Blind Dates Go Through Each Other's Phones
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  • Julia Grabowska
    Julia Grabowska

    "You have a whole baby?!" No, just a half of it...

  • alex

    the guy is petty lol

  • WetWipe

    12:07 JUSTIC FOR JON

  • WetWipe

    It's a pretty shit first date

  • WetWipe

    I just realised I haven't laughed at FIbill in awhile then I found Cody

  • Zombified MX5
    Zombified MX5

    Ah, going as low as insulting a woman has to be as low as you can go.

  • Evvie Hammerstrom
    Evvie Hammerstrom

    Hes a douche and shes a baddie

  • Rain Love
    Rain Love

    The first girl was such a bitchhh. They’re both so unlikeable

  • Twinkle Star
    Twinkle Star

    “I am the man. And I live with my parents. And I can’t push a sled right.” 😂😂😂

  • royrdze

    Omg they both suck

  • Person 1
    Person 1

    "You have a baby??? I still am the baby"

  • Anne Amber
    Anne Amber

    her roasting this ego trippin' dude made my day

  • Kayla Loback
    Kayla Loback

    Chloe can get it

  • Laila Eileen
    Laila Eileen

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  • Jayme Sigler
    Jayme Sigler

    Literally omw to apply to be on the cut right now. So I'll see you guys in a few months! Edit: I'm sad they only cast people in Washington.

  • Jayme Sigler
    Jayme Sigler

    "Man of a face" 🤣🤣

  • elliott bestt
    elliott bestt

    Summary: they’re both awful, but the guys a little worse.

  • Sklik

    The guy was roasted so he obvs had to fire some stuff back. Whilst it fell badly, she was also bein pretty rude as well lmao but these comments are just dissing him

  • Flame on Deck
    Flame on Deck

    The guy was definitely weird and an asshole, but she was also pretty rude from the jump. I also don't think she understand the definition of "judgy"

  • Lorraine Hallett
    Lorraine Hallett

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    • Sklik

      ok lorraine

  • Oscar Blomgren Andersson
    Oscar Blomgren Andersson

    Not funny

  • DannyOfOurTime

    “You have a whole kid?”

  • Gwumpfy

    Dude is a creep. U screenshot girls profile pictures and just keep them on your phone? That’s weird. Idk why I saw people defending that ? 😆

  • Purple Dog Studios
    Purple Dog Studios

    She’s girl boss he’s gaslight gatekeep

  • CJ Nelson
    CJ Nelson

    ah the worst type of guy: one who think that straight up insulting women is an effective form of flirting

  • Saxon Osborne
    Saxon Osborne

    The part that gets me is when he’s like “ you have a whole baby ??!!” Like no she only has half of one 🤦🏼‍♀️


    This dude was such a weirdo to me. Bragged so much about being a workout warrior but his physique is not even close to being an average workout dude. He is clearly compensating. And his insecurity is abysmal 🤮

  • Jack

    that dude got so mad and jealous you can see he was trying to nitpick, some parts i can tell he’s trying to be funny or whatever but dude was bad down so much in that video

  • TransPlant 161
    TransPlant 161

    "I think you're nice" gurl don't spare his ego, he was being downright aggressive from the get-go. Bloke seemed like the angriest, most touchy individual.

  • TransPlant 161
    TransPlant 161

    5:14 at that point just be honest "I wanna beat my meat"

  • Dexter Grif
    Dexter Grif

    I actually kind of feel bad for him. Like she was pretty rude to him and he tried to do it back but was just too mad to come up with anything good so he just came off as trying too hard. I can’t blame either of them honestly if I were put in this position I would get pissed or defensive if someone saw what was in my camera roll lmao

    • nat

      I mean be signed up for it, so there was no need to take anything personally 🤷‍♀️

  • João Pedro .Dentello
    João Pedro .Dentello

    Weird Fishes - Radiohead

  • Kayla Versteeg
    Kayla Versteeg

    Holes…the movie 😂

  • מיכל שטורכן
    מיכל שטורכן

    Great references🕳🕳🕳🕳🕳

  • matt waldman
    matt waldman

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  • Kayden Luke
    Kayden Luke

    god this was so entertaining to watch. him starting off condescending leading to her being harsh on his phone to him getting upset and judging everything on her phone to him realizing how he might come off and trying to back down and give out occasional compliments to them meeting and her being very blunt about her opinion of him and him just taking it to prevent coming off any worse. people are so fuckin awkward

  • severin schmidt
    severin schmidt

    Jon Jon Jon........ (deep exhale)

  • Olivia Pfeifle
    Olivia Pfeifle

    I lost it when he said “what is this? Fucking holes” 😂😂

  • Maya Tinoco
    Maya Tinoco

    Cody and Noel are short kings this guy not so much 😂

  • Asher Yates
    Asher Yates

    The athlete guy just seems weird, before I even watch the video. I dunno, I don't like him.

