Bad Tik Tok Pranksters
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  • JhongYT

    These pranksters never grew up as a kid and now they think bothering others is funny and rad as fuck dude HAHA!! Fck those guys.

  • Octo's Adventures
    Octo's Adventures

    It's even more frustrating when it's a kid and they do some stupid stuff like this and then pretend/act like they just got yelled at by their parents

  • Jenna Williams
    Jenna Williams

    The Sweet Home Alabama sound bit is advanced humor

  • NativeNYerChicHK

    Um… Cody, NEW YORK CITY is the epicenter of the world, not LA… Let’s not get it twisted.

  • NativeNYerChicHK

    That idiot jaykindafunny clip with the shopping carts was so badly acted, so fucking cringeworthy. Bet that was his mom who said she was recording him for her lawyer… 😒

  • nintendu64

    A lot of this happens because people who need to be punched in the face aren’t getting punched in the face

  • BrianRadical

    why are you pranking these innocent people at the beach from GTAV?

  • Lol Alex de Zoete
    Lol Alex de Zoete

    He is funny

  • Andie Rose
    Andie Rose

    If that kid ever came up to me and repeatedly did that stupid crap after I’ve already told him to leave me alone,I would’ve used my taser on him..

  • Velarieth

    What do you do when someone runs into your cart repeatedly during Christmas shopping at WalMart? Pull out your phone, start browsing your favorite website or crush some of those candies. Then tell the person that you could use a break from all the hustle and bustle. Then just stand there ignoring them until they leave. Maybe throw out some softball insults while waiting. Stuff like: - "I hope the tens of first graders that follow you enjoy this prank." - "So has your Mom ever commented on how Satan is in bed?" - "How's your girlfriend's boyfriend? Are they treating you to anything fun this Christmas?" - "Fame isn't going to make your parents love you" Stuff like that. But it has to be done with extreme care because the goal here is to 'win' by mostly ignoring and making their content boring.

  • Fhsdsj Thudh
    Fhsdsj Thudh

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  • LegendarySiegexxx

    Im thirteen and i already feel like a boomer

  • Laila Eileen
    Laila Eileen

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  • Sham God
    Sham God

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  • megan fox
    megan fox

    the first one actually rly made me mad lmfao i just knew he was trying to get her to act like a Karen just painful to watch

  • FilthTribeFTP

    While the kid was being a total d!¢k, you actually don't have to show receipt when they ask at the door. Once you purchase goods (at the cashier), they're yours. You don't have to prove to anyone you bought it. It's up to the store, or anyone for that matter, to bear the burden of proof that you stole it. I never show receipt however I am respectful about it. When they ask, I just keep going and politely say, "no thank you, have a nice day". The point isn't to make someone's life harder or do it cuz it's funny.... I just don't appreciate being made to feel like I did something wrong or feel guilty and have to prove anything. I feel like it's an intimidation tactic and I'm not going to comply just because they say you have to. Normally they just don't pursue it further but on the rare cases someone runs up and thinks they have to stop me over it, I politely ask them if they have reason to believe I still anything or if they have anyone witnessing me stealing something whether in person or on camera, and when they say no, I say ok, then please let me leave. I get that people will want to say its not that big of a deal or why not just do it, it's policy or it doesn't affect you any. Well, it does affect me. There's only one reason for checking receipts at the door and it's basically telling you, "hey, prove you bought this" and I don't like being told I have to prove something when there's no evidence I did anything. It's principle. Edit: forgot to mention, you can't do this at like a Costco or Sam's club. It's actually in their membership agreement and they can revoke yours. But if you go there, you can whine because you agreed to it..


    The people seem in on the prank. I don’t trust this.

  • Zoodl3

    says "put your mask on" has mask off?

  • sonny mcdonald
    sonny mcdonald

    Do a working at the soup kitchen prank

  • Lorraine Hallett
    Lorraine Hallett

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  • Ender LP
    Ender LP

    theese guys really are wannabe pranksters

  • mochike

    also not even gonna lie i would watch like a straight hour of cody's respectful prank show

  • elliott bestt
    elliott bestt

    Who’s my little ticklepuss 👁👄👁

  • PeripheralBallBuster

    Children should be abolished. Seriously, this shit pissed me off more than anything today

  • Covert

    I know Cody was doing a bit, but tickling the prankster in unironically the best solution I've heard if you're ever caught in this situation lmao

  • J Saenz
    J Saenz

    Cody should do a whole video on Jay’s channel; if you wanna call it a channel lol

  • Stupid Dinosaur Get Out Of Here
    Stupid Dinosaur Get Out Of Here

    I clicked off immediately when I saw his pants were below his waist gosh I cannot stand it

    • The Queen of Happiness
      The Queen of Happiness

      Yeonjun 😍

  • ashley calle
    ashley calle

    I've never felt such second-hand embarrassment

    • Miguel Curiel
      Miguel Curiel

      Watch nelk that’s basically all i feel when i watch their vidoes

  • Daniel Engel
    Daniel Engel

    I like your level of intelligence, good man.

