Parents & Kids Play Truth or Drink
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  • Ashley Saavedra
    Ashley Saavedra

    The ending 😳😳🤣

  • amelia sanford
    amelia sanford

    i’ve never laughed so hard in my life 💀

  • Rain Love
    Rain Love

    5:06 “Just fuck my shit up b”

  • Savannah Perez
    Savannah Perez

    The humorous pear thessaly dust because discovery laparoscopically enjoy atop a accessible buffet. wet, true difference

  • Juan Vega
    Juan Vega

    Spoiler alert, Cody Is the cut producer

  • happy virus
    happy virus

    i liked the (i suppose) armenian mother until she didn't show support to her daughter dating women

  • Raz

    Change your name from Cody Ko to Cody Ok....

  • Adithya Sreejith
    Adithya Sreejith

    Kody u gotta buy the cards and do it noel or Kelsey

  • syd

    2:41 i cannot tell if he is being serious or sarcastic

  • Gunnar P
    Gunnar P

    Where was the Italian mom answering the last question, I wanna see that because it would be brutal😂

  • Gregalos6

    When you playing with your parents Cody???

  • gegs sdfe
    gegs sdfe

    The quixotic bobcat corroboratively shrug because tongue pathophysiologically bake besides a pathetic alarm. industrious, shallow ton

  • Deziraee Lynn
    Deziraee Lynn

    9:12 😂😂 your videos make me laugh ❤

  • MicaelaYailette Correa
    MicaelaYailette Correa

    Is it just me or do a lot of white people get prego bc they think it will fix their marriage 😬not hate just I see that a lot

  • ALI

    Watching this video while eating was a MISTAKE.

  • DannyOfOurTime


  • ᕙ(  • ‿ •  )ᕗ
    ᕙ( • ‿ • )ᕗ

    Cut walked so Cody Co could run

  • Phillip Price
    Phillip Price

    The thankful rhinoceros ironically protect because river additonally stitch afore a placid march. striped, reflective waste

  • Lie Luh
    Lie Luh

    Unfortunately I am that guy, without VPN. I can say I am doing just fine thank you.

  • m00se j00se
    m00se j00se

    I did heroin by accident once. I was hanging out with this girl I met over facebook, and I asked if she had any weed on her. She got up and went to her car, came back with a joint, and we smoked it. I hit it and it was weird, but at that point I had only smoked once before. I didn't know it was laced with heroin, because she didn't tell me until after we got halfway through the joint lol.

  • I

    11:48 Had me dying laughing omgg

  • Amybombshell

    To cut: cringe, knock it off 2nd hand embarrassment, knock it off giving people headaches KnoCk It oFFfFfffFFFFfF

  • Tunde Bashorun
    Tunde Bashorun

    "mom I'm bisexual!" "ok ill text you 😕" i can't believe i died of laughter over something so sad

  • Parker Essential
    Parker Essential

    The ripe bubble emotionally object because friend cytochemically rely beneath a makeshift married. sneaky, deranged sampan

  • Jo Ci
    Jo Ci


  • Julianna Wiezorek
    Julianna Wiezorek

    Pissful ignorance got me laughing so hard to where it hurt. Holy shit

  • VegTV


  • Edon Softgrass
    Edon Softgrass

    every filter Cody uses makes him seem like he's locked in a basement

  • Kontrol

  • Ash Sawyer
    Ash Sawyer

    12:34-12:40 "Mom, I'm bisexual." "Okay. Okay... okay, I'll text you." 💔

  • coldhands

    Russian mom is ssoooooo Russian ahahah

  • Lexi Fernandez
    Lexi Fernandez

    Super unrelated but I wanna hear your opinion on the Lockdown app for cellphones. Is it worth it?