  • Carrot

    She does not like him lol go lower lol

  • QVillain

    “John caught a stray for no reason” 💀

  • Hitch


  • Ani H.
    Ani H.

    that guy was definitely a Leo

  • Psychonaut

    Living with your parents is fine (I live with my mom) but his attitude about it is obnoxious and makes him come off as manchild.

  • xrxveng _e
    xrxveng _e

    You know your sad when you make fun of the phone battery

  • Ben Lewis
    Ben Lewis

    you need to do phone swap season 7 either episode 1 or episode 6

  • Humanure

    as a girl with a similar camera roll, the reason for the million photos of the same face in different angles is because of insecurities lmao out of all of those photos, only one is chosen for the world to witness, if even that much

  • Humanure

    idk i thought he was pretty neat, probably because he at least admits to being a loser idk i dig it

  • Ronan Magee
    Ronan Magee

    Pov: back end developer gets angry cos you're not using the built in sharing options properly

  • linda

    also, why is he in a fucking massive winter coat if he's already sweating this much

  • mini parodice
    mini parodice

    "This is the man of a face" Cody ko - 2021

  • Spoopify55

    Cody - “this is the man of a face who is down so bad”

  • Pulp fiction Nightmares
    Pulp fiction Nightmares

    “He looks better in his dating profile than in his camera role “ DAMN 😂 and the whole thing with the workout is chill cuz she’s professional but then saying “shoudve posted the best one” when he obviously just did it wrong and had nothing to say I’m just like daamn he was just roasted but then the weird photos is all him was just got caught lackin majorly he just had no response 😂 despite him being kinda humiliated (partially done to himself) he went waaaay to hard at trying to be mean on her phone like he just took out all his feelings should’ve been cool takin them jabs and been nice could’ve gotten a second date

  • Shaiza

    Imagine the dude just start playing games on her phone the whole time HAHAHAHAHA

  • Lettucekisses

    What’s crackin chloe

  • Timothy Dooley
    Timothy Dooley

    Cody Cut

  • The Guys Podcast
    The Guys Podcast

    🤦🏾‍♂️ why are women such hypocritics? It wasn’t creepy to have someone on a dating site on your camera roll. Women do this too I have friends who do this all the time. He probably was showing it to his friends and forgot to delete the photo out of his camera roll. You guys are so quick to judge men for everything, this women was rude asf. What probably wasn’t even creepy because you don’t even know what he was using the photos for, also this women decided to disrespect him for no reason. The video is supposed to be a fun video but she turned it negative for no reason. And then she has the nerve to say “ I was so nice to him” bitch no you weren’t. I think he was being childish to just clapping back but why is it when a man calls out a women for some stupid and petty shit they did we get called “ insecure”. Stop the hypocrisy

  • // BeatLaunch \\
    // BeatLaunch \\

    I mean i shouldn’t be defending the dude, but she was in no way nice to him.

  • Winchester

    More of these

  • TopHatTaco

    She was NOT nice to him tf is she talking about

  • Amy Riling
    Amy Riling

    Omg he was straight up telling on himself hahahaha

  • Malcolm Devlin
    Malcolm Devlin

    They knew what they were doing letting her go first. He woulda been pretty chill going through her phone if he hadn't been absolutely emotionally destroyed

  • Tony Dovolani
    Tony Dovolani

    That dude is awesome hahaha

  • Pascal Simioli
    Pascal Simioli

    Her: post better workout vids, also you're a straight man with half naked female photos on your phone? Ew creep Also her: you said I'm yoked and admitted I could break you like a kitkat bar and you also said you're sure I'm a great person? Omg fucking rude I was nice to you! Like, I get it, the dude is a chad but Cody please let's not kid ourselves she was mean as fuck and completely detached from reality.

