COUPLE'S REACT: Moment of Truth
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  • Rachel Anne
    Rachel Anne

    ummmm is that a tokenkopf on cody’s arm? 🥴🥴🥴

  • saira gutierrez
    saira gutierrez

    The person who was like “OH FRANK NO”

  • Jo Arke
    Jo Arke

    The surprised Pikachu when she found out that she actually thinks she herself is a bad person is just *chef's kiss*

  • Shirin Shashova
    Shirin Shashova

    The whole time I’m trying to read Kelsey’s shirt loll

  • Nijah

    THATS THe NAME OF THE SHOW. I’ve been looking and thinking about this game show forEVER AND NO ONE ELSE REMEMBERED IT. THANK GOD YOU FOUND IT

  • Trinity Leigh
    Trinity Leigh

    10:51 aw

  • ashton ren
    ashton ren

    frank looks like a sim from the sims 2

  • Derek Sharp
    Derek Sharp

    This is getting me through my Xanax withdrawals, thx code

  • Jacob Reinhardt
    Jacob Reinhardt

    good edits on the video

  • Alana Banana Canada
    Alana Banana Canada

    Props for the Nardwuar reference

  • Wicked Weird Wednesday
    Wicked Weird Wednesday

    Kelsey has adorable ears!

  • fodycerner

    i remember when this aired, i was like 8 at the time and i was still shooketh. this video brought back some deep memories

  • maria j
    maria j

    i need more of these!

  • Cajun Dog
    Cajun Dog

    Cody and Kelsey still look like brother and sister

  • Amanda Brown
    Amanda Brown

    When I first heard the would you give food to a dog or homeless person question, my mind went instantly to dog. Because if I have food... I am eating it and a dog can eat like a half-eaten hamburger with my saliva on it. I would def donate to the homeless person or in the past when I have left apartments, I give food I'm not taking with me to homeless people who frequent the area. If I had an uneaten burger that I was never going to eat, and the homeless person wanted it, of course I would give it to them first, but I just never have uneaten food on me lmao

  • Karsten Brevik
    Karsten Brevik

    This is dark.

  • keane Mallaburn
    keane Mallaburn

    Who’s here after the mark wahlberg interview

    • Roosa Heikkinen
      Roosa Heikkinen

      Me. He seems like a lovely person.

  • sarasthoughts

    There fact that the husband would be offended at her faking being asleep to avoid having sex is horrid. Like you literally can't accept NO for an answer without fighting it someway, to the point that your wife has to fake being unconscious, and you think SHE does something wrong?

    • Don M
      Don M

      Ya like I’ve pretended to be asleep to avoid many things, I think like you’re saying if anything it’s bad to the dude like why does your wife have to pretend to be asleep why can’t she just say no?

  • sarasthoughts

    Okay but the dog vs homeless person is completely understandable as a young woman. It's MUCH safer to feed stray animals (and much more common) than to approach random homeless strangers and offer them food.

  • elise biman
    elise biman

    no offense but seriously people, this is a reaction video!!! a lot of channels do a reaction video to the same thing because, again, they are doing a REACTION VIDEO

  • •Electric Bees•
    •Electric Bees•

    She acts so nervous after answering a question like she doesn’t know if she answered right or not. Also if she was answering the questions beforehand she could have lied then too, unless I heard something wrong lol.

  • Hi

    Why is no one talking ab how funny and random it is that Kelsey knows the host AND that his name is Mark Wahlberg?! I’m loling so hard

  • Shadow Momochi Uchiha
    Shadow Momochi Uchiha


  • Tamara

    I'm going to go watch Scott Cramer's video to be supportive BUT creators who react to things have no obligation to give shout out to all of the people who reacted to the same video before them. Imagine how long the list would be if someone was reacting a year later to a TV episode and had to list 100s of FIbillrs who also reacted to the TV episode.

    • Blank Doe
      Blank Doe

      Exactly what i wanted to say

    • Tamara

      Also, a FIbillr named Kofie reacted to this show a year before Scott did.

  • Nolan L
    Nolan L

    she gotta be from dirty docks

  • Ashley or whateva
    Ashley or whateva

    Poor guy

  • Saci Bubnó
    Saci Bubnó

    just casually liking all the comments about Scott Cramer (check him out if you haven't already) Cody we love you, this is a great video, and you actually included clips that Scott hasn't in his video. But come on. This is now the third video that you reacted to after he did it himself. And he seems to be the only one who made a video about the moment of truth before you did, so it's hard to believe you didn't know about this. Especially because you even said in the video that you didn't watch the show while it was on tv. I'm not saying you're ripping him off or anything, but if you're aware that a smaller channel made videos already about topics you are about to cover, you should shout him out.

