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  • Sklik

    On behalf of all men, we apologise for these members of our sex. But dont let them represent most men for you :( it's a shame lechers like this are hella prevalent today

  • emily

    Ol boy at 12:10 saying “what about me”and getting no acknowledgement what so ever has to be the most pitiful thing I’ve seen all year. Rip

  • luke stevens
    luke stevens

    None of this is real PUA/Game by the way

  • Rain Love
    Rain Love

    11:49 that’s one shitty haircut

  • lily

    its not even making me cringe its making my blood boil

  • Thunder Of Thor
    Thunder Of Thor

    U should have bullied Justin Marc harder bro He deserves it he is soo egotistical & arrogant & his content is cap He is just another short guy who got rejected by his girl so he's out to prove that he can get girls Lmfaooo salty asf

  • Trashley Messbrough
    Trashley Messbrough

    These guys are so gross 🤢 they are literally just lurking around for intoxicated girls to take advantage of 🤮

  • DannyOfOurTime

    1 girl said no kissing on 1st date. 1 girl said by 2nd hangout possible anal. Regardless the dude is total creep. I feel bad for all these women and these creeps parents.


    We get so uncomfortable and have to do the 🙂 face so we don’t get attacked

  • maisie mcd
    maisie mcd

    their body language is so clearly displaying their discomfort. and they're drunk out their minds. if you were a 'smooth' guy, you wouldn't have to prey on vulnerable girls. very rapey and definitely sexual assault.

  • french Welsh dude
    french Welsh dude

    Guys are so pathetic and desperate on here. As an introvert I couldn't touch randos. Nor would I want that

  • Drawble

    That last girl... how did she react so calmly like... girls, if a dude u were friends with (who you clearly didn’t want anything beyond friendship with) straight up asked if he could i m p r e g n a t e you would you, would you just be chill with that?

  • Brandon B. Rich
    Brandon B. Rich

    Guys make “getting women” seem so appealing, but nothings satisfied me more than finding one woman I want to share everything with. It’s like would you rather have 100 acquaintances or 1 really good friend?

  • Lan Ster
    Lan Ster

    "Would you eff me though." "I would. You're my boyfriend." "😲"

  • mook

    the guy in the first clip sold a bag so hard

  • TransPlant 161
    TransPlant 161

    They're wearing masks. This was during covid. That's extra gross.

  • TransPlant 161
    TransPlant 161

    11:55 if I saw a dude like that with my drunk ass friend, he'd be copping the biggest wedgie immediately.

  • Tony patafi
    Tony patafi

    I honestly laughed at this kind of content for a while. It's all so terrible its hilarious

  • lespaulrocker

    That last clip extra creepy. Using a language barrier to make moves while misinforming ole girl. 👀

  • chestnut rice
    chestnut rice

    i could not continue watching

  • Hi

    girl at 12 min was a queen

  • Sammay

    3:20 cody being that cool older cousin

  • Tuesday


  • rcb4th

    That mountain one dude, wtf is wrong with these people. I turned the vid off

  • LoveBoat

    The last one made me uncomfortable on so many levels, i hated every second of that...

  • Nicole Mouser
    Nicole Mouser

    It’s so sad that I have 100 % experienced these tactics while out with the girls. No one tried to film me but I did have a guy in LA straight up ask if I’ve done anal. I laughed so hard cause it was the stupidest I’ve ever been asked. I started to snort laugh so he walked cause he thought I was crazy. So when in doubt ladies, act crazy and they will leave you alone.

  • Trinity Reynolds
    Trinity Reynolds

    15:09 😭 I’m tellin Kelsey

  • zw0lfb4um

    I don't get the "gotcha bitch" after he asked if she was a virgin? Did I miss something there?

    • Karina

      It's cuz she paused instead of answering; he's insinuating that she's not a virgin 😞

  • Michael D
    Michael D

    Cody please do @hunkins on Tiktoks! They videos are more sexual harassment. This guys videos are the more cringey and the worst of Gen-Z

  • sydapa

    This took me 15 hours to get through. I took around 20 breaks to get through it all.

  • Jack Hennigan
    Jack Hennigan

    who else looked at Cody when he said "WhaT Do YoU HaVe To OfFeR Me ToNiGhT" 9:45

  • Amber Leshae
    Amber Leshae

    I finished this while cooking and cringing at all my food until I had no appetite after.

