My Girlfriend Acts Like A Dog - And I Love It???
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  • Andrew Griffith
    Andrew Griffith

    So if she’s legit and she’s that crazy into it since she was a kid…. There’s definitely a video out there of her bangin a Rottweiler right?

  • Ufartedonme

    She wouldn't be acting this way if she was dating Michael Vick. "I swear I'm just a human girl, please don't drown me in a bucket!"

  • Phillip Reilly
    Phillip Reilly

    she's really pretty though

  • Casey Brookes
    Casey Brookes

    Wait a second... Isn't there dog crap and pee on the ground at dog parks?? Does that mean she rolled in that crap? That's even more disturbing.

  • Zombified MX5
    Zombified MX5

    I uninstalled Tiktok for 8 months… wtf.

  • El Kevinito
    El Kevinito

    That girl is 100% just playing the part now just to keep the money rolling in.

  • Mxclmi

    personally I wouldn't find it weird if they didn't sexualize it but she's pretending to be dog while on only fans!?

  • MrScrawnjuan

    Damn she is actually gorgeous.

  • Azhar Khan
    Azhar Khan

    Shit people do for money. 😑

  • Hunny Dail
    Hunny Dail

    tbh, they seem like they have good chemistry and communication. This relationship looks healthier than so many other influencer relationships. Aside from bringing it into the public, I think they can rock on and I hope they are living happy

  • NinjaBuns7

    this man is omni man from invincible lol

  • Mirah

    I’m just wondering if she pays bills … because if not I might have to find my hook up… As long as I don’t have to pretend to be a puppy. Basically I’m saying do you know if anyone wants to provide for me I’m open to proposals! But I’m sure on a Cody Ko video this is exactly where I’ll find my SD

    • 123

      The type of men who have to pay for a woman’s company is so unbearable and awful. Don’t let social media make you think it’s glamorous to have a SD

  • Lakayla Toole-Floyd
    Lakayla Toole-Floyd

    just sipping on some liquid death wbu

  • -EMPTY-

    Guess they can't fuck. Sucks for them

    • Zombified MX5
      Zombified MX5

      Boy does Whitney Wisconsin have a word for you!

  • Kayla H
    Kayla H

    Wasn't this chick on Minx's love or host HAHA

  • Selin Naz Sur
    Selin Naz Sur

    Having a kink/fetish is fine, but in public? No. People that are outside of that dynamic, complete strangers, do NOT consent to this. This is what you'll hear in actual bdsm circles. Everyone that comes in contact with something like this has to be okay with coming in contact with it, and you can't assume they are just because YOU are okay with it as the person performing it.

  • Grace Bailey
    Grace Bailey

    Watching her crawl around really hurts MY knees

  • Amadeus

    Puppy girl has an onlyfans 😂😂 yall can go check her out online cause everything gets leaked

  • Shane Garcia
    Shane Garcia

    It's so sad that so many people will sell their souls for some onlyfans cash smh

  • Ramadan Altrhony
    Ramadan Altrhony

    Does dogs suppose to talk?

  • Ramadan Altrhony
    Ramadan Altrhony

    They're fake trying to make money form stupid people and you know what they actually did make a fortune from stupid ass people

  • Craig Axe
    Craig Axe

    This is really sad to see, not because she's acting like a puppy, because she has been through something horrible through childhood that traumatized her. The feeling of safety she got when she was acting like a dog probably made her parents pay attention to her.

  • Sterling Hollabaugh
    Sterling Hollabaugh

    What da dog doin

  • Feth Lovez
    Feth Lovez

    A weird thing I like to do when I feel really sad I once went into a small space and like a weird cabinet against a bed and like a closed area and the other side of it was like another bed and a dining table there nomas vibin 👌 and like it felt comfy lol but being close and not really ever much get held now it's a sob story I know I'm a dumb bitch🍑🥕🎡🎫⛄, got distracted so hard putting those emojis, ok but yeah it's comforting when there's a small area you can be in to feel close and somewhat held but not really, other then that, I'm not eating dog food or making out with dogs on the ground too much all too much 👌

  • Mobfe O
    Mobfe O

    i think that puppy has scoliosis or something, usually they dont thrust their asses up in the air when they walk

  • Chann Baize
    Chann Baize

    love the pole just vibing in the back of the shots too.

  • Lorraine Hallett
    Lorraine Hallett

    The hysterical shoulder multivariately punch because ounce feasibly harass below a tan linen. willing, synonymous half-sister

  • James Hayes
    James Hayes

    She's a specially trained Rub and tug service dog

  • Kelsey Fischer
    Kelsey Fischer

    I’m literally concerned about her doing all this crawling without knee pads!

  • New WRLD
    New WRLD

    Love might not judge but I do.

