Luxury Apocalypse Bunkers??
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  • Clover Bug
    Clover Bug

    okay i love the pink kitchen ngl

  • Jose

    You just not gonna show the inside of those bunkers at the end

  • Canna Bis
    Canna Bis

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  • emipexu

    2nd place is like a weird fever dream. Definitely haunted

  • Kara Lowe
    Kara Lowe

    gopher? i hardly know her

  • Jenny Ray
    Jenny Ray

    sorry to un-like ya Cody, but when you spout vulgarity for no real reason it just sounds stupid...

  • Seth McBride
    Seth McBride

    How are any of those places going to have power and water if all the power plant and waterworks people are dead

  • Mia

    Cody ko, can you react to will tennyson?

  • Julia Forbush
    Julia Forbush

    The pink kitchen literally looks like Heather's kitchen from Heathers with Winona Ryder, does anyone know what I'm talking about?? I'm starting to be convinced that they literally shot the blue poison scene in that underground bunker pink kitchen

  • Dante Cupelli
    Dante Cupelli

    The bunkers for just the cheap price of 35,000 is 100% a cult and nobody can convince me otherwise

  • איל לביא
    איל לביא

    9:48 there was a lotto ad and I thought it was part of the video 😂

  • lil' ghost rat
    lil' ghost rat

    If this pandemic's taught me anything it's that rich people can have nice houses and they'll still want to go outside and face easily avoidable threats, so all this is redundant I bet

  • Justin Lacombe
    Justin Lacombe

    9:21 How to inflate the hell out of a price tag. 10:46 They're trolling now.

  • hollimaria1789

    Still no locust???WTAF?????

  • logan curtin
    logan curtin

    5 heads and 4 bodies, the owner is in there vibing.

  • Tyoda

    Who's going to keep up with the power grid when the world ends?

  • DevilDog 659
    DevilDog 659

    5:07 dude not only puts a riser for the scope on top of the gun but puts another riser on top of the first, what the hell is that height over bore Christ with that kinda stupidity I hope they die

  • mominur islam
    mominur islam

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  • Benjamin Coury
    Benjamin Coury

    Best ending to any video

  • Laila Eileen
    Laila Eileen

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  • This is a bad idea
    This is a bad idea

    Hold on, but imagine stripper polling down the floors

  • Mark Ashton
    Mark Ashton

    He coulda said “NOW we’re IN Kansas”

  • donal playz
    donal playz

    Mr beast was here

  • Micah Marshall
    Micah Marshall

    I don’t think the 2nd one is supposed to be a bunker

  • A B
    A B


  • Olive Wessel
    Olive Wessel

    Did no one else notice how it says "sex" on the lawn outside the second one...

  • Anika Bialecki
    Anika Bialecki

    I wonder how many preppers went to their bunkers once Covid started and didn't tell anyone.

  • kaijah

    what if there was a nuclear attack and it hits your damn bunker

  • Liam Read
    Liam Read

    lmfao everybody knows the location of the bunker they just gonna come and kill everybody it and steal it for themselves

  • Brandon Garcia
    Brandon Garcia


  • Panini Wasteland
    Panini Wasteland

    Bro I wouldn't want to live underground. I've seen Resident Evil.

  • Gabriella Oguro
    Gabriella Oguro

    That looked like me making huge houses at The Sims, didn't make any sense at all

  • Alice Montoriol
    Alice Montoriol

    Cody is SO funny I’m literally lmao at 2am

  • msjaz21100

    If we ignore the bunker part and you threw rangers in that 18million dollar underground bunker.. that would be fun as fuck with no noise complaints

  • Chris Rosenberger
    Chris Rosenberger

    Also how are these your guides in the real estate video never self aware of how dumb they sound lmao

  • Chris Rosenberger
    Chris Rosenberger

    Why does it look like you’re in a log cabin on a cruise ship lmao

  • Nom Nom Nom
    Nom Nom Nom

    That 2nd place looks like it was designed after a nudist colony in Florida 👨🏻 And the guy showing it looks like an Ex-Christian Minister ready to join. 👨🏼

  • Dave Sunhammer
    Dave Sunhammer

    Here is another stupid thing about underground bunkers made from old missle silos... old missle silos that the Russians and Chinese have the coordinates for and still think are active. Old missle silos that they want to nuke thinking they are military value targets. Smart. You should charge double.

