Awkward Divorce Drinking Game
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  • antonio worley
    antonio worley

    That girl seems insufferable.

  • Sema

    peak early

  • Sadie Young
    Sadie Young

    the fact that he gets jealous of her talking to someone online when they’re not together yet he said he wanted to randomly cheat on her...

  • Marissa Webb
    Marissa Webb

    My ex husband and I were separated longer than we were married before we got divorced

  • Maaya1717

    okay wtf i am worried my name is Jenna and my Boyfriend's name is Chris... and he asked me to married him! I am like wtf that is a scary coincidence i dont want that to be use later one, is it a view of my future! :/ ;w;

  • Yvonne Paterson
    Yvonne Paterson

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  • face palm
    face palm

    Mac lethal?????

  • My penis is small, but
    My penis is small, but

    I feel like that kind of stuff won’t lead to the arguments they want cause if the relationship with your ex is good enough to ask them to go on a show you guys are probably still friends.

  • Amber Gray
    Amber Gray

    I went to their wedding, imagine my surprise when I clicked on this video

  • Marcella Jenkins
    Marcella Jenkins

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    I love how everyone could watch the original video but instead we watch the videos with Cody lmao

  • Katherine Anderson
    Katherine Anderson

    X games sex. Sex games

  • _Biip Bopp_
    _Biip Bopp_

    2:31 holy fuck could've said this shot was completely Onision and no one else and I would have believed you :/

  • Zachery Huston
    Zachery Huston

    divorce is expensive they’re probably desperate

  • BMcMinn88

    Hey honey this one time I thought about cheating on you..... .bruh lol wtf you didn't cheat though why would you ever say that to her

  • imBocaaa

    the host creeps me out so much man

  • Nmacdonald 15
    Nmacdonald 15

    Cody, I legitimately thought you were nfkrz when I clicked the thumbnail. Mostly the crying babushka face you two make.

  • KnoKnives

    That first time sex story sounds like a horror movie plot 😂

  • AV_Kay

    The trick is to not ask yea or nah questions If u do once the person drinks u know the answer

  • Bryanna


  • Helina Trice
    Helina Trice

    why are the hosts always so creepy

  • Ashtynコリンズ

    Someone get this producer a bottle of water because he thirsty.

  • Fernanda Carvalho
    Fernanda Carvalho

    "on NATIONAL FIbill" and "wait....YOURE A GAMER?" Seared into my brain

  • Only Joel
    Only Joel

    Man your funny as fuck

  • Geno

    the guy looks like he’s cosplaying a lumberjack and the girl looks like a 10 year old tried to make herself on Sims 4

  • Hitoshi Shinsou
    Hitoshi Shinsou

    As a person with divorced parents; thanks for the trigger warning. I'm triggered by sussy bakas

  • Parikansh Kassi
    Parikansh Kassi

    Think I would not answer anything and just drink the complete bottle.

  • E S
    E S

    The guy totally let go a really good girl it seems

  • Jotto999

    Dude's in a trailer, and he managed to snag this little gamer cutie? And he didn't even hang on? Well, that's a shame! (To be fair I don't know what she's really like)

  • Homme Fatal Taemin
    Homme Fatal Taemin

    Jenna plays WoW?!? Dude is she like perfect or what? That guys missing out big time by divorcing her

  • Homme Fatal Taemin
    Homme Fatal Taemin

    Jenna is seriously so pretty???? Wow??

  • Maria Clara Leal
    Maria Clara Leal

    "babe- ex babe, sorry"

  • Joshua Fowler
    Joshua Fowler

    Missed opportunity for “seX games”

  • pushingsincedayone

    i keep coming back to watch the pervy host parts 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Stephanie Valdivia
    Stephanie Valdivia


  • Just Vibing
    Just Vibing


  • Just Vibing
    Just Vibing


  • Just Vibing
    Just Vibing

    Flight react to this

  • Jason Miller
    Jason Miller

    This is the most uncomfortable video I've ever watched.

  • Ans Hakim
    Ans Hakim

    Damn bro I didn't know that adulthood can be this weird, like Cody said how could even these people are agreed to be in the video 😭😭

  • Hobi's Tiny Heart Bag
    Hobi's Tiny Heart Bag

    “ex-babe sorry”

  • Joseph Nickleson
    Joseph Nickleson

    My muscles hurt from cringing for 10 minutes straight.

  • Mark Lancaster
    Mark Lancaster

    Ethan Klein energy at 0:37

  • weston cullison
    weston cullison

    Nick grew up so quickly. Married and the divorced all within a year! I’m hoping the divorce goes smoothly and he’s able to keep his lego’s. 🤞

  • gizmodo baggins
    gizmodo baggins

    Lol that husband totally cheated on her and lied his ass off about it.

  • Milkkwhiskers

    I'm rewatching Awkward Dating Show pt 2 AND I'M PRETTY SURE THIS GUY IS THE VERY FIRST DUDE IN THAT VIDEO??

  • Ella D
    Ella D

    I know people have their own reasons for tattoos, but... bashful? And then you’re going on a pretty popular FIbill channel? Girl you ain’t shy 😒

  • Tayla Chynoweth
    Tayla Chynoweth

    The tension! So weird cos she's definitely pissed ( rightly so) but this is so uncomfortable to watch haha

  • Gmrls Viz
    Gmrls Viz


  • Cullan Haughian
    Cullan Haughian


  • View cart
    View cart

    These dudes are great, but they survive on the cut, and jubilee videos lol

  • Quran Dennis
    Quran Dennis

    Lmao 😭😂😭 why did it take me so long to find this guy

  • DLC

    That chick is so passive aggressive

  • Éowyn Cyr
    Éowyn Cyr

    To be clear: not sure I've ever felt that much discomfort/second handed embarrasment in my life. Took all the courage I had to keep on watching, and that was just thanks to you!!! 😠

  • Caleb Mangas
    Caleb Mangas

    He’s definitely dying inside 😂😅

  • Jesse Godinez
    Jesse Godinez

    his teeth are so white

  • Rachel White
    Rachel White

    the girl in the striped sweater is unbearable lol that guy is lucky he's getting out of that shit show. She's mad that he had a thought about cheating that he didn't act on in any way ahaha wtf

  • Kylie Murphy
    Kylie Murphy

    2:30 😭 bruhhh

  • TechMill Creations
    TechMill Creations

    Maybe Bashful is her favourite dwarf.