  • Ryan DePauw
    Ryan DePauw

    Watch G Money pranks

  • Braden Williams
    Braden Williams

    this kid makes me wanna invest in a taser

  • Ariix

    I’d watch a compliment prank tbh. Imagine people getting wrecked and made their day. Hell yea

  • Sandra King
    Sandra King

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  • Anthony Gordon
    Anthony Gordon

    I like jaykindafunny tho

  • Breadman6408

    Jaykindafunny kinda reminds me of plainpotatoes

  • The Noodle
    The Noodle

    I was happy for the first two seconds of the video

  • Nadya Nurhidayah
    Nadya Nurhidayah

    Back when i blocked every prankster on tiktok cause its actually give me anger issues

  • Millwall FC
    Millwall FC

    9:17 that’s pretty munanyo

  • Lindsay Anna
    Lindsay Anna

    Honestly something like tickling that makes you seem a touch unhinged is maybe the best way out

  • LilyoftheLake

    Omg, withcthat annoying cart """""prank,""""" I'd do the exact thing that 2nd dude did after 3 or 4 times of that asshole running into my cart, I'd flip the bitch lol. I was so happy when that guy did that, I was thinking of the same thing. I'd probably just flip it onto its side, but that cart would get tipped over for sure. It's the only thing you can do besides walking away without your cart, calling the cops/security, or punching the prick's lights out. The last option could put you in jail if the little bastard tried to press charges, even though he provoked tf out of the other person. How did that fool not think about how high his chances were to be punched out before he went to Walmart... Oh, I know, he was blinded by his desire for clout.

  • Hailey Pascale
    Hailey Pascale

    Tbh that woman in the second clip is an icon. LMAO like she wasn’t even being a Jackass I laughed at HER! She was funnier than him. What a fucking doof.

  • ChaoticWaffle455

    Does he not like Danny Duncan??

  • Asher Yates
    Asher Yates

    In the middle of this video I just had a great idea for a song and now I forgot what the video is about help

    • Asher Yates
      Asher Yates

      Never mind I've realized that it's about crap people who mess up other peoples days.

  • Tuva Bulér
    Tuva Bulér

    hahaha like this isn’t even pranks its just disrespectful and weird tf

  • osama ansari
    osama ansari

    this seems fake

  • How Is Your Day So Far?
    How Is Your Day So Far?

    I bet on a million dollars that this dude makes communism jokes and says pog in real life LMAO Good video though

  • hailey taylor
    hailey taylor

    if someone came up behind me and whispered a foreign word into my ear, I would SPRINT

  • CrazeyP

    Only one reason he hasn’t been punched in the face is there r cameras everywhere now plus the “pranks” r fake

  • Bryce

    Oh so that’s where that stupid chupapi muneno thing came from

  • lil dac
    lil dac

    i guess i gotta be the one to say it but cody was really mean

  • David Loeza
    David Loeza

    covid was the prank

  • Abe Bakker
    Abe Bakker

    The bad thing is that kids actually look up to this shit. I swear to god the younger generation is fucked

  • John Stoner
    John Stoner

    the plunger one was actually pretty fucking funny i hate to admit it

  • Emil Viktorsson
    Emil Viktorsson

    These are not even pranks😂

  • Bas Bloem
    Bas Bloem

    Hello cody, I heard the first words and I was very sad that you are quitting youtube. I had to pause immediately to write this message. I hope you best of luck in your future work! Edit: ohhh you got me!!!!!

  • Sabina Sovik
    Sabina Sovik

    Hand over the social skills. Now.

  • Eclips

    The way that the lady at Walmart just turned on her flashlight

  • bioket

    I saw some dude at Walmart yell at the elderly receipt checker saying “it’s not illegal dumbass YOU CHECKING RECEIPTS IS ILLEGAL” and she legit was on the verge of tears and i have a feeling that dude watched this video beforehand 🥴

  • t p
    t p

    even his face i can't look at it without filling myself with intense rage

  • La Longue Carabine
    La Longue Carabine

    Dude how are you any better pretending these aren't staged?

