • Aaron Kamalkhani
    Aaron Kamalkhani

    if i were to get a wish come true in life, it would be a collab between Cody and Jeremy

  • Maddie Stieber
    Maddie Stieber

    Cody ur so clever when you did that didn’t even eat a da- so funny Cody nice job Cody Cody

  • A B
    A B

    i keep coming back to this video because the words “i had an experience with gay people” has got to be the funniest thing i’ve heard

  • Crystal Forest
    Crystal Forest

    This guy has to be on coke

  • Tron Life on the Grid
    Tron Life on the Grid

    When he said POOOWER ! ZOOLANDER Marman Fragance come to mind 😳🤣😂😂🤣

  • dizzy lizzy
    dizzy lizzy

    him doing everything in one cut is sending me off the deep end

  • Sonya


  • Latifa Garrick
    Latifa Garrick

    Not that I came 🤣

  • Ivan Petrovic
    Ivan Petrovic

    if anyone has 500 bottles of "that´s cringe" i would love to take them

  • Alejandro Interiano
    Alejandro Interiano

    Lmao 5:23...I see what you did there

  • Thomas Clark
    Thomas Clark

    Now Im imagining DBZ characters yelling "my ass is filled with energy!" lol

  • mia nicole
    mia nicole

    but bring back thats cringe🥺

  • Doctor Doom
    Doctor Doom

    But Cody, we need 'thats cringe'

  • Isabel Wilburn
    Isabel Wilburn

    Why do you say fragrance like that tho

  • Matthew

    Lol is 5:23 supposed to be an editing joke🤣

  • silento duso
    silento duso

    Thanks cody u made me laugh so hard

  • gooberrito

    always say your affirmations after applying cologne

  • cricot t.
    cricot t.

    Too much of these vintage frag fumes. Sometimes you get a suspicious bottle of some vintage frag from twenty reformulations ago and just roll with it- but with the gnawing suspicion that maybe, just maybe, it was reformulated for a good reason. And maybe, Jeremy Fragrance is what happens once you get too many vintage fragrance fumes through your system...

  • Linooo

    why no more thats cringe?

  • Futoh

    “Bring back that’s cringe” “NO!” This isn’t funny and you need to stop you are destroying my emotions and I hate it

  • Lilith K C
    Lilith K C

    😔😩 cold showers make me depressed

  • John Forrest
    John Forrest

    Are you and Noel still friends?


      yeah they still do a podcast together regularly look up tiny meat gang

  • Mori

    He’s kinda like a modern LA version of Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Angel Castillo
    Angel Castillo

    “Bring back das cringe” “NO” Da shit hurt 😞💔

  • kit

    why the fuck are you saying fragrance like that bro

  • Jan W.
    Jan W.

    His german content is even better

  • Lily J
    Lily J

    ur funniest vid by far

  • Emma

    His best moment was when he randomly uploaded a video called „stay away from cheese“ where he tells you he ate half a kilo (like one pound) of parmesan and then just keeps talking about incoherent stuff for seven minutes or so

  • Caitlyn Guthrie
    Caitlyn Guthrie

    That is… too many sprays… I coughed just watching him.

  • Mel Pändaa
    Mel Pändaa

    Oh no. I am so embarrassed to be German now.

  • Kyran Sawhill
    Kyran Sawhill

    Lemillion trades the hero life for being a fragrance influencer.

  • Joshuac11


  • Ethan Calderwood
    Ethan Calderwood

    that mans a robot

  • Ellie Pip
    Ellie Pip

    this is the funniest fucking video i’ve ever seen in my life. this guy is insane. i’m crying watching it. ENERGY IN MY ASS. POWER

  • FreakyShyBeast

    It's kind of weird watching you talk about a guy that I had known for at least 3 years and watch his content regularly. Jeremy is a crazy but intelligent guy and well known in German speaking countries . At first he seems maybe arrogant or not likeable but he has done several interviews in German where his persona is more showing. Btw Jeremy's real name is Daniel Schütz and he was in a boy band called part six and had a solo music career under the name Jeremy Williams. There are videos on YT. For example Jeremy Williams - All of me official video.

  • Mark S
    Mark S

    Dude this guy can't be for real haha

  • Cristian Alcantara
    Cristian Alcantara

    I was taking a nap watching the video and the wake up to the clip of the guy ranting while the song was playing. It was confusing as hell 😂😂

  • i want a sugar daddy
    i want a sugar daddy

    raise ur hand if ur gonna pretend you didn't watch this because there's still faith for another that's cringe

  • Hadasyah Mestres
    Hadasyah Mestres

    omg u make me laugh during my hardest times of life thank you soo soo much I had a real good laugh today thank u

  • Zoë Carnes
    Zoë Carnes

    knew youd say chode

  • Jordan Oconnell
    Jordan Oconnell

    If misogyny was a person

  • lexi rosenberry
    lexi rosenberry

    frictionless is the word

  • LiSo99

    Germany represent

  • Diego

    “I AM A GOLDEN GOD” vibes

  • Michael Sti
    Michael Sti

    he looks like he smells like bologna

  • Sesh G
    Sesh G

    Cody failing to recognize the he and Jeremy 's hair have gone through the same journey

  • Luciel

    first time in my life i heard 'matcha tea btches'

  • Zarna D
    Zarna D

    why not bring back that’s cringe?!!!!

  • Mohamed Salah
    Mohamed Salah

    Thinking about it, this was that’s cringe without Noel

  • Hydroplaysroblox

    Who else here fucks life like this chad

  • Ben Oldham
    Ben Oldham

    bruh bring back that's cringe

  • jordanngomezz

    If anybody wants to gift me 500 episodes of thats cringe I would love to take them

  • Waylon Elliott
    Waylon Elliott

    Come on now we both know you don’t go to the gym

  • e m i l y
    e m i l y

    he talks like the description of amazon titles

  • Demon Marauder
    Demon Marauder

    Cocaine+Gay past+Fragrance addiction: *POWAH*

  • Emily Austen
    Emily Austen

    missed opportunity to call it “conscent”

  • Random Person?
    Random Person?

    4:14 sounds like the L word intro 😭

  • Holly Poon
    Holly Poon

    My brother follows/watches this guy, i cannot anymore

  • Hannah Lewis
    Hannah Lewis

    The tenuous laborer worryingly seal because granddaughter generally bow since a whispering singer. raspy, abstracted blade

  • GoodGuyScratch

    "Fuck life"? Orrr "fortnite"?

  • GoodGuyScratch

    Dawg it's been a couple years now of some random long hair blonde dude telling me the chemicals I rub on my body are shit. And to use his natural man soap

  • Beanyiey

    Anyone else think he’s ghatis kandis’s lost cousin

  • Zero X
    Zero X


  • Sayre Ringuette
    Sayre Ringuette

    The past celeste randomly smell because bed embryologically answer to a steep handle. decorous, pale parcel

  • RePuLseHQ King
    RePuLseHQ King

    You cant even imagine what he is posting on his german channel. He is a meme legend over here

  • Rebekah N
    Rebekah N

    That cologne that's been reformulated looks like a tiny urn.

    • Rebekah N
      Rebekah N

      @Ellie Pip My great aunt cremated her dog and put him in an urn just like that so she could be buried with him. She propped up a picture of him on it. Lol

    • Ellie Pip
      Ellie Pip

      lmfaoo this is killing me

  • S

    No way this man is on your channel NO WAY tf I had no idea he reached international status lol

  • Kenzie Lowe
    Kenzie Lowe

    6:08 the people in the background:🧍‍♂️🧍