  • Dave Sunhammer
    Dave Sunhammer

    What is stupid about underground bunkers is that they are underground. This means anyone outside has the high ground. You have to fight UP to them and if you fail you starve in a very expensive tomb. All they have to do is figure out where your air goes in and bury that.. and.. you lose round 2. Indeed, a few dump trucks of dirt and... you lose again.


    Mrbeast made a vid on the first one also I live in kansas im pretty sure ive seen the male guide in public

  • emma larente
    emma larente

    It looks like fever dream decor in these places

  • Izzy bredeson
    Izzy bredeson

    the second one is genuinely the worst looking décor I've ever seen,, looks like those pictures where you cant make out what anything is.

  • DIOR

    Imagine buying an 18 Million Dollar bunker, and then a mutant family of spiders invade it-

  • DIOR

    I feel like the house 26 feet underground looks like a furniture store that is closing down for bankruptcy liquidation-

  • Evan Michaels
    Evan Michaels

    This was confiscated from an mega-ecstasy dealer - hence the bar and stripper pole

  • hoe society
    hoe society

    The photographer Juno Calypso took some amazing photos in the second bunker :)

  • Jenny Stevens
    Jenny Stevens

    I’ve seen this video before (first clip) on a rabbit hole and the funniest part is there like we can not expose the location of this bunker. The home boy cracks horrible joke, Kansas. It’s in Kansas.

  • Brittany Newell
    Brittany Newell

    did anyone notice how a bunch of bricks or some shit in the the vegas bunker yard spelled sex

  • aflah ali
    aflah ali

    Wait Mrbeast was at the luxury condos right why didn't he show the shooting range that would make amazing content

  • aflah ali
    aflah ali

    Why did that zombie jumpscare actually get me and it was really good nice impression

  • Matthew Landrigan-Reid
    Matthew Landrigan-Reid

    Good thing I live in Australia. Seriously any apocalypse will just make our wildlife more powerful and bloodthirsty and then no more humanity; just giant murder beasts.

  • Allyvia

    Lol i am smaller than my dad who is 6'5 and I'm 5'3.

  • Haggum Lewis
    Haggum Lewis

    Haha Dramamine the stripper had me rolling 😂

  • Griffin Rogers
    Griffin Rogers

    Damn Lincoln from what’s inside really grew tf up

  • Cameron Meeks
    Cameron Meeks

    Thank you for choosing vault-tec

  • j g
    j g

    I swear the 2nd one was in a csi episode

  • Levi Chicwown
    Levi Chicwown

    11:42 Kody punking you out POV ASMR

  • Daniel Fan
    Daniel Fan

    lol buying a house in vancouver is more than 1.5 mil

  • Alondra Sanchez
    Alondra Sanchez

    the living room looks like a furniture store 😭😭😭

  • Rad1cal

    6:04 Vault 21. I just wanted to say that

  • Grant Shinka
    Grant Shinka

    Wow another real estate video, way to go Cody

  • Maddi AverageCanadian
    Maddi AverageCanadian

    6:50 someone wrote “SEX” in that sand/mud? pit beside the house

  • Maria Perez
    Maria Perez

    So this is definitely not the place to go look for sanctuary... got it.


    Every condo is a survival condo in the same way every stick is a throwing stick. Both as powerful as a shotgun

  • Katlynne Jakobs
    Katlynne Jakobs

    ommggg the second home, the one in vegas, is crazy! i met this photographer named Juno Calypso and she actually met one of the owners who lived there. She stayed with him for a couple weeks making art and hanging out with this man and she said he was suuuuper interesting. He had a room of guns, tons of books on cryochambers, and planned on having his body frozen. Her book "What to Do With a Million Years" is all about this.

  • Kat Wren
    Kat Wren

    idk man seems like a bad idea to have a bunch of rich people who have unlimited access to firearms

  • Michael Fenlon
    Michael Fenlon

    the "targets in USA" map is literally just showing population Centers

  • Katherine Gerard
    Katherine Gerard

    to the owner of the second bunker, please let me repaint those walls cause as someone going to art school I know I could do a million times better

  • ApatheticBroadcast

    What confuses me is that there’s no garden or aquaculture to have a consistent supply of food? Cans only last so long but at least you have a pool tabke

  • Tony Andersson
    Tony Andersson

    I don't agree with everything people are saying...

