Fans who are down bad.
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  • Cody Ko
    Cody Ko

    Check out SimpliSafe here: SimpliSafe is award-winning home security that keeps your home safe around the clock. It's really reliable, easy to use, and there are no contracts.

    • Master MIND
      Master MIND

      Do it squirt?

    • isabella6edits

      i’m poor

    • a guy from nz
      a guy from nz

      Hey Cody, they spelt simply wrong

    • The PandaMan
      The PandaMan

      ya know cody gotta say this could've been a one page google docs in mla format that you then could've posted on a Snapchat in a twenty page story. just saying.

    • Jack

      lmao youre the only person they follow on twitter now

  • Kane Dawson
    Kane Dawson

    Screw you conrad

  • Frink

    im using "oh, neat"

  • Brian Colindres
    Brian Colindres

    That last text had me crying for a while 🤣😭

  • Ivette Gonzalez
    Ivette Gonzalez

    NOT LYRIC SHIT POSTS. I’ve never felt more betrayed.

  • Christian Guerrero
    Christian Guerrero

    Actually, she smelled wonderful :')

  • Spriha Mehrotra
    Spriha Mehrotra

    met a dude on a dating app. after talking to him for weeks and giving him a gazillion hints about wanting to meet up w him and chilling together despite him being uninterested as fuck, I finally told him dating apps suck and I can't find nice guys. he told me he'll look for someone to set me up with. it stung real bad.

  • OGbeggy !
    OGbeggy !

    Cody preping for this vid: looks up big words that start with cat. Cataclysmic, catastrophic

  • josh k
    josh k

    Video starts 5:26

  • Sun Wukong
    Sun Wukong

    SIMPli safe... I see what you did there...

  • HilaryAnne

    so curious if he actuallly made the do it squirt pants

  • TransPlant 161
    TransPlant 161

    6:46 this has happened to me. We even called it a date when we made the plans. It hurt like hell because she was absolutely the most adorable and sweet person I've ever met, dorky, smart, relaxed, introverted like me. Absolutely everything I look for in a partner.

  • french Welsh dude
    french Welsh dude

    Cody is the short white chad. We all should seek to become

  • Isabel Beaudry
    Isabel Beaudry

    9:07 you missed an opportunity "Even though deep inside I was down.... BAD.

  • Isabel Beaudry
    Isabel Beaudry

    i clicked on this video and saw an for the "pillow cube" but honestly thought it was your content, PLEASE WATCH Edit: 12 minutes in I get an ad for "Sport Clips Haircuts" and am convinced Cody is writing these ads because they're too funny not to be intentional

  • sanaa zoë
    sanaa zoë

    even if down bad patrol is fake, can safely say ive experienced all of those instances with men bc well, men. so they arent far from the truth lol

  • Liv Car
    Liv Car

    istg every time he transitions into a sponsor he gets more and more apologetic

  • messibessi11

    Urgh idk why girls are so mean about rejecting guys I legit feel so bad when I reject people I always try to be as nice as possible

  • Bethany Werner
    Bethany Werner

    my dude idk if you have control over this, but ngl the amount of ads on this video is kind of absurd- like 2 ads every 2 minutes

  • Solus

    "Do it squirt?" Idk Jimmy, do it 12 inches flaccid?

  • terence davis
    terence davis

    why do women on tinder match with people just to be fucking mean to them lmao

  • Marz

    You should check out the twitter "SheRatesDogs" those are real posts...

  • Ann Bhatt
    Ann Bhatt

    Ok idk if it’s just me but the girl that said “I’m going on a date it’s my first one in a really long time” I feel like without other context I wonder if she would want this guy to like officially ask her. Maybe she doesn’t know this is a date (again I’m assuming if it isn’t obvious enough) and that’s a hint idek

  • ArduinoBen

    Conrad the type of guy to watch Reddit videos

  • Lara Fromke
    Lara Fromke

    I'd stand up when someone told me this isn't a date

  • Jonathan Heitz
    Jonathan Heitz

    Video starts at 5:26

  • Connor MC5555
    Connor MC5555

    8:00 I know this girl we actually "talked" and she ended up rejecting me after like 2 weeks of nudes and sex what are the odds

    • Ollie

      How do you know that…? Her name isn’t shown at all

  • Myles CHESSER
    Myles CHESSER

    Who's gonna tell him that 'Down bad' isn't just rejections...

  • spacepixie

    'im gonna die of cum poisoning'

  • Simon Donily
    Simon Donily

    What the fuck were you drinking that shit looked like flubber

  • Akasaka Sawayama
    Akasaka Sawayama

    cody ..... JAIL!!!!!!!

  • Call Me Chad
    Call Me Chad

    I genuinely felt so sad at the sorority story

  • Speechless Outrage
    Speechless Outrage

    8:33 that sounds like Kelsey XD

  • Marys Teacup
    Marys Teacup

    can't believe we finally got to hear more than the first 3s of that sad piano song

  • Nolwazi Waugh
    Nolwazi Waugh

    There was this one time I told my friend in highschool that I liked this guy(that was super popular and I was the loser of course), and I think we could be something special. then she laughed, then I laughed as well and said "haha LOL omg you felt for that". After I went home I stopped any further contact with the guy and never told my friend anything ever again.

  • Yolo Swag
    Yolo Swag


  • Quintin Spaulding
    Quintin Spaulding

    @11:30 I’m sayin gimme an 1/8 free rn and I don’t trash ur rooms 😂😠

  • The Anomity
    The Anomity

    Man i love this!!! 😂😂😂

  • jakeskatesbro

    Anyone wish this Cody guy would just shut up and show us the messages ? He easily could’ve just made a PowerPoint for us and it would’ve been a 30 second video , cmon dude

  • Corbin?

    "Oh neat" is the whitest thing I've ever heard

  • Kodi Angel
    Kodi Angel

    Yall if someones a bitch or a douche to you just block em, they were never worth your time

  • Wumbo

    Still waiting for the “Do it squirt?” Merch

  • Maggot Meatballz
    Maggot Meatballz

    Lol chemtrails are not even disputed anymore boomer! Maybe get on with the times?

  • Karthick

    7:20 alabama song reference 😂

  • Chance Welsh
    Chance Welsh

    You're well-spoken dude.

  • ripthegirlfriend

    really thinkin about when my ex said “poggers” after sexy time. pain.

  • Mauricio Cervera V.
    Mauricio Cervera V.

    4:26 sometimes I forget he's canadian

  • 🤍angel frankie
    🤍angel frankie

    ugliest date contest. you really got dinner with the shmucks:-(

  • Snoop_dono

    this video is better quality than most of the stuff youve been posting just in the first 5 minutes. theres no forced jokes. the jokes that do come out are more relaxed, and have a natural flow about them.

  • Stuff and Stuff
    Stuff and Stuff

    Cody what is this, Wayne's world 3?

  • Cameron Vince
    Cameron Vince

    Video starts at 5:28

  • Depth of Hades
    Depth of Hades

    That ugliest date contest was an American Dad episode lmao

  • Johanna Guzman
    Johanna Guzman

    I love your Chanel you’re one of my favorite FIbillrs 💕💕💕💕

  • yng.malibo

    5:29 for when it actually starts😂

  • Radhika chander
    Radhika chander

    When cody started talking about that rude girl smelling, i thought he was using that as a bridge to advertise some perfume

  • Quinn Arnold
    Quinn Arnold

    I think ones who are really down are the ones who get on a dating app specifically to be rude to people. What a sad existence.

  • Sacred1Hawk

    back-end developers are the true warriors

  • GuyNamedJay 22
    GuyNamedJay 22

    5:30 down bad comments

  • SuperNerd Gavin
    SuperNerd Gavin

    You could tell they were fake cause all the screenshots were the dudes perspective. The dudes wouldn’t share that shit lmao

  • cherryhoneyricola

    I started crying at the “ugliest date” one (lol) - what an awful thing to do to someone. I hope that person is doing OK. The fact that they have a sense of humour about it makes them miles more attractive than 95% of people on these dating apps

    • Shirumoon

      He should absolutely own it and write about it on his tinder profile.

  • nomer440

    simplisafe is condoms for simps?

  • Tayanna Harrison
    Tayanna Harrison

    Small dog. Short king.

  • Julia Cardarelli
    Julia Cardarelli

    no one: cody: pronounces lmao as LUHMOW

  • Miranda

    not the memeologist!