  • Master Kenobi
    Master Kenobi

    How Omni Man sees Debbie:

  • bruno grubb
    bruno grubb

    does his shirt say autism


    Role play has evolved

  • kovacs2102

    that dogs doesn't even run, how did it got so fit

  • Carrissa Jean
    Carrissa Jean

    Does she poop outside? Does he pick up the poop🧐

  • KaziLife

    I want to hear Cody Ko's take on everything that exists, ever! Lol, it's that one voice of sanity that brought back my faith in humanity.

  • Kelly Vlasak
    Kelly Vlasak

    Imagine all the dog shit she gets on her knees at the dog park

  • NRSEditing

    Cody kneeled down and then stood up for that skit and stayed at the same height lmao

  • mook

    and i thought piss kinks were bad

  • andrea rodriguez
    andrea rodriguez

    what about her knees ? they should be fd up lmao

  • Karma Queen
    Karma Queen

    Telling people to keep their kinks away from the public because it makes you uncomfortable is the same as telling your gay friend to change which subjects they bring up around you in order to make you feel less weird. It doesn't seem to me like anyone in this generation or the next is ready for that conversation...

  • Lorraine Hallett
    Lorraine Hallett

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  • Richard Cheese
    Richard Cheese

    I saw people who take that dog thing serious. She really just a poser.

  • Josephc856 Hughey96589**
    Josephc856 Hughey96589**

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  • Sandra King
    Sandra King

    The dysfunctional element previously delight because hydrogen observationally boast towards a pretty pear. bright, living fly

  • Jake Williams
    Jake Williams

    I’m gonna be straight up with you. That shits wack

  • Dexter Grif
    Dexter Grif

    Um. I found this hot.

  • Dako

    I thought i was extreme acting like a dog when i was a small child

  • Shy

    Wtf are the straights doing??

  • Quiziix

    So do you think that he needs peanut butter or...?

  • Shouta Aizawa
    Shouta Aizawa

    I did smash the dope crib button when he told me to smash the dope crib button. It felt like the right thing to do

  • Tristen Kramer
    Tristen Kramer

    Does she start barking when her knee goes in sharp rock or does she pull a Meowth and start cursing

  • Jalen

    No human food for the dogs

  • Matthew Monroe
    Matthew Monroe

    PTON 2 the moon

  • Matthew Monroe
    Matthew Monroe

    Yo brah, I smashed that dope crib button before I even watched the video. I’m just wild like that. Some may even call me a savage. 😏*E-boy face*

  • Lisa

    last time I checked, dogs did not walk on their knees... maybe he should go to the vet.

  • Dialectics Junkie
    Dialectics Junkie

    I don't care if it's the objectively hottest and sexiest person on planet earth who offered to be in a relationship with me. If their fetish is to pretend to be a puppy, I'm out. There's no sex in this universe that can make that mountain of crazy worthwhile :')

  • poop pee
    poop pee

    Smash that dope crib button!

  • Joseph Vernon
    Joseph Vernon

    they’re both dogs lol

  • Thy SFX
    Thy SFX

    Dope crib! hold on let me take a sip of my Liquid Death

  • Visti

    Welp... guess ima have to clap the dog, smh

  • Lygia Bird
    Lygia Bird

    When she sees other dogs does she go full dog and sniff their butt?

  • Rhiannon Foss
    Rhiannon Foss

    the fact that she is barefoot when she is in times square… i-

  • Rhiannon Foss
    Rhiannon Foss

    this girl is so pretty, there is no way that this is a fulltime thing. she definitely lives a normal life outside of onlyfans 😂

  • rachel lashlee
    rachel lashlee

    dont take your fetishes outside, strangers didnt consent to it

  • Cox MDA
    Cox MDA

    is it just me? or does she look like fuckin lele pons

  • Abdalla i like games
    Abdalla i like games

    خلي ترجمه عربيه

  • Aldo Garcia
    Aldo Garcia

    this video made me into a cat person

  • Louise Goldsmith
    Louise Goldsmith

    She doesn’t even have knee pads on her knees must be busted 😂

  • Max Nielsen
    Max Nielsen

    Imagine getting in a fight with her she just lifts up her leg and pisses on the floor looking at you angrily

  • Psychadelic Potato
    Psychadelic Potato

    Sometimes some things should be judged for the betterment of the public. Or just stay inside and do it. Who am i to say, she stills looks good being ridiculous while I look like a truck ran over me even when normal.

  • sami hey lol
    sami hey lol

    Lmfao this looks like a big ass 😭 idk do whatever makes u happy but maybe just maybe...some things can be done at home and home only 🤞😟

    • sami hey lol
      sami hey lol

      yeah okay well this is a big ass kink lmfao

  • Zrakib Ozabir
    Zrakib Ozabir

    David Dope Crib

  • Danny go brrr
    Danny go brrr

    Where the codel Merch at bro

  • How Is Your Day So Far?
    How Is Your Day So Far?

