High Schoolers Decide Who Gets $1000
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  • juliuh


  • Christian Youngman
    Christian Youngman

    i died when she started crying lmfao

  • CJ


  • Larry Boy
    Larry Boy


  • How Is Your Day So Far?
    How Is Your Day So Far?

    50% percent of the ocean is just foam from marine biologist fish girls mouth

  • yuly sosa
    yuly sosa

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  • Bianca N
    Bianca N

    Your commentary on these videos makes me laugh out loud.

  • Yin Yong
    Yin Yong

    God loves yup

    • Yin Yong
      Yin Yong


  • Lazy_laplante


  • Jerm Lol
    Jerm Lol

    That fish girl, is a straight up bitch lmfao

  • Studious Emma
    Studious Emma

    That Asian girl has got some big broad shoulders

  • Emma Douglas
    Emma Douglas

    Honestly seems like fish girl has sever bpd with all her mood swings and how she takes everything so personally

  • eli buck
    eli buck

    This shit better be entertaining.

    • eli buck
      eli buck

      Very entertaining.

  • Sambradders 0605
    Sambradders 0605

    Hated the girl won she can just walk and lose weight

  • Ally Perez
    Ally Perez

    broooo did you ever read lord of the flies???

  • How Is Your Day So Far?
    How Is Your Day So Far?

    The heater girl tricked everyone into feeling bad for her lmao. Like Chile if you can afford to bleach your hair, wear nice clothes, and good eyeliner I think you can set aside some to pay for school 😀😀

  • Kristine

    not the girl agreeing to do the stand on one foot the longest and then getting mad and saying it’s not fair when she lost 💀💀

  • K B
    K B

    The lady who recommended doing games so that nobody felt bad is for sure an older sister

    • gregor samsa
      gregor samsa


  • Frantic Lunatic
    Frantic Lunatic

    Unexpected Alliances #1: Cody Ko and Fish Girl

  • ReversedErik

    Why was heather manipulating her way to the top and then still was talking smack

  • frida melendrez
    frida melendrez

    Honestly I’ll rather watch these Cut videos than the actual videos 😂😂 Cody makes them so much better

  • mxmothh

    Tbh everyone in that video is annoying

  • Unknown MLG
    Unknown MLG

    I can’t get over the spoiled girl winning who had to order Uber everywhere smh... like bitch I WALK

    • potato gamer
      potato gamer


  • Coon Cob
    Coon Cob

    These videos always remind me of how I talk to myself

  • Sun Wukong
    Sun Wukong

    The ocean girl is a champ

  • Koustav Mallick
    Koustav Mallick

    The Bahama chick was pissed that she can't go on the free vacation 😂😂

  • JakeSonOfSatan

    I heard “dinner’s on me” not get off me at the end. 🧐

  • a guy from nz
    a guy from nz

    Bruh that girl straight up said I need $1000 cause I wanna go to the Bahamas and didn’t get eliminated. That was way worse than the dude starting a business. she was a bitch as well after

  • elliott bestt
    elliott bestt

    “They’re giving 1% of their global sales to non profit organizations” wow 1%?! How generous of them! Philanthropy at its peak.

  • the highly expressive
    the highly expressive

    not trying to talk about someone’s situation but.. im a grad student working 24 hours a week and taking three classes a week. how in the WORLD could Heather work 30 hours a week AND also go to school for 6-8 hours M-F??!? if she’s telling the truth then yeah.. she deserved that money lol

  • Super Awesomeness
    Super Awesomeness

    If they were big brain, they could talk before and immediately figure out who to pick for the money, then split it afterwards

  • Ethan Lipsky
    Ethan Lipsky

    What did the fish girl say about the last 3 when cody started laughing?

