Deli Meat Tier List
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  • The Jersey Ninja
    The Jersey Ninja

    Sorry man, I don’t trust anyone who isn’t from NJ to do an accurate deli meat tier list

  • Skylar Hall
    Skylar Hall

    Listen... I respect the awareness towards deli meat appreciation but getting the packaged slices just gives the wrong impression and unfair testing.

  • Dylpickle27


  • poobie

    i use ham steak for udon

  • Slick Lix
    Slick Lix

    Cheddar on a turkey sandwich is insulting… you need Swiss or provolone to spice up that boring ass meat

  • Gage Wellman
    Gage Wellman

    Cody “Gabagool” Ko

  • Bradly Miller
    Bradly Miller

    I hate smoked meat

  • Lena

    Follow this up with a plant based protein tier list

  • Jazmin Walker
    Jazmin Walker

    BOLOGNA ???

  • hoplaa

    3:09 cant believe u didnt recognize that these were simply black pepper lol

  • Danila Agapitov
    Danila Agapitov

    how is everybody okay with the fact he uses his mouse after touching fatty deli meats

  • Emily Fox
    Emily Fox

    why 1. am i so late to this video 2. do i have the exact same deli meat opinions. ham is too gross and slimy unless it’s black forest it’s just true

  • Dana Materi
    Dana Materi

    Pepperoni is on BMT subs from subway and it’s so good

  • chris ashlock
    chris ashlock

    Tf is a cheese board

  • chris ashlock
    chris ashlock

    The video title should be call “Cody straight nutted whilst eating meat”

  • Natalia Wallace
    Natalia Wallace

    Cody what is this ?

  • sami hey lol
    sami hey lol

    Me being vegetarian watching this like : 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩damn let me tryyyyyyyyyyyy😩😩

  • Satirony

    How dare you put the gabagool (capocollo) in B!!! Easy S for me.

  • Zwitie


  • Aurbain

    Cody your supposed to COOK the ham steak bro... YOU JUST TOOK A FUCKIN BITE OUTA RAW HAM STEAK!

  • Cassidy Nicole
    Cassidy Nicole

    You should’ve cooked the ham steak lmao I don’t know anyone who eats it like that 😂

  • ashmika budooram
    ashmika budooram

    take a shot everytime cody says all day

  • Hoeeeeme$run

    "Why is it wet like that" I about died 😂😂😂😂

  • Mike Gibson
    Mike Gibson

    I was about to smash my monitor if he put black forest ham in F

  • Frankie Marquez
    Frankie Marquez

    When you said Munster cheese i creamed myself

  • B C
    B C

    It’s like eating a meat warhead haha

  • kevin

    can you make a deli meat tier list

  • Hailey

    cody by saying you love mayo you really damned yourself to be called an old man forever

  • Loverboyyprince

    I’m here for the prochutiio my friend or however tf u spell it

  • Zeezooallday


  • burnt toast
    burnt toast

    I worked at jimmy johns for like 2 years and I’d have to slice meats for like 2/3 hrs a day and the capocollo made me want to gag every single time. Also very interesting to know Cody’s a #14 kind of guy

  • La Croix
    La Croix

    When are u doing a cheese tier list

  • Netanya Jaffe
    Netanya Jaffe

    Why was a video of a grown man just eating and ranking deli meat so entertaining 😭🤚

  • Poppy Diamond
    Poppy Diamond

    I'm literally a vegetarian and this video was still S tier

  • Peter Helfman
    Peter Helfman

    I was waiting for him to say the video is sponsored by cheese boards

  • Courtney Mederos
    Courtney Mederos

    i’ll eat that on a cheese board all day long

  • snerj

    Wheres bologna

  • Ryan

    Weed Strain Tier List

  • Milo Simon
    Milo Simon

    i feel like a fun drinking game would be taking a shot whenever cody says the words “all day” or “on a cheeseboard”.

  • Isaac Tagle
    Isaac Tagle

    Forget what anyone says this is one of Cody's best videos hands down.

  • MrAwesomePaul1

    Typically you cook pancetta just saying

  • Spencer Ace
    Spencer Ace

    Mans ate raw pancetta😂

  • Rockey Lord
    Rockey Lord

    How many cheese boards does this man have?

  • Millie

    So in conclusion cheese. Board. All. Day.

  • Mack Waller
    Mack Waller

    Any Hamish and Andy fans here know that he should have done Argentinian Floor Ham.

  • Sydney L
    Sydney L

    Roast beef is so underrated…yet again. Disappointed in you Cody. You’ll never see its full potential.

  • grace n
    grace n


  • Kapriel Wilson
    Kapriel Wilson

    are we not talking about the fact that cody ate pancetta RAW?????

  • Understanding YourExperiences
    Understanding YourExperiences

    This is so extra 😂

  • Axel Goldfineds
    Axel Goldfineds

    All I took away from this is that Cody got a weird thing for lunch meat

  • Isaac Ingwersen
    Isaac Ingwersen

    Cheese tier list?

  • Rachel R
    Rachel R

    The entire ham steak part is killing me

  • ᴀʜɴᴅʀɪᴀ

    He's talking a lot about cheese boards without giving us a cheese tier list...