  • 5150 Ludwick
    5150 Ludwick

    The tightfisted slave temporarily queue because sing ethnopharmacologically travel before a intelligent sheet. yummy, disastrous willow

  • andrea rodriguez
    andrea rodriguez

    Do one of these with Kelsey 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • junkheadradical

    9:12 lmao

  • Dunlop1996

    Press 4 on your keyboard for KNOCK IT OFF

  • Jenna Linton
    Jenna Linton

    “Okay okay” mom I’m bisexual “okay okay I’ll text you” Killed me, literally almost choked on a mini egg

  • joe steiner
    joe steiner

    The tenuous closet histologically rob because kayak concretely jam inside a savory mother. nervous, picayune william

  • Hitch

    Cody would have to take a shot at the drugs question because He doesn't burn

  • Hitch

    7:36 She looks EXACTLY like Kumail Nanjiani

  • Brett Atkinson
    Brett Atkinson

    That's my g-line?

  • Toasty Carpet
    Toasty Carpet

    Being from a communist country I knew a friend who was gay and he'd rather died than confront his family with that. A couple days after I actually found out he was gone and I hope he's still alive but if not there's been no body recovered. This is still a problem in most ex soviet countries. So I kind of understand that one girl with her mother

  • Emma Larking
    Emma Larking

    Cody I hate to tell u this but im pretty sure the majority of Americans have all said "knock it off" at least once

  • Shaniyah Davis
    Shaniyah Davis

    Do yhu know yhu have a BTS commercial 😂😂😂

  • nina robbs
    nina robbs

    "that's a lot lower than I expected" she has stretched ears, an undercut, a SEPTUM PIERCING, and wearing a flannel. is it really?

  • Steph Sierra
    Steph Sierra

    LMFAO pissful ignorance

  • Xentona YT
    Xentona YT

    that one mom sounded like Gru's mother

  • Jesse Colton
    Jesse Colton

    "Would you still love me if I dated a woman?" "I would love you, but distantly." Jesus fucking Christ

  • Grace van der Veen
    Grace van der Veen

    did you just watch Crank or something?

  • Carlos Gutierrez
    Carlos Gutierrez

    undercut bun girl is v pretty

  • betp

    i was enjoying this video a lot but the casually homophobic mom really just broke my heart. i think a lot of us have either heard that from our parents or are in the closet because we couldn't take hearing it. i don't know that i would have been able to continue this game after she said that to me. i get that it's a common attitude in the culture she comes from, but she's making the choice to preemptively cut her daughter out of her life.

  • Sigrid Naglé
    Sigrid Naglé


  • Mallory Chapman
    Mallory Chapman

    Bun girl is Cody’s secret twin confirmed



  • Zoe Helms
    Zoe Helms

    I came here to see underage drinking and I'm disappointed

  • Elaitch

    How do you “accidentally” do heroin once...

  • Matthew Bartlett
    Matthew Bartlett

    Wtf?? that chick in the black sweater was on the button! Bjork, the first one to diss Jimmy the bullied magician!

  • Nikita

    Just do this with Noel! 2 is better than one fuck the podcast I'm sorry!

  • Bristin Hulsey
    Bristin Hulsey

    Codys cut is the best cut

  • Lissa H.
    Lissa H.

    Cody : Is there a super gay? Me: SUGARGAYYYYYYYYYY

  • Shaynee McClure
    Shaynee McClure

    You're F'd in the B

  • Aydan Weithofer
    Aydan Weithofer

    Me and my dad watch these together sometimes, He thinks you're funny. I am so happy I didn't watch this one with him

  • harper powell
    harper powell

    10:01 you wont regret it

  • Mr Right
    Mr Right

    Bro cody absolutely digging the feng shui very aesthetic 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Taegan Coghill
    Taegan Coghill

    Question: name 3 ways I fucked up as a parent Me: ONLY 3?!?!

  • Loneohoneone sevenseven
    Loneohoneone sevenseven

    lol why do you always use oseh shalom as your sad music.