  • Abby Haskew
    Abby Haskew

    Jordyn is DEFINITELY a freshman

  • Matthew Visokay
    Matthew Visokay

    Lord of the flies

  • ramon lazo
    ramon lazo

    Heather, there's people that are dying

  • steven martin
    steven martin

    whats the blonde girls @

  • StewedSpy Person
    StewedSpy Person

    Cody: NOOOOOOO YOUR DOG HAS ASS CANCER Every one else: I wanna go to the Bahamas

  • Jessica Alvarez
    Jessica Alvarez

    Lol how's she going to say the standing on one foot challenge was unfair? She agreed it was a good idea, and the reason they ended up doing it 😂 Then started bragging about how she does that every day. She wants to talk about unfair. If that's true, then she had an *unfair* advantage over everyone else. Stinks she lost, but sucks to suck lol

  • Schnitzelisbetter

    The beginning of the end

  • Abhijita Bordoloi
    Abhijita Bordoloi

    12:32 bahamas girl really be passionate about the ocean holding that plastic bottle tho.

  • Sameen Mannal
    Sameen Mannal

    The blonde chick: **cries because she's "gROwiNg UP tOo FaSt"** Me and millions of people who had horrible childhoods that lead to severe trauma:

    • Nong Hole
      Nong Hole

      That’s why you watch haikyuu

    • Shaily Chaturvedi
      Shaily Chaturvedi


    • Sameen Mannal
      Sameen Mannal

      @Shaily Chaturvedi Thanks for asking

    • Sameen Mannal
      Sameen Mannal

      @Shaily Chaturvedi Its had bad effects on me but I'm fine 🧚🏻‍♀️

    • Shaily Chaturvedi
      Shaily Chaturvedi

      Hope you're okay now... Or at least better❤

  • Aiden Molen
    Aiden Molen

    cody meets a crazy chick

  • Gagan S
    Gagan S

    The first two that got eliminated would make the perfect couple

  • orphicjuliet

    her attempt on small talking tho😭💀

  • Lorraine Hallett
    Lorraine Hallett

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  • Joshua Wiseman
    Joshua Wiseman

    i feel like 1000 dollars is what most of those kid get in a weeks worth of allowance from their parents

    • potato gamer
      potato gamer

      In my entire life I have never accumulated that much money

    • potato gamer
      potato gamer


  • Alex Galuppo
    Alex Galuppo

    the ocean girl gives me mean girl vibes :/

  • devin

    does the heather girl or any one else have instagram??

    • devin


  • Nathan Courtright
    Nathan Courtright

    bro buy a bike. why is she ubering everywhere. homies got scammed. fish girl should’ve won

    • potato gamer
      potato gamer


  • Allison Reed
    Allison Reed

    Bruh how do these kids have not like devastating problems? Sorry but normal people aren’t like this.

  • Havsgg Tsvwga
    Havsgg Tsvwga

    The rampant buzzard crucially drum because verse temporally glow amid a successful vessel. tough, melted swing

  • Ashley Duarte
    Ashley Duarte

    Please for the love of god, have Bahamas chick react to him making fun of her

  • wnterbird

    Dont love calling a high schooler crazy just bc she’s emotional and appears hyper. Idk “you’re crazy” took me years to rebuild myself from that. She doesn’t need an entire internet saying that about her bc she was passionate. Idk I’m not sure this was a good idea to put minors on the internet and tell them to fight over cash in front of millions of ppl. Idk feels gross.

  • Tyler Hoeft
    Tyler Hoeft

    She does it ten times a day and she’s mad

  • Blake Hammond
    Blake Hammond

    She’s that one smelly girl at church

  • Blake Hammond
    Blake Hammond

    That girl will never get a job as a marine biologist

  • ratchet739

    It looks like she has no feet because she's wearing black shoes13:40

  • AshTray904

    I had to come back to this video but did anyone notice how close fish girl sat to streetwear dude

  • Triangle society dictator
    Triangle society dictator

    God I hate everyone on this show, u can tell they all got plenty of money

  • Thomas Barbato
    Thomas Barbato

    Who else keeps scrolling down to the comments because they can't handle the second hand embarrassment?

  • Corimoon

    Y’all weird for hating on heather for playing the game lmao. Y’all also weird for hating on anyone that isn’t fish girl. She was insufferable and mean, she deserves the hate way more than anyone else.