  • Rachel

    "I got the meats." Dang, we got Arby himself over here.

  • Henry Crockett
    Henry Crockett

    Why TF he eating a hamsteak raw?

  • Zoey Joyal
    Zoey Joyal

    me, a deli clerk seeing this title: 😵

  • Hannah

    things i learned: 1. cody will do stuff on cheeseboards all day 2. cody hates ham

  • Gianna Tindall
    Gianna Tindall

    take a shot every time cody says “ALL DAY”

  • Max

    cody ranking pepperoni a d has aggravated me beyond belief

  • Harry Greene
    Harry Greene

    pastrami & corned beef are S++ tier

  • James Canclini
    James Canclini

    he ain’t italian ... opinion = invalid


    i just watched like a thirty year old man rate deli meats. idk how to feel

  • Defebwar

    Cody, I offer this in peace. As a fellow mayonnaise fan, and as an Italian, I must suggest trying a pepperoni sandwich. I like to toast up some bread, put a little mayo on both sides, add some pepperoni, back in the toaster oven til the pepperoni gets a little hot & oily, then put some fuckin oven roasted turkey on there, little cuban mustard or spicy mustard, a couple slices of pickles, and chow down. I add in some salt & vinegar chips for some crunch, but I'm chronically addicted to those, so maybe that's just me, but this sandwich slaps so fucking hard. ✌️ Ham sucks.

  • Joshua F
    Joshua F

    What the hell happened at 14:44? Cody was straight miming.

  • Katherine Laroche
    Katherine Laroche

    Why is this one of my comfort videos

  • Thomas Gaber-Kindt
    Thomas Gaber-Kindt

    Pancetta is best cooked

  • Tais Bach
    Tais Bach

    I have now come back and watched this video for the 4th time. I do not know why, so please don't ask

  • Big bean Burrito
    Big bean Burrito


  • Copaceticman

    Did he just say “suck the mayo off” lmao

  • Benedick Cumbersnatch
    Benedick Cumbersnatch

    I work in the Deli at Publix--that Boar's Head meat is the bomb! Lol, you gotta try a "Pub Sub"!

  • Get Makirolled
    Get Makirolled

    Someone just give him a cheese board with all this on it

  • Jesses

    Cheese next soy boy

  • Rosa MG
    Rosa MG

    I am a vegetarian, but honestly, I couldn't enjoy this video more lmao

  • Lars Neunfinger
    Lars Neunfinger

    Drinking game: Take a shot every time he says “All Day”

  • jakeskatesbro

    Gotta get that shit fresh not packaged sandwich garbage

  • jakeskatesbro

    You’re buying the wrong ham brother

  • Grac!e

    Take a shot every time cody says “all day”

  • Kylie Brown
    Kylie Brown

    Gotta do a round 2 with chickens and cheeses!

  • jill strickland
    jill strickland

    why is this my favorite cody ko video

  • GuapoZzach

    Gatorade or Powerade tier list?

  • Daniela Lara
    Daniela Lara

    cody. i am also in love with mayo

  • Owen Kenausis
    Owen Kenausis

    having worked at a deli, this video is very therapudic.

  • Ben Bowland
    Ben Bowland

    11:24 Jon Jones before a fight

  • teddy bear
    teddy bear

    take a bite of pancetta every time he says "all day"

  • Unprepared

    dude pastrami bagels are BOMB

  • Havilah Schnaars
    Havilah Schnaars

    love how much liquid death merch cody's been reping lately

  • Claire Skinner
    Claire Skinner

    i’ve never heard “all day on a cheese board” so many times in my life

  • Jacob Orozco
    Jacob Orozco

    With how old Cody is he shouldn’t be saying “all day” so casually

  • Melissarios

    The gabagool reaction😭😂😅

  • Hailee Armbrust
    Hailee Armbrust

    i work at a deli & SO MANY PEOPLE get ham steak. it’s so weird i don’t understand

  • 𝑒𝓁𝓁𝑒 🕷
    𝑒𝓁𝓁𝑒 🕷

    “I’ll eat this on a cheeseboard all day” I c o n i c 😩👌

  • Ricardo Martinez Jr.
    Ricardo Martinez Jr.

    Cody: I’m out of ideas for a new video Also Cody: Okay, let’s talk shit on the meats 😂

  • Rachel

    tony soprano would be proud. gabagool and super-sod all day, all day

  • Pheobe Jackson
    Pheobe Jackson

    Me, a vegan: 😦

  • MARKEDup97

    I almost unsubscribed when you almost disrespected Black Forrest Ham BFH4L

  • Anthony Graetz
    Anthony Graetz

    Dude your ham hatred makes me angry

  • Adam Cole
    Adam Cole

    this new buzzfeed video is pretty good cant believe he made it to being old without eating meat

  • Nathan Scott
    Nathan Scott

    Can we acknowledge Cody's Mouse, keyboard and monitor will smell like cold cuts for the remainder of his days?

  • Jack Jones
    Jack Jones

    This is his best ever video easily

  • Stephen H
    Stephen H

    Are you wiping meat juice on your pants after you eat each one?

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