  • Renaud Seha
    Renaud Seha

    I've never liked this video.. never really watched it, always skipping when I came accros his vids

  • Brooke Logan
    Brooke Logan

    I mean honestly this is the kinda guy who would just immediately get maced

  • TaurusWitch

    Okay Cody walking around pranking people was the best part of this video. I laughed so hard. He got em.

  • Jabox and the bag
    Jabox and the bag

    I can't watch it, it's that cringe. Seriously the next person who happens to cross these people, go ahead and gouge out their eyes; I'll help with legal fees

  • ModernNight


  • Lov3nLvst_

    Pretty sure this guy is paying these actors or something it just seems to good to be true for someone to say “stay here” idk

  • LitFlip

    I legit thought that the kid walking by at 13:41 was flipping the camera off

  • dcs326

    I’ve yelled at people for being a lot less annoying.

  • Akira!

    dude u shuud have seen their face when u asked them for the time lmaooo

  • Evalyn Kirkpatrick
    Evalyn Kirkpatrick

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  • The Electric Cheese Productions
    The Electric Cheese Productions

    Can natural selection work faster?

  • Midoriya 420
    Midoriya 420

    8:37 EDP445 escaped prison only to be harassed by the unfunny fuck.

  • Zoodl3

    and they would probably call the woman Christmas shopping a Karen. she just wants to get items.

    • Zoodl3

      @ebolaAidz she just wants to shopping.

    • Zoodl3

      @ebolaAidz how tho?

    • 1 ball 2 dicks
      1 ball 2 dicks

      Exactly what I thought😂 even tho actual Karen’s are a separate species from our own

  • Laura Cadwell
    Laura Cadwell

    Please come to an open carry state and try that shit

  • Ryan Ridout
    Ryan Ridout

    I asked Siri if mineno was a word she thought I said meningeal. Has to do with the brain and spinal cord. I was like what a coincidence it’s talking about the brain but forgot the first guy doesn’t have much of a brain

  • Braxton Wilson
    Braxton Wilson

    Hooligans Christian just plays that character he is actually pretty funny

  • Obama Juicy
    Obama Juicy

    This genuinely made me really angry

  • Braeden Spilman
    Braeden Spilman

    I'm starting a petition to put down all tik tok prankers

  • Gaygaygaygay


  • Kief Chris
    Kief Chris

    How are any of these pranks? These people are absurd douches

  • Fanny B
    Fanny B

    Why is that kid telling the security to put his mask over his nose when HIS FRIEND isn’t even wearing a fkn mask lmao

    • stay4minho

      right! i was just about to say that 😭😭

  • YDSD

    This is why i dont want to go outside the anxiety

  • izzynski

    Bruh they’re staged AF

  • Janak Patel
    Janak Patel

    I've a fully watched alot of tj hes kinda funny and got good moral

  • Wade Fitton
    Wade Fitton

    Cody, I didn’t want to admit it man but you’ve just snatched the crown for prank king 🤴 at least three separate couples pranked in under 10 minutes. Teetering on god levels. Love your shirt by the way.

  • Alexander Tyson
    Alexander Tyson

    When the special ed kid watches too much TikTok and wants to be famous.

  • Just some guy with no tattoo
    Just some guy with no tattoo

    The second video was so fake the “Karen” was too cliche

  • uwu

    When you do a prank and nobody is laughing with you, you deserve to be decked in the face.

  • Vito Widjojo
    Vito Widjojo

    The pranks are worthy to put at R/cringetopia

  • Jimmy The Tutor
    Jimmy The Tutor

    none of these seems real

  • andres vela
    andres vela

    The lady pendejeando the dude that talks weird reminded me of my grandma yelling at me.

  • Salami

    imagine getting pranked lol couldnt be me

  • Cubic Sync
    Cubic Sync

    i was actually scared for cody just in the 5 first second, not because of his youtube being "gone"

  • Joshua Alpapara
    Joshua Alpapara

    Bro, Cody out here looking like if Wayne Campbell from Wayne's World and Saul Goodman had a baby.

  • yourmomsfriedgravy

    This prank channel has really good acting. Best prank channel I've seen

  • Asia Nicole
    Asia Nicole

    @ 5:11 you can see the low key panic as he turned cause he knew he effed up

  • Will Beltz
    Will Beltz

    you should colab with these guys but when they are out of sight apologize for their actions

  • Ty VanVorst
    Ty VanVorst

    cody needs his tickle bee

  • Ramisa Salim
    Ramisa Salim

    One of the lamest tiktoker ive seen in a while

  • Annieleida Bent
    Annieleida Bent

    first dude tried to grab him like that’s his son lmao