    • Don M
      Don M

      It’s not like when Scott makes a vid Cody can’t like who cares you get to see more people who have funny things to say about it. You are creating the problem. Just enjoy.

  • Leigha Carter
    Leigha Carter

    This hurts to watch

  • Henry Cook
    Henry Cook

    Everyone saying that Cody stole Scott Cramer's idea when in reality he's not stealing it at all. Did John invent commentary, or the concept of reacting to cringy T.V shows? Just because two creators covered the same topic doesn't mean that one copied the other.

  • PlsAllowAly •
    PlsAllowAly •

    I would like to think that they were just actors so that I could feel better. Don't spoil it please.

  • QMUL هجوله
    QMUL هجوله

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  • Robert Norris
    Robert Norris

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  • Maddie Wilson
    Maddie Wilson

    Okay but the stray dog vs homeless person question, I'd defo give to a dog...purely coz theres more chance for a homeless person to acquire food than a doggo tbh, idk i think its an arbitrary question theres no correct response

  • George Williams
    George Williams

    I mean, a human can fend for themselves as opposed to a dog

  • Drew Jenkins
    Drew Jenkins

    Codey's little brother is pretty funny.

  • Lynda Stone
    Lynda Stone

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  • Hayley Morris
    Hayley Morris

    This exact episode has given me life long irrational fear that at some point I'll most definitely have to do this myself so every decision I make I think about my lie detector family shame moment. THANK REALITY TV

  • Bradley Wolfe
    Bradley Wolfe

    imagine if they all took the same car

  • Rachel Colameco
    Rachel Colameco

    ALL THAT FOR NOTHING?!?! My jaw hurts so bad from clenching my teeth. I.... even at the end she's defending herself about the money stealing and nothing about what she's done to her husband and family. I am spiritually mentally and emotionally drained.

  • Matt

    Definitely think the dad said “She doesn’t have anything to make me proud of her”

  • TheeDictionary

    This is mental torture. This is like watching Saw but on Tv

  • Irfaan Rahman
    Irfaan Rahman

    He’s now the host of Temptation Island

  • Chance Welsh
    Chance Welsh

    Yoooo that was the ride of a lifetime. What the hell did I just watch?

  • Chance Welsh
    Chance Welsh

    The lengths people will go for money. It's all gotta be fake though. *Possibly* real couples but gotta be fake questions/answers.

  • Zoë G
    Zoë G

    Scott cramer did it first

  • Chance Welsh
    Chance Welsh

    God I wish y'all had watched this on LSD. Y'all would be losing y'all's minds lmfao

    • Lia Hamilton
      Lia Hamilton

      That’s a good idea I think I’ll do this

  • Lex

    Am I the only one who thinks her husband is actually the hotter one?? He reminds me of the guy in the average hs movie where he's a nerd but once he takes off the glasses and gets a hair cut is a stunner haha

  • DeeWalzy

    Unless it’s Mardi Gras 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Irene Hockman
    Irene Hockman

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  • Evan Flick
    Evan Flick

    Do another episode

  • Natalie O.
    Natalie O.

    I can’t figure out if Kelsey is joking about knowing the host or not? WHO IS HE

    • Natalie O.
      Natalie O.

      Omfg I looked it up and his children are actually Morgan and goldie

  • Mckenna Bonnett
    Mckenna Bonnett

    Can you give credit to Scott Cramer cause I have a feeling you got this idea from him considering you are reacting to the same episode he did. Cody I love you but you need to give credit ;(

  • Edwin Cook
    Edwin Cook

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  • Joel Noles
    Joel Noles

    Can’t believe Scott Cramer hasn’t done a video on this exact episode of the moment of truth!

  • Neil Hatrick Harris
    Neil Hatrick Harris

    Do people not understand that the last question being false means that despite what she said, she doesn't think shes a good person. The show is not saying shes a bad person, they're revealing that SHE doesn't think that of herself

  • Nick Friend
    Nick Friend

    New trend. Say you want a divorce without saying you want a divorce

  • Inie nya
    Inie nya

    The brother did not say ANYTHING the WHOLE TIME

  • shaylynn wilson
    shaylynn wilson

    20:53 was the funniest shit ever lol

  • Ava Adore
    Ava Adore

    I would give food to a dog before a person...I guess that makes me terrible. I always see dogs with homeless people outside of our target and I worry about where they're getting their next meal from and if it's just scraps from what the person gets.

  • pola behr
    pola behr

    wouldn't have been surprised if she cheated on her husband with her brother lmao

  • MrGreg242

    Omg this is like literally palpable cringe. Like Kelsey's energy is perfectly capturing what I feel when I watch things from the mid 2000s.