  • firm ape
    firm ape

    That Indian guy who literally meets the Asian girl for the first time is a menace. Their first conversation involves the girl trying to get away from him and asking her if he can impregnate her, not with consent, just plain impregnate her. This is cursed and I hate it.

  • Phillipa Kemi
    Phillipa Kemi

    That girl couldn't look less like Christina Milian. He really just said the first girl he could think of with the same name :/

  • Bas Bloem
    Bas Bloem

    Who else has a statement prepared if some of these pranksters come for us? Cuz I do. Just hope I will remember it when they do come for me.

    • Karina

      What's your prepared statement? Just asking as a fellow girl in case this happens to me

  • Bella Feiertag
    Bella Feiertag

    the reason these make us all so uncomfy is bc its sexual harassment lol

  • Mariama Bah
    Mariama Bah

    I need to see Cody Ko in a Cherdleys fuck boy video

  • Connor Seatle
    Connor Seatle

    It feels like the titles of all these videos should be "let's see how rapey I can get without getting called out for it"

  • Aquasn

    oh god do they even realize how cringe this is

  • Athin

    As a man I'd rather stay in my room and play some video games cause this is creepy af especially seeing that Indian guy cause I'm Indian.

  • Jacob Smith
    Jacob Smith

    2020 if there’s a camera 90% of them gon do it shit so sad off to start filming

  • Boots Bailey
    Boots Bailey

    Wow, this was actually painful to watch... I made it through but man 😅 I need to go on a walk now to shake that off 😒


    This isn't cringe. It's something else. Something... Wrong...

  • kai buchanan
    kai buchanan

    AT least the Asian don I think was nice, the girl seemed into it and he didn't make any sexual insinuations. The rest were f**ked

  • Parikansh Kassi
    Parikansh Kassi

    I'm too weak to go through the cringe.


    Got internal burns from this.🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • K B
    K B

    Back at it agin with intimidating women into saying whatever they can to not get followed home

    • 1 ball 2 dicks
      1 ball 2 dicks

      Yeah it’s pretty fucked up. Oh and love the GMM mug haha

  • Nightwing84

    Now That's what I call yikes

  • Isla Gurney
    Isla Gurney

    It's funny cause that first guy couldn't be more wrong, men live longer in marriages than they would if they were single meanwhile women's life expectancy is lowered if they are married, its better for men to get married its detrimental to women

  • Blank Name
    Blank Name

    I like how these guys are hitting on women while wearing masks lol

  • Aidan Fogel Smith
    Aidan Fogel Smith

    This makes me think of Austin Powers and how he won’t hook up with the rlly drunk girl cause he knows it’s wrong. Real men don’t take advantage 😔

  • Elizabeth Sciarabba
    Elizabeth Sciarabba

    great content mane always killing it


    I am grateful that i was not born on that shithole.

  • bazzery

    holy fuck i want to soak my brain in bleach

  • Naneomi Yu
    Naneomi Yu

    OK but for real, as a person who is bad at socializing, you guys are teaching me what and how to avoid harassment. Thanks guys.

  • Sahaj Patel
    Sahaj Patel

    The first dude lmfaooo

  • Jon R.
    Jon R.

    that intro is probably the best thing ever

  • Hollywood 2v
    Hollywood 2v

    It’s dudes like this that give guys a bad rap

  • London

    15:06 aight who’s gonna tell him I’m 15

  • Just Vibing
    Just Vibing


  • Just Vibing
    Just Vibing

    I wish flight 🐐 reacted to Cody ko

  • Mrs. Berry
    Mrs. Berry

    Old married lady here, married for over a decade to a successful computer geek. In my opinion, to attract women, you have to be an attractive option. You need to invest in yourself not only physically, but mentally and emotionally and have a strong sense of self-worth. One area where these dating coaches do get it right is that appearing needy is a romance killer. Don't be needy. Show that you are interested in someone, but that you don't need them. And dating is a numbers game. Having social skills, looks, wit, charm, confidence, social intelligence, etc. making dating easier. I think many of the better dating coaches try to improve people who are lacking in those skills. Another thing is the have a mission and a passion. That is have something that drives you internally, and not for external validation.

  • slink bradshaw
    slink bradshaw

    2:20 was my face like the whole time

  • Justin Cousineau
    Justin Cousineau

    Wow, that first dude makes shame to our name

  • Zan Oslonian
    Zan Oslonian

    "What's your body count?" "35" "woah you've slept with 35 guys?" "Oh you mean sex?!