  • Red

    Didn't Mr beast stay in that first one

  • The Tgomes
    The Tgomes

    they lost the only chance ever to name it Vault-Tec Corporation

  • Ash Sawyer
    Ash Sawyer

    The "Lost in Paradise" sign really would get more depressing as the years go on

  • Hannah Dobos
    Hannah Dobos

    one thing i will never get about people is why they would want to survive the end of the world,,,, like the world is ending and you wanna suffer through that? idk maybe its bc I'm depressed but I'm ending my life the moment I hear about a zombie apocalypse or some end of the world shit like that

  • Alondra Sanchez
    Alondra Sanchez

    The stripper pole is for the zombies

  • •ofelvii_ •
    •ofelvii_ •

    what a pretty girl c:

  • itskate

    that Asian man who lives in the bunker didn’t even speak a single sentence that made sense but ok

  • imBocaaa

    3:29 with headphones broke my eardrums

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover

    Not to sound like a dick but I’m not living in this bunker unless they have a full court basketball arena in there

  • Oddivia

    Ngl, I kinda want a bunker where the world can't get me

  • Psychonaut

    Planet X is a real hypothetical planet. It's about the size of Neptune if it exists. All it does is explain the unusual clustering of orbits for a group of bodies beyond Neptune that orbit the Sun. It's not going to cause the apocalypse.

  • I aM iNsFiReD bY tRuStFrAtIoN
    I aM iNsFiReD bY tRuStFrAtIoN

    You know , in Malaysia ,majority of the houses here have bidets in toilets .

  • fidel garcia
    fidel garcia

    Imagine if the apocalyptic event that happens only attack underground things. Also the whole Planet X thing the way the described it would would the destroy the whole world including them

  • Audrey J
    Audrey J

    It’s scary to think in thousands of years these bunkers will probably be all that’s left of our civilization and what we’ll be judged off of

  • Tanios Saliba
    Tanios Saliba

    wait mrbeast did a video on this bunker

  • Proberend

    cody is actually in a bunker himself right now. oh i got no proof? look at the window behind him, that’s not a window that is a tv screen.

  • DeadFishLovesYou

    “Sadly the owner died of a heart attack” So great, your bunker is haunted.

  • Kevin Luo
    Kevin Luo

    I suggested "Also react to the "prepper community" a week ago, and it came true

  • Hal J Smokes
    Hal J Smokes

    6:09 lol they spelled out sex

  • Chloe B
    Chloe B

    the 18 million dollar bunker looks like my Club Penguin igloo from when I was 9

  • fuunygurl10

    That second bunker was featured in an episode of CSI: Season 13 Episode 18 “Sheltered”. Even though I haven’t seen the episode in like eight years, I still recognized it immediately because it was so fucking weird.

  • Drew Chestnut
    Drew Chestnut

    Did cody just predict a cicadapocalypse?

  • dr pill
    dr pill

    if there's ever an apocalypse all the people left out there to fend for themselves are jusy gonan take the bunkers by force anyways lmao

  • U. Wahya-Gihli
    U. Wahya-Gihli

    Lol that luxury condo is a Fallout experiment waiting to happen xD Bunch of rich people going feral on each other.

  • Hannah Wilson
    Hannah Wilson

    What happens if the electricity goes out before they can get to the elevator like are they too rich to remember stairs exist

  • GhastlyCretin85

    Where is the electricity that runs these things coming from? If the power plants are still being operated above ground, you're probably not in the post apocalypse.

  • Kat Gatz
    Kat Gatz

    Yo were you staying at a witch’s house bc I’m peeping the star wreath

  • Jessica Danielle
    Jessica Danielle

    Dad reveal ?

  • rolon96 2810
    rolon96 2810

    Lmao great way I start my morning by getting a balls in my mouth joke. 😂 Thats a fun way to start the day

  • Toasty Carpet
    Toasty Carpet

    Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter