Family Vlogs Weird Me Out
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  • Fleurie X
    Fleurie X

    why do people watch that crap. also their whole life is so revolved around camera's that their life is just one big realityshow. do they still know what's real and what's not?

  • 01 Hitman
    01 Hitman

    Kid looks like he’ll grow up and turn into douchebag

  • shaunty hangrus
    shaunty hangrus

    Cody your teeth are brighter than my future

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  • Sam Moody
    Sam Moody

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  • eugene

    Can’t help but respect Austin just a little bit after he TKO’d Bryce Hall.

  • anant rawat
    anant rawat

    Damn, imagine being a child actor at your own home

  • markini curtini
    markini curtini

    The only good family bloggers are Roman Atwood. No competition

  • Sebastian Ackerman
    Sebastian Ackerman

    Of course it had to be a single mom

  • Seb J.
    Seb J.

    Just wait until a mf earthquake happens in California and then the San Andreas fault moves and destroys everything in the West Coast. Say bye to the rich stuff.

  • orsikocs

    One day these kids will start talking and the people that are watching now will say: "i used to watch their content but never noticed how messed up they were" not realising they are the ones causing the exploitation of these kids...

  • upshurs

    are we not going to talk about 15:33

  • S Hummus
    S Hummus

    I sometimes watch a mommy vlogger and in one of the vlogs her 2 yr old said, “mommy, please no more cheesing” and started crying and she just laughed it off and kept filming and I was like 0.o what the hell am I doing watching this.

  • Dania Cruz
    Dania Cruz

    Ace family: We we’re having money problems a few years ago. Also Ace family: *decides to live in a $3,500/ month apartment in Beverly Hills.

  • Ella Hensley
    Ella Hensley

    I hit that like button for Kelseys sake

  • Amber Oldfield
    Amber Oldfield

    Cody I love you your content is great but I can’t keep watching these people are too fking cringe 😂😖

  • Hanan R.
    Hanan R.

    You're 100% on point. I feel like everything they do on camera is just a subtle flex to everyone showing how good parents they are.

  • Northern Rocketry
    Northern Rocketry

    With 120m views per month, if you had the average CPM on youtube of $2, you would make $2,912,000 per year.

  • Sadie Larimore
    Sadie Larimore

    At Walmart. The drink

  • Sadie Larimore
    Sadie Larimore

    Hold up, did you make Liquid Death because I bought it cause it looked cool.

  • LoaF

    I feel like the kids have a better connection with a camera then the parents

  • -x-x-

    "god opened another door" Someone please inform him of Matthew 19:24, thank you.

    • -x-x-

      @Octavia I kind of figured. I just think it's hilarious how rich people usually don't know that verse.

    • Octavia

      He doesn’t care

  • Regielyn Regiang
    Regielyn Regiang

    I hate you!! Joke ilove your channel

  • Regielyn Regiang
    Regielyn Regiang

    They are best

  • The Queen of Happiness
    The Queen of Happiness

    This comment section giving me some kind of hope for humanity

  • The Queen of Happiness
    The Queen of Happiness

    These children certainly will be messed up when they get older bc growing up like this definitely screws up a lot in their brains The children watching this too bc they might get envious and start hating their own families bc they're not like that

  • ramona's shit show
    ramona's shit show

    i can imagine the kids all growing up and leaving as soon as they can, and revealing how toxic everything was.

  • ramona's shit show
    ramona's shit show

    omfg they basically made edfluence and team 1000

  • Toa Va
    Toa Va

    If I had $1000 when I was 10 I would probably spend it all on bionicle sets.

  • Zachary Vogel
    Zachary Vogel

    How I became a millionaire, I struck a deal with the devil so that I would always get a billion+ views on my videos

  • aiden coorey125
    aiden coorey125


  • Sayre Ringuette
    Sayre Ringuette

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  • Passive Aggresive Russian
    Passive Aggresive Russian

    It’s this weird, creepy, artificial experience that makes these videos so uncomfortable. Their life I probably feels very hollow but you can fill that with money and attention. I hate everything about those videos


    But Cody's family vlogs would slap. "Yo baby, Venice? How good is Venice?" And grandpa's can have kids, so we don't need to worry about that

  • Bella Bays
    Bella Bays

    dude yes. YES CODY

  • Anthony Gordon
    Anthony Gordon


  • Lizzie Shield
    Lizzie Shield

    I hate family channels with a passion.

  • Ingy

    new sub :)

  • Ryan Michelle
    Ryan Michelle

    I'd never take advice from Austin Austin narcissistic mcbroom

  • Walee Khan
    Walee Khan

    LOOOOOOL this mans is right tho.