  • Kraaahsam Ay
    Kraaahsam Ay

    6:40 is literally all of my dating lesbian dating experiences like always with girls it’s always like haha sure would love to have a girlfriend haha same and with guys it’s so much easier

    • Kraaahsam Ay
      Kraaahsam Ay

      Also sorry if that makes no sense I’m stoned as fuck but it’s 4.20

  • Craig

    It doesn't make me feel any better knowing there are more people than just me getting rejected - if anything it makes me feel worse knowing that finding a significant other is this hard.

  • free ._. bee
    free ._. bee

    That sorority one for ugliest date reminds me of the movie sorority boys. Fuckin classic movie, one of the few comedy movies that still bops in today’s social climate

  • [blank]

    party that is a contest for ugliest date are called pig parties if i remember correctly, and they are kinda f*cked up even for me lol

  • [blank]

    look here bud. i live in the middle of f*ckin' nowhere and the last timr someone called the police on the road i live on it took 10 minutes to get there. and i live down the road from the middle school of my county. i don't think i care if i catch a serial killer or wtf ever on camera at that point 🤣

  • Caustic Cactus
    Caustic Cactus

    God, I could have printed out the auto closed captions and read this in 29 seconds.

  • NobleNormie117

    11:20 thats pure evil wtf

  • Rachel Reii
    Rachel Reii

    Than I log off and I'm fine again 🤣🤣🤣 me asf

  • Jacob O'Burke
    Jacob O'Burke

    9:25 I cried laughing. So dumb!

  • almeduhh

    I sent a girl my phone number over Snapchat and she said why did you send me your number 💔suicide

  • Jellybean Spider
    Jellybean Spider

    funniest shit ever

  • TheFlamingTornado1

    Weird question but does anyone know the name of the sad piano song that keeps playing during certain moments? It actually sounds so nice

  • Livi Hoffman
    Livi Hoffman

    my bf told me that years before we were dating a girl from his highschool and him went on a walk around their neighborhood and she said "oh i just wanted to let you know i always had a crush on you", he didnt realize she still did and said "thats neat" to her... and then there was silence. him and i laugh about it to this day lmao, he was too innocent

  • Emily

    lmao if someone brought me to their ugliest date contest someone would be going to the hospital for most severe injuries contest

  • Andi Jayy
    Andi Jayy

    this is one of the funniest videos i’ve ever seen. thank you.

  • David Loeza
    David Loeza

    Can I come to the wedding?

  • Stl Homie
    Stl Homie

    fuck simpli safe, that shit makes it so hard to sneak out

  • David Lafaye
    David Lafaye

    I feel like Cody is trying to subliminally get sponsored by Liquid Death.. hmmm very subtle

  • Tammy k
    Tammy k

    did he really just say he’s only sent 1 shirtless pic in his life what

    • TheFlamingTornado1

      Old men like Cody aren’t so up to date with the modern tech, forgive him

  • SmokierSumo

    dont talk down cody for believing in this stuff hes 30!

  • brandon0109

    The sweet home Alabama rift had me in tears

  • Casey Aubert
    Casey Aubert

    Cody has Father hands. Not Daddy hands- father hands.

  • Miguel Vazquez
    Miguel Vazquez

    Do impaulsive bro!

  • CloakedDisguise

    "I trust everyone. I like to think everything is real and is not meant to hurt me". I hope he doesn't look at the flat earthers

  • Samantha Schoen
    Samantha Schoen

    “memeologist” is the best profession I’ve seen. The study of memeology

    • Forine

      you _can_ get a degree in memes

  • GlitchMitch 70
    GlitchMitch 70


  • Mike Z
    Mike Z

    Shits hilarious cody saying sorry for being sponsored 🤣

  • louis normandeau
    louis normandeau


  • SitDownBeHumble

    9:42 I think I woke up my entire house with how hard I laughed at that 😂😂😂

  • Darian 101
    Darian 101


  • Isabella Lorente
    Isabella Lorente

    I’ve gotten the thumbs up too many times on sum quality shit

  • ModyDody

    Cody is the only youtuber i watch thru the sponsor segment on. Even that is entertaining.

  • _mari✨

    Can u do a part two

  • Marcus

    Conrad does sound like the type of guy to like buzzfeed

  • E Smith
    E Smith

    Video is brought by simpsafe 😤

  • charlie__woodchips

    “the sponser of this video im sorrryyyy” 😂