    • Zan Oslonian
      Zan Oslonian

      4:24 she laughed directly in his face xD

  • R M
    R M

    walking around with a microphone, "boom", see what you did there mate :)

  • Seemran Rashid
    Seemran Rashid

    This was soo uncomfortable to watch...

  • TShark0

    Press F for respect to Cody, who run through hundreds of hemorrhagic stroke-inducing clips and filter them just so we don't have to do it.

    • Alice Parsons
      Alice Parsons

      I respect him, I do, but the way he labeled this as "cringe" is upsetting. These men are just so sad, and lonely, that they have to hit up bars with intoxicated women and ask for sex. It's not cringe, it's sexual harrassment.

  • marymaddie

    These girls are drunk what the hell..

  • balmsalve

    the guy sounds terrified. idk how he thinks this is badass, he's like a scared 14 year old who doesnt dare say anything genuine cos he's so desperately insecure. shame youtube is gonna reinforce all this shit for him instead of him just having his own break through and crying for a day straight then he can have an actual connction with any human

    • Alice Parsons
      Alice Parsons

      I'm confused, are you excusing their behavior?

  • BBB

    the fkn cringe master

  • Diana M
    Diana M

    These dudes are so gross and creepy it’s like no wonder they are single

  • Angry Biscuit
    Angry Biscuit

    "No I think kissing on the first date is overrated" kissing is kissing, it's not like he's r*ping you

  • Rohit Pal
    Rohit Pal

    And girls say Nice Guys are Boring!!🙄

  • Elle E
    Elle E

    Guys think oh shes laughing and smiling what I'm doing is fine no we are uncomfortable a lot of women do that bc we're scared if we get assertive and tell you to stop you'll get embarrassed and become angry or violent or something similar

  • T-RAE

    3rd hand embarrassment

  • Kit

    oh i should have taken the warning seriously

  • Olivia McLachlan
    Olivia McLachlan


  • Josie Senneff
    Josie Senneff

    Bruh that intro was so accurate Lol

  • Claudia

    15:07 - Kelsey must feel so blessed :D

  • Mckenzie Shoaf
    Mckenzie Shoaf

    this is straight up narcissistic manipulative behavior. so creepy. i feel bad for all these women

  • sussy amogus impasta
    sussy amogus impasta

    cody looks like he gives good hugs

  • Mike

    All I see is a bunch of beta men trying to be Alpha And Cody you are far from Beta

  • Alexia Jones
    Alexia Jones

    “Can i impregnate you...?” Wtf. Who says things like that

  • Jenaya vision
    Jenaya vision

    This was in one of Larry's play lists lol

  • Matt Hortop
    Matt Hortop

    I made it to 1.53 and had to leave. Sorry KO!! Will double watch a less painful one to make up for it!

  • Jelena Bajić
    Jelena Bajić


  • Bishop D
    Bishop D

    I want what Cody and Kelsey have

  • Lance Keller
    Lance Keller

    By saying crazy shit like that to women you show that you don't need their approval. As counter intuitive as that is, it actually works. I know from experience.

  • Lance Keller
    Lance Keller

    So you're a virgin?.......,......crickets.

  • 🤍angel frankie
    🤍angel frankie

    i’m at minute 1:45 and i hope he asks a lesbian if they’re dating a man to make an ass out of himself😂like i’m positive he is heteronormative.

  • Julia Gritzbach
    Julia Gritzbach


  • misssnicole

    I love your shit Cody! You make me laugh every time without fail!

  • Korrey Courts
    Korrey Courts

    Love ya Cody but cannot watch

  • azooz doss
    azooz doss

    im sorry yall but i watch these vids its fun

  • Exxy

    I don't understand how someone could find the sexual harassment of women funny - it's exploitive, predatory, and it reminds a woman of everything she has to go through.

  • Will Hanken
    Will Hanken

    Ravi turned into a prick

  • Cyanidejuicebox!

    I have to give you a like and sub for sifting through that cesspool of a community

  • Arnav Karray
    Arnav Karray

    The first guy is Tom Haverford from Parks and Rec

  • B Kilgore
    B Kilgore

    this is what i’m scared of, i’ve never been out drinking because i turned 21 in quarantine. i’m small, and i’m not very strong at all because after becoming an adult i just sat at home, just like everyone through the pandemic. i’m a lightweight and i could get fucked up in public easily, i’m sure. i would be the perfect target honestly. this is what i’m scared of.

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