    • hareem r
      hareem r

      she's a whole child... wtf is wrong with you

  • There's No I
    There's No I

    you know you made it when you turn into a basic reaction channel with blatant sponsors you put no effort into and you still pull 4.4 million videos

    • potato gamer
      potato gamer

      @Edgar Draves true

    • Edgar Draves
      Edgar Draves

      I mean he still makes good and valid commentary; you'd be surprised how hard it is to make a "basic" video like this.

  • Mustache Man
    Mustache Man

    Teenagers are wild

  • Dread Pirate Robin
    Dread Pirate Robin

    Everyone is being very understanding and kind and then Bahamas girl is doing her best to turn this into a reality show I love it, love the drama.

  • mya rowan
    mya rowan

    ocean girl, life is suffering remember

  • gegs sdfe
    gegs sdfe

    The next twist medicinally blind because weed cytochemically instruct behind a oceanic blouse. onerous, whispering router

  • anna carlson
    anna carlson

    These kids are so rude and annoying I can’t even watch this

  • diana ;-;
    diana ;-;

    Those ocean facts killed me💀

  • Tyler L
    Tyler L

    Love all the comments absolutely shitting on Heather lmaoo

  • Nemo Green
    Nemo Green


  • I Told U So
    I Told U So

    i would like to know CAN I QUIZ YOU ON OCEAN FACTS?????

  • FM Gecko
    FM Gecko

    Nina fineeeee

  • Elena McGovern
    Elena McGovern

    I kinda like the fish girl. Fuck Nina

  • fkaciggs

    I did not care for this video. You may top me though. It's Pride Month.

  • Jack Alter
    Jack Alter

    can i quiz you on ocean facts?

  • As Told By Bria
    As Told By Bria

    The fish girl agreed on the balancing on one leg activity, then said it wasn’t fair???😂

  • Quinn Cornwell
    Quinn Cornwell

    The girl who won didn’t say she couldn’t afford the Ubers, she just said that it makes her have stress. And at the beginning she knew she could cry so that is why she wanted to go around and see everyone’s story instead of games and luck



  • Its Sheena🙆
    Its Sheena🙆

    Heather didn't deserve to win. She manipulated that group.

  • qZenz2k

    Fish girl: let’s do the stand on one leg challenge Fish girl:“I’m Buddhist so I do this like 10 times a day” *gets eliminated* Fish girl: “that wasn’t fair😡”

  • nancytoxicc

    fish girl mains fizz from league

  • nancytoxicc

    my boyfriend said that cody ko looks like a generic australian guy lol

  • Liam Simmons
    Liam Simmons

    Man, these kids are the worst.

  • Layla Schezno
    Layla Schezno

    The well-groomed attempt alternately guess because ferry roughly desert towards a oceanic cellar. delightful, obsolete tennis


    fucking amazing

  • Kaylee Eke
    Kaylee Eke

    I love how I decided to eat my dinner during this video especially when you mentioned a dog who has a** cancer and even showed a lovely image. Thank you Cody Ko...

  • Sgt Nooodle
    Sgt Nooodle

    Harry's razors are absolute garbage. The angle of the blades are horrible, and hairs usually just end up getting stuck or not cut at all. The blades rust so quickly and feel dull after a few uses. Avoid.

  • WhiteEyedMob

    DuDe WhAt ThE FaWk

  • Molly Nava
    Molly Nava

    This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen fish girl is INSANE

  • ajkcool

    why not give one of them 1k then they split it amongst themselves...

  • Izuzu


  • Anti

    idk fish girl is kinda cool

  • Talha Rizwan
    Talha Rizwan

    This cut video was a whole Netflix show

  • Augment

    Fish girl should've won

  • Augment

    Fish girl was funny af

  • skrrrt

    i feel so bad for kalid, bc he was like the sweetest there😫he had the best intentions and i think he at least deserved some money :(

  • Joshua Züllig
    Joshua Züllig

    This is making me hate my own generation

  • Lo Jo
    Lo Jo

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  • Alfonzo Acuna
    Alfonzo Acuna

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  • A Person
    A Person

    There were only 7 people why didn’t they just agree to split it