  • Luis-kun

    in a world full of laurens get yourself a kelsey

  • Hot Dawgs
    Hot Dawgs

    Cody only wears the very worst Braindead stuff lmao

  • Wes Smith
    Wes Smith

    Both of you are hilarious! You work well together and I love it.

  • Sanj Val
    Sanj Val

    I've been watching ur content for years. I felt like u were the only level headed person on the internet but wtf. U can credit Jarvis, Danny, Drew, and Kurtis but not Scott Crammer? It's so ridiculous cuz all u had to do was give credit. U talked abt stealing content on ur podcast for tiktok but ur legit doing the very same thing. U took 3 ideas from Scott Crammer. It doesn't to put some effort and credit people. I'm sure u don't care abt what a random person like me has to say but I'm so disappointed. I seriously didn't expect this from u.

  • DanaSawr

    I love Cody Ko and Kelsey so much, but Scott Cramer really does need some sort of credit for this as well as the “siblings or couple” video they did 🥰

  • Jpik

    God that was fucking rough dude

  • Kelsey Hubley
    Kelsey Hubley

    This is exactly what I needed today 😅😬

  • fred kerlin
    fred kerlin

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  • Sarah M
    Sarah M

    I watched this as it was aired originally. It still haunts me 😱

  • Amir mahdi Salehyar
    Amir mahdi Salehyar

    Do it again.

  • Alkindrex

    Why does Frank look like a bootleg Aaron Taylor-Johnson?

  • Yubi Snake
    Yubi Snake

    Her answers drew out a clear line as to why her parents aren't proud :^)

  • Zeb Wakely
    Zeb Wakely

    Cody been hitting recently damn

  • Garrett Smith
    Garrett Smith

    Do you get all your video ideas from Scott Cramer or just most of them? At some point it goes beyond coincidence

  • Mmmiss Miss
    Mmmiss Miss

    please give us more videos with you two more of kelsey and cody together

  • otmanh

    17:23 those faces 😅

  • Nishita

    Scott Cramer does not deserve this level of disrespect. Man it can’t be that hard to give credit and shout him out. You’ve taken 3 ideas from him now and it’s getting harder to believe that it’s a coinkydink the Tattoofar vid, the sister or girlfriend thing and now this.

  • Scully Scully
    Scully Scully

    y'all should all check out Scott Cramer, he is hilarious and deserves credit for all his video ideas being stolen

  • Carter D
    Carter D

    First Ludwig now Scott Cramer?😩

  • Nathan Slonaker
    Nathan Slonaker

    Please give credit to Scott

  • Aga Kania
    Aga Kania

    I do realize it's not relevant at all, but I have to say it. THE HUSBAND IS HOTTER.

  • Inês

    this show is literally a black mirror episode

  • Its Official
    Its Official

    Do the contestants not realise they can lie, its a polygraph test, which aren't even close to being accurate. Just remember which answer you gave in the test and repeat it in the show and you'll win!

  • Victor Lopes
    Victor Lopes

    she looks like a female version of eminem

  • Melissa Da Costa Caturichi
    Melissa Da Costa Caturichi

    20:58 The dad taking his son-in-law's hand kills me 😂😂💀

  • Disaster, The
    Disaster, The

    i was in a gameshow audience before, they record the audience applauding or booing in isolation before the show starts, so they can insert it if for some reason they don't want to use the actual audience reaction in the moment, so part of me hopes the audience wasn't actually this happy about these answers

  • Mason Mroz
    Mason Mroz

    This was just her way of saying she wants a divorce... Lmao

  • Deviantel

    Dude, seriously, credit Scott Cramer, our guy is doing an awesome job and deserve the attention. It's impossible that you "didn't notice" that you're using the same ideas as he has been for the past few months. Like, come on, man, you used to be so much better than this!

  • Layla Schezno
    Layla Schezno

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  • petal drops
    petal drops

    lol can we be clear that flashing is bad no matter who does it

  • Maya Simone
    Maya Simone

    I feel like an innocent angel after watching this ...

  • Cynthia Kinz
    Cynthia Kinz

    Maybe give a shout out to Scott next time huh Cody?

  • CG Crow
    CG Crow

    5:37 funny enough, HE was the stranger she flashed 🤣

  • Jenny H
    Jenny H

    I for one thought Frank was hotter. Hope he’s single now 😏

  • Penny Taveras
    Penny Taveras

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  • Schyler Ryoko
    Schyler Ryoko

    Please keep these going as Long as possible

  • Squoosee

    I hate to be the one to say it, but this video idea was stolen from Scott Cramer a year prior- not even a shout out?

  • Lewis Hamilton
    Lewis Hamilton

    Cody: Hello FIbill, this is Cody Ko. FIbill: Is this Scott Cramer? Cody: Nooo this is Cody.