  • Cas

    Cant wait for documentaries in the future from the perspective of these kids

  • G

    why do so many people even watch that shit i barely can stand my siblings in real life

  • j g
    j g

    I have to say the designer logos all layered on top of each other recklessly looks ridiculous and awful

  • Alexandra Lu
    Alexandra Lu

    honestly feel so bad for the kids, their home life is just out there on the internet and then everyone from their school life can freely access it

  • Mason Richard
    Mason Richard

    Wow okay hi there sand coloured sweater with french toast on the back. Don't mind if I d o.

  • Nadya Nurhidayah
    Nadya Nurhidayah

    Its weird to think that there are someone who actually get entertained by family vlogs.

  • a d d i s o n
    a d d i s o n

    “i don’t know why people would want to watch someone raise their kids anyways” i used to watch family vlogs in like middle school bc of how fucked up my own family was lmaooo it made me feel normal bc i could still see and have an understanding of living that type of life

    • a d d i s o n
      a d d i s o n

      @Floyd Lawton um , no ?… LOL im not hating on what he said i was just making a comment 🙂👍🏼

    • Floyd Lawton
      Floyd Lawton

      Gonna cry?

  • Wairangi xox
    Wairangi xox

    the small re-enactments w/ the camera throughout make this video so entertaining 🤣

  • Emma


  • Apothekate

    Seeing these family vlog kids growing up infront of a camera just as a weird blackmirror feel to it

  • Patrick Dowds
    Patrick Dowds

    Something about these blokes is mad charming

  • Emma Hos
    Emma Hos

    I think the darkest thing about family vlogs is that I used to watch them as a kid because my own family was so dysfunctional and I found comfort in seeing a "happy family"

    • orsikocs

      Oh man aww

  • Krabb Abb
    Krabb Abb

    i remember this one family youtuber guy, I think his channel name was like smile more or somthin. but anyway he made a prank video of him dropping his grown child. but that was made like 2017? possibly 2016? idk. just a long time ago.

    • Octavia

      Roman at wood or something

  • Aghii

    Isn’t makeup really bad for babies skin? Hey put MAKEUP on a baby’s face. A BABY!!

  • Michelle R
    Michelle R

    cody holding the camera to show how creepy it looks filming your kid like that omfg

  • ben tate
    ben tate

    i want a sony A1 so bad 😩😩 u just rubbing it in my face 💔

  • Backruborbust

    Toooooooo many commercials man

  • Berry 7575
    Berry 7575

    I just don’t get who on God’s green earth watches family vlogs

  • jillian rose
    jillian rose

    cody’s highlight is always poppin

  • ChaoticWaffle455

    Have to say that I disagree with kody, when they or anybody else wears designer or film getting it it doesnt show that its for the money, its them wanting to show that they have a lot of money and that theyve had accomplishments, in my opinion theres nothing wrong with flaunting your money, as long as its not to shame someone else, its better than them just sitting on it

    • ChaoticWaffle455

      @Kabir ?

    • Kabir

      Hey Austin.

  • StarrPhototype

    how far we've strayed from shaytards

  • Coon Cob
    Coon Cob

    This fella Cody needs big baller money... he’s a real one ☝️

  • miss voorhees
    miss voorhees

    Correct me if I'm wrong,but isn't "pay a sub for a cash prize" illegal under lottery laws? Like haven't youtubers got in legit trouble for doing the same thing?

  • IxxClutchxxI

    Cody we love you. Never change ❤️❤️

  • slim jim
    slim jim

    fgteev is confusing and we all can kinda agree

  • sharpeningtheaxe

    Think back on your childhood, and now imagine your parents had a camera on you the whole time. It makes my skin crawl.

  • greasyfatguy

    baby’s first words “Make sure to SLAM that Notifaction Bell!! And LIKE THE VIDEO”

  • Jason Robinson
    Jason Robinson

    Not a minute of honey ads 😱

  • Lilo

    I agree so much.. and I have a friend who loves this kinda stuff and she just got a daughter.. I don't think she's into vlogging tho

  • Cassidy Treece
    Cassidy Treece

    cody i will always watch the ads do not worry

  • just0toast

    adding to that the l,s family ,through our eyes, and the ace family are all related, ryan from through our eyes is austin’s brother in law and landon from l s family is austins brother

  • Little Anina
    Little Anina

    I just hate the insane click bait😅

  • Christofer Schneider
    Christofer Schneider

    Not for nothin, but didn't drew gooden make a video very similar to this in premise and conclusion?

  • AFreakingLime

    I think when having important conversations with your kid, you shouldn't be on camera, or looking at something else at all. You should be giving all your attention and consideration towards that child. I feel like that kid knows what kind of show they are putting on. Poor kid doesn't have any privacy

  • James Little
    James Little

    As a parent I'll say you're dead on, this is not healthy or normal. It creates a false understanding of reality and 98% sure you're just guaranteeing your kid becomes a narcissist or sociopath

  • b4by

    who tf watches these channels is what I wanna know. If i have kids they wont have access to FIbill at that age.

  • MG Broadcast
    MG Broadcast

    Do more of these videos plz😂

  • Nolan Blais
    Nolan Blais

    9:11 Ali is wearing an among us chain

    • Tired : highly likely
      Tired : highly likely

      Susssy BaKA🥰😳

  • maxwell s.strings
    maxwell s.strings

    Michael Jackson invented the baby dropping prank

  • Pascal Simioli
    Pascal Simioli

    I can't even process the level of neglect those children have to survive when the cameras are off.

  • Sam Moody
    Sam Moody

    The acoustic columnist relatively saw because channel precisely connect amid a absorbed grey. kindhearted, magenta treatment

  • Gina D
    Gina D

    Cody taking ad add break cracks me up every time 😂

  • Sophie Spartana
    Sophie Spartana

    The fact that this isn’t considered child abuse still shocks me.... they are literally using their kids for monetary gain, how sick, I could and would NEVER. I feel so bad for these kids (money isn’t everything).

    • Emily Grace
      Emily Grace

      look at the demographics of the people following these kids, specifically young females, on instagram (who should never have them in the first place). look at everleigh labrant, she has so many followers who are middle-aged men. there are so many videos of her dancing in a suggestable manner in revealing outfits. why do you really think these men are watching/following an 8-year-old girl?

    • Jane Cat
      Jane Cat

      That's true, but unfortunately this has been around since before FIbill. Baby pageant shows, nanny shows, etc. This is a deeply rooted societal problem that needs to be addressed at a large scale.

    • Zone Doll
      Zone Doll

      @Charley Duffell It is abuse though. Child abuse is basically anything that inflicts violence on someone underage, which includes emotional abuse, neglect, profiting off them, and filming a crying infant instead of comforting them because their tears make good content. Just because the abuse isn't physical, that doesn't make it any less horrible

    • Charley Duffell
      Charley Duffell

      It’s definitely an ethical nightmare but child abuse is a bit far fetched

  • melanie greufe
    melanie greufe

    They weird me out too

  • lily kefaladelis
    lily kefaladelis

    Instant dislike for that intro

  • DigitalHarmony

    Pranks, two rules: 1. Confuse, don’t abuse. 2. It’s 2021, fucking stop.

  • Bridgette Y
    Bridgette Y

    uhgggg so cringy

  • Tessa Wicked
    Tessa Wicked

    ... it's weird seeing someone who wouldn't really appreciate said gifts get a brand new Louis fannypack.

  • Kay Haven
    Kay Haven

    With how easy it is for pedophiles to access stuff, family channels are just CREEPY!! I’m not putting my kid(s) out there like this!

  • gonisbetterthanyou

    dude...if my boyfriend even attempts to drop a child from a lose my shit

  • N O O R
    N O O R

    And now we have anas and asala fam bruhh 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Renaud Seha
    Renaud Seha

    Honey never works for me toh xD I've the extention since the start when honey came out.. and it worked. Now when I scan I never get any discounts anymore :( #sadlife

  • dearnaomi

    this man's son looks like a brown desmond is amazing. big eyes just kinda dead staring at the camera

  • Sukhman Ghuman
    Sukhman Ghuman

    as they grow up the kids are gonna be a drug addict and their parents are gonna beat their ass constantly cus their on drugs too I can just hear it, nononono don't beat my ass!!!

  • Owl Scarey
    Owl Scarey

    I think her closet is half the size of my apartment

  • RocketRich

    I wonder if the parents have friends

  • Gillian Settino
    Gillian Settino

    kinda feels like they're exploiting their kids.

  • ינון עזיזי
    ינון עזיזי

    What about Roman Atwood

  • Maria Emily
    Maria Emily

    Ok some of your video I like you say some truthful things that I agree this video too but I don't like when youtubers INTERVENE on FIbillRS OR FAMILY CHANNEL VLOGGERS CHANNEL. I don't think is anything wrong with those channel and the family making decisions to expose their children, that their responsibility, their decision,their money 🤔 making business or whatever to provide for their children family like Ryan's world and other kids CHANNEL because when children are young until they are more older, if they don't want to be recorded or be exposed then they are allowed to talk to their parents family about that discussion between them to decide parents to respect. For those family channel VLOGGING channels as long as their not abusing humiliating the child I think it's fine. That a new way to make money for families to provide for themselves. Give their family better life conditions. Most of these family vlog channels, they were doing this before having kids if that their type of content theirs no way of hiding, only if their decide its their life.. Who are you to judge and criticized when your channel, you yourself all you do judging criticized picking on others people life. Dont you have a life.You do not know about what really behind someone thoughts or life, what going on behind the scenes. Probably some of those kids loves the attention being recorded. You see lots of child starts artist are saying they are being exploited, give me a break.

  • de petro
    de petro

    Whats unsetteling to me is the fact that in the beginning of the video the tinder ad music plays, I hate it