    • [ you are the cause of my euphoria ]
      [ you are the cause of my euphoria ]

      Do straight men actually do that though? Just have pictures of half naked women on their phone?? I’m a lesbian, I love women, but that’s so creepy.

  • ancomtransguy

    someone tell me why the girl is WAYYYYY too good for him Jesus christ

  • Sarah H
    Sarah H

    noel and cody uploads within 20 minutes of each other please yes keep it coming kings

  • Brandon

    she judged the fuck out of him lol. then calls him judgy lol

  • sticky

    17:10 this ois my favorite part!

  • Homme Fatal Taemin
    Homme Fatal Taemin

    That guy is so childish it’s actually ridiculous lmao

  • Prid

    This is just douche mark ruffalo

  • Ellie

    I think it would be hilarious if she did end up going on a date with that Jon guy, and then in a year we can see that they’re like happily married lmao

  • Baris Turkmen
    Baris Turkmen

    Honestly there is nothing better than seeing cocky straight white frat bros getting taken down a peg it's beautiful

  • Jessica French
    Jessica French

    He’s down baaaad

  • izzynski

    My guy deserved to get ripped apart 🥴

  • MadiBooMonkey


  • Matthew

    Why are you so ducking hot erg

  • Savannah Perez
    Savannah Perez

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  • abby e
    abby e

    What kind of blind date is this, were they told to roast each other??? Also i love ya kody you are hilarious.

  • Rameen Khan
    Rameen Khan

    the juxtaposition between the comments on this video and the actual video is so fucking funny

  • fish swim
    fish swim

    why did cody hate him so much i loved this guy

  • Ans Hakim
    Ans Hakim

    I think it also kinda weird for him to say "I wanna have a sporty/fit girl" as the first thing he said to the producer, like bro trust me you won't say that first except you only think about sex

  • Lizzie Cross
    Lizzie Cross

    They were both rude to each other. Not a big deal. Y’all in the comments having some sort of gender battle. Chill tf out.

  • Once upon a time
    Once upon a time

    You are kinda rude No I'm B L U N T *points finger at me*

  • Kaia A
    Kaia A

    him having lewd pics of women in school uniforms is just honestly it for me - bro why do you wanna look at girls dressed like kids?

  • Oscar Fra
    Oscar Fra

    Fuck i loved when she went “yeahhh he’s kinda pushing the sled wrong...”

  • Hali Gladish
    Hali Gladish

    man of a face

    • [ you are the cause of my euphoria ]
      [ you are the cause of my euphoria ]

      Lol thought I was the only one who caught that

  • Alphonse Kenswick
    Alphonse Kenswick

    She looks like that after giving birth to a child? fukin props

  • M D
    M D

    Theres several times I just want to stop watching and I dont. Why?

  • Madeline Hruska
    Madeline Hruska

    "This is the man of a face who is-" fantastic grammar cody

  • Basketball Vids
    Basketball Vids

    Cody you gotta turn comments off again the tik tok kids in here with that sensitive shit again 💀

  • Basketball Vids
    Basketball Vids

    He doubled down im crying 😂

  • clementine

    did no one else catch cody saying "this is the man of a face" instead of "this is the face of a man" at 7:14 because i thought it was a bit until he just continued past it skjshkgjhs

  • Kayla

    for all the people trying to say she was wrong for not saying right away that she has a child, SHE HAS A RIGHT TO DO THAT. a single mother is allowed to decide who knows about their kid, and who gets to be in their kid's life; especially with this girl's baby still being so young and vulnerable. she's being a good mom. it's not deceptive, it's protective.

  • Kamila DitaPutri
    Kamila DitaPutri

    the dude is the epitome of the fragile masculinity in men

  • Welp-Help

    him acting like he had even had a say in the next date, she shut his ass DOWN

  • Welp-Help

    this girl is way to good for this fuck boy, i loved her roasting the absolute fuck out of him

  • Ꮆʂ

    She was going after him first tho

  • Caitlin Adams
    Caitlin Adams

    the man of a face

  • Baker McBrad
    Baker McBrad

    The way he was like you have a baby makes me think he hasn't dated anyone in like 15 years lol