  • SkurtisKurtis

    Why is this getting recommended to me 2 days after my parents told me they’re getting a divorce😶

  • Darcy Bass
    Darcy Bass

    PLEASE do an updated tattoo video

  • J Land
    J Land

    The cut guy skeeves me out he pulls Pervy questions that I doubt are on the script if not the script writer is creepy af. Thank you Cody for bringing it up

  • J Land
    J Land

    Truth or drink is bs if you drink the answer is clearly the bad one if you don’t you divulge private information.

  • Irapa7

    Creepy sex guy but got me 😂

  • Isabella Holloway
    Isabella Holloway

    Cody not realizing that bashful is also a snow white character is sending me

  • Sophie Perkins
    Sophie Perkins

    I’m just glad she’s the one who’s found someone lol cause who tf cheats, let alone THINKS about it???

  • MacPrincess

    The word spouse: Cody: 👨‍🦯

  • blkmamba824

    At this point, I don't know if Cody is carrying The Cut or if The Cut is carrying Cody

  • Emily McPeck
    Emily McPeck

    when the host ask's the people so... when was the last time you guys had s** was it in the past month,week or was it TODAY????

  • P V
    P V

    I got an ad for a pregnancy test hahaha

  • P V
    P V

    National youtube? More like international. I'm from Germany and I watch Cut sometimes hahaha

  • Dean

    This video is so fuckin funny dude

  • Daniel Jara
    Daniel Jara

    6:58 who the fuck is out looking for someone to cheat on your partner with???? thats weird as fuck... I feel like when cheating happens its a spontaneous, on the spot decision due to our primitive minds telling us to reproduce. But to go out and seek someone else is just straight cruel

  • himura haibara
    himura haibara

    Why would you fight for someone who 'think of cheating on you'

  • W C
    W C

    Omg... the fact that he had the nerve to get in his feelings about her playing a video game with another dude when he literally just admitted to actively trying to/wanting to cheat on her and then lying about it for months lol textbook d bag shit

    • S M
      S M

      @W C I think everyone is hypocritical sometimes. If he admits that being jealous is bad and doesn’t act on those feelings then what’s the problem? I’m not trying to be a jerk rn i promise lol

    • W C
      W C

      @S M the problem is that he’s a hypocrite lol

    • S M
      S M

      you can’t control feelings tho? he said it was irrational and smth he needs to get over, i don’t see what the problem is

    • Devin Ians
      Devin Ians

      Literally my ex girlfriend. Shit hurts man.

  • Peter

    I've been waiting a long time to see the "creepy roommate" character again

    • Devin Ians
      Devin Ians

      ME TOO!

  • Tessa R
    Tessa R

    im sorry but cody having to stop and couch at 5:50 cracked me up so much cause he acted like nothing even happened

  • humberto ramirez
    humberto ramirez

    Codys reaction when we find out shes a gamer killed me

  • Tony Salvatelli
    Tony Salvatelli

    John 3:16-21

  • Aly B
    Aly B

    Bashful is probably her dead dog or something lmao

  • Théa Floreani
    Théa Floreani


  • Guillermina

    cody te amo perdon por ser asi

  • Flakesyt

    ur so funny bruh

  • Storminmormn6

    I died when you found out she was a gamer

  • Radhika chander
    Radhika chander

    Cody is kinda judgemental and old school

    • Easy To find channel
      Easy To find channel


  • Lex Acoustic
    Lex Acoustic

    I'm dying at Cody forgetting the word spouse exists

  • Sam Grant
    Sam Grant

    Cody saying "the cut" is like parents saying "the google"

  • Dreadpirate

    You can totally tell that the cheating question brought up one of those "incidents" for them and they nearly spiraled into an argument. God... fucking relationships. Then they start talking about who they're fucking (or not fucking) now-legit made me sick, too real who tf wants to watch that shit.

  • maggi romania
    maggi romania

    Tryed to watch the vide but it was to cringe

  • Jah The Giant
    Jah The Giant


  • Brodie Schroder
    Brodie Schroder

    AHHAHAHAHA the fuckin morphed face


    the fuckin dancing to Bouree in e minor XD

  • Madison Freestone
    Madison Freestone

    “What does that mean? Like are they making their characters fuck?” … hate to break it to ya but World of Warcraft has A LOT of role play servers that get super sexual and weird. So yes, yes they are.

  • Heavy Weather
    Heavy Weather

    They look like lumberjacks

  • Seth Kelly
    Seth Kelly

    Do more speed dating goddamnit, I know you can see me

  • Isaac Howell
    Isaac Howell

    The outro killed me💀”shave your nipples”😂

  • moises ortiz
    moises ortiz

    2:05 4:15 4:46 7:40 10:58

  • Kirk Johns
    Kirk Johns

    Dude I was DYING laughing at the horny host impressions. Good lord haven’t laughed that hard in a very long time.

  • LovinMommyLife

    So does cut actually pay $50 or???

  • banger Crosby
    banger Crosby

    Hahahaha the horny host (killed me bro)