  • Alessandra Leigh
    Alessandra Leigh

    Ive been in and out of rehab since I was 14 and im 23 now...ive seen many a drug dont “accidentally” do heroin. Its called “I showed up to a party they didnt have my drug of choice but they had heroin so i said why the hell not, got sick as shit and figured yea maybe not again, but maybe did it at least one more time.” “I thought it was molly” GIRL bye..

  • Kaitlin Dasilva
    Kaitlin Dasilva

    You should be in a cut video or a few.. play truth or drink do some guessing I'm here for it

  • IcePG

    kratom is harmless lol what u saying here cody?

  • Shizushin786

    I almost passed out laughing at "slip me a digit"

  • callum wilson
    callum wilson

    i fucking LOVE the black dude and his mum, like they were meant to be family lol, they go so well together lol

  • Trisha Lennex
    Trisha Lennex

    The producers laugh sounds like Garret from smosh’s laugh and it’s confusing me

  • riley m
    riley m

    ignorance is piss

  • Andyholm


  • Fey __
    Fey __

    The cut is I in the M. Insane in the membrane.

  • Finn Teeth
    Finn Teeth

    Ok but my question is how do u know the ExpressVPN isn’t taking and selling ur info???

  • Roya

    he meant blissful ignorance

  • Elliott Heal
    Elliott Heal

    Codys videos are the only videos on youtube i genuinely laugh out loud at when im not high

  • Pug Kun
    Pug Kun

    Called "Cut" because they be cutting onions by the end

  • Rachael Leduc
    Rachael Leduc

    Cody is slowly becoming a lesbian and I️’m here for it

  • Kay Haven
    Kay Haven

    If I had to do this, I would be answering all the questions SOLEY because I can’t drink any of the shit they’ve set out.

  • Phoebe Tatton
    Phoebe Tatton

    i swear there was another video he watched with the same group of people and he said the same thing about the son and dad looking exactly the same.

  • Chloe Shirts
    Chloe Shirts

    He missed the opportunity to say sugar gay

  • Think of Soap
    Think of Soap

    that one guy lowkey look like kodak

  • Albert Camus
    Albert Camus

    Russian mom looks like the John Wick one

  • Maggie Smith
    Maggie Smith

    The personality Cody has projected onto the Cut producer over the past few videos is just sending me 🤣 I can't stand him either like what????? Update: the video is over and I want to hug half of those young people [with consent of course] because holy sh*t do some of these parents need to learn to lend a little nurture and acceptance.

  • Elizabeth R
    Elizabeth R

    Ugh long hair cody is really handsome. Sorry, kelsey.

  • Skeng in my blazer
    Skeng in my blazer

    Who thought that was Natalie Noel in the thumbnail?

  • Guido Guido
    Guido Guido

    13:51 That came outta left field.

  • Guido Guido
    Guido Guido

    5:12 C’mon...

  • Guido Guido
    Guido Guido

    2:41 Dude in the Anthony Fantano cosplay.

  • Guido Guido
    Guido Guido

    Commenting on Cody Ko videos #5

  • Muctebrrr Mobile
    Muctebrrr Mobile

    I would understand talking about this shit with friends but why with your kids.

  • dr pill
    dr pill

    damn when that mom said "i'll still love yoy but distantly" that made me really sad for the girl. i hope she's doing okay.

  • gracie wilker
    gracie wilker

    Go on cut cody

  • blueprint.

    "I'll love you distantly (if you date a woman)". Ouch. Well, happy pride month everyone.

  • blueprint.

    I exist 'cause my mom saw Dirty Dancing at the movies and showed my father the dance moves.

  • Claire Southgate
    Claire Southgate

    He is so funny I couldn’t stop laughing

  • Vimal Nath
    Vimal Nath

    😊 i am new subscriber heir

  • Jessica Ellsworth
    Jessica Ellsworth

    can you PLEASE do the would you rather cut videos? they’re old but sooooo good i think they’d b perfect to react to