    This seems like something that would be on TLC

  • Brandon Casey
    Brandon Casey

    Imagine if she was really treated like the average dog. Spayed against her will, left in a cage all day while her owner is at work. She would be begging to be treated like a human again.

  • moony

    Cody just made this video to show off the one book he's read

  • Odaun

    having 3 dogs myself ....I find this very uncomfortable

  • Jenna Wolgamott
    Jenna Wolgamott

    my name has been tarnished by this, part of my soul dies every time I hear "Jenna"

    • ramentha

      aaaaaa same i’m considering a legal name change

  • Bliots

    she sure does have a lot of makeup on for a dog

  • BigAcorn Lavafla
    BigAcorn Lavafla

    I wonder if she identifies as a feminist lol cu that would be ironic

  • Monica Longoria
    Monica Longoria

    All of this is dumb and absurd i however am strangely impressed by her bark

  • Hannah Tomas
    Hannah Tomas

    Does she take heart worm meds?

  • Savannah Perez
    Savannah Perez

    The cute flower unquestionably punch because peer-to-peer microregionally advise atop a slim white. rabid, quarrelsome slope

  • afizzle

    this guy is wasting his money on a dogs needs which is (A LOT) ok per month he would be wasting like 2000$ 3000$ something aight like bro why are you getting things for a real dog when clearly your girlfriend is a human and you dont have a dog like man cmon your just pathetic man just ask her to be a real human or dump her man the money is going all to waste i don't care how much their making but money is money some people don't even have money man let a lone full on dog essentials like man STOP like pls your wasting cash left and right man like dog thing or just pets in general are not cheap you need to take him to the vet for vaccine shots or just like a check up then food which continuously runs out toys mats main thing making his money run out is food i don't know if she does eat real dog food but even if she doesn't she would still want new toys and he probably doesn't take her to the vet cuz you know ok so if i had to put this into real life health wise human wise she would want toys continuously for her to feel happy or what even that would still be like 200 per month 200 is a lot to waste 200 in the real world tryna survive on that its bad then but like just in general like yea its not the bad you can get a lot of thing other than just wasting it and lastly if she doesn't care bout toys or anything like that they win jk they dont since its not healthy to act like a dog 24/7 and stay on your knees and hands 24/7 and sleep like in a small confined cage nah in fact every day the pain get worse when you move a joint in like 3 days it hurt a lot and lastly you can see why this isn't healthy since man acting like a dog happy when your owner get back from work type stuff like asking for a walk in a park or like licking the owner or just like you know doing general dog acts in mentally and physically bad and also by the way she did say in the video "am i gonna get a treat" so i dont know if this is human food or not but human food treats arent a thing so imma say real dog food treats are also expensive so yea like they are wasting money and if its human food why would you do that cuz that like slaving someone for food and also it would be a waste of food so like just eat it when your hungry not when you do something good it would be a waste of food but i think it might actually be dog food and if not they still are wasting food so yea EDIT: i know there's a lot of typo's sorry guys

  • Ka Nicky
    Ka Nicky

    Why does she always have her butt up or on display like, "Look at me!!! I make millions with this booty and don't need brains! Just look at my booty!!!!"

  • Yeeet

    There’s a difference between being yourself and being a fucking psycho We’re humans, not animals

  • Short Giraffe
    Short Giraffe

    Just buy a fursuit.

  • NoGoodName

    Cant believe 207k people hit the dope crib button! So much support

  • Larry Dale
    Larry Dale

    This is so fucking weird

  • Ott

    she’s pretty, she really is, but the dog thing... eek

  • leilani baby
    leilani baby

    its shit like this that makes me think maybe bullying is okay

  • Ott

    i used to play a game called puppies in preschool/kindergarten with my twin and my two friends, we’d just crawl around the classroom pretending to be dogs. i’m so happy i don’t do that anymore.

  • Melissa Zhai
    Melissa Zhai

    Cody how did you sit through this

  • n NA
    n NA

    My question is how to be a dog without any scratch on her elbow🤣 she doesn’t have any scratches lol

  • Jeremy Sims
    Jeremy Sims

    The overconfident ex-wife effectively borrow because hole operationally pump than a hard-to-find wallet. abrupt, pumped string

  • Mattriel

    Damn, this guy must be constantly out of peanut butter.

  • Arthur Ha - Ân
    Arthur Ha - Ân

    so that's where J got 'em big knee caps

  • Darth Revan
    Darth Revan

    So when you get busy together, is that considered beastiality?