7 Millennials Decide Who Gets $1000
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  • Alescia Gonzalez
    Alescia Gonzalez

    Can I quiz you on ocean facts?!

  • Bwinkz90 00
    Bwinkz90 00

    That alliyah chick was wayy too happy reading Aaron's name in the first elimination.. 😂

  • Aubrey

    Fish girl

  • Siddharth Nandi
    Siddharth Nandi

    these are not college kids, these people seem like they aren't even out of middle school, and i thought i didn't have my shit together LOL. the fact they are so self absorbed about money that they didn't even have to work for

  • Jordan Lenards
    Jordan Lenards

    Aaron is a white male meaning he doesn’t need the money. That was everyone else’s thought process.

    • linen

      everyone else's thought process was most likely focused on the summer camp aspect of the cancer summer camp. summer camps are usually thought of as being unessecary and therefore not really deserving of the money, and most likely had little to do with race. this is later on reinforced as the 2nd person voted out was black.

  • 「 StacyTheWeirdo 」
    「 StacyTheWeirdo 」

    This has to be the most greediest show ever I hate how greedy these people are, I would’ve voted off destiny right off the bat, the dude who helped fundraise for camps that help kids who have parents with cancer should’ve won instead of a girl who wanted to sublet her apartment, this is fucked. Hell even the teenagers made a smarter choice. Why the fuck did they even trust her!? The only nice ones there were probably Muhammad and Aaron!! All of the nice people who had a good reason were eliminated first

  • Tyler McFadden
    Tyler McFadden

    Wow that was actually so infuriating to watch. Besides Aaron, probably one of the dumbest groups of people I’ve ever seen.

  • Mollywood Films
    Mollywood Films

    I read this as 7 millionaires choose who gets $1000 which honestly that would be really interesting

  • Nicole S
    Nicole S

    I’m a little grossed out that the camp was referred to “just a summer camp” like this is to help child’s going through something traumatic. Maybe that guy misunderstood but wtf!

  • Berry 7575
    Berry 7575

    Cody is one of the only FIbillrs who actually has good merch

  • Shannon

    This video was absolutely infuriating.

    • 10mangakid

      I know. The girl who won should have been the first one eliminated. I mean she needed 24000 total and 1000 is not gonna help at all.

  • Eli Likes glizzys
    Eli Likes glizzys

    When Sonne got voted out there Aaliyah had one more card left and it was probably her and nobody is talking about that. And she fucking won omfg

  • royrdze

    As a millennial, I’ve lost all faith for my own age group :-/

  • Seek_understanding

    We all know they voted for the apartment chick because of intersectionality. There’s nothing more important to these people than race and sex. Gross.

  • Fiona O'Doherty
    Fiona O'Doherty

    I have people who just blindly assign kindness and unconditional support and love towards someone whose done literally nothing but play innocent and stay quite

  • Michael Mell
    Michael Mell

    I literally hated the girl who one. She got onto the chick with pink hair about like, idk, invalidating someone's reason, but she literally did the same thing with the guy who wanted to learn ASL for his mom.

  • Loki

    Half his people got fixed with charity now trowing shame on it ........ The eye see's everything ............

  • Lorraine Hallett
    Lorraine Hallett

    The distinct kangaroo ontogenically succeed because foxglove compatibly scribble of a rustic geese. boorish, pumped sphere

  • emily

    I want to see 7 youtubers decide who gets $1000 and I want cody to be one of them PLEASE.

  • antonio worley
    antonio worley

    The only reason I can think of for why they voted Aaron out first was because he was white, like seriously his reason was by far the best and most noble reason.

  • Nina Goldsmith
    Nina Goldsmith

    Why just Tracy so salty tf

  • Jerm Lol
    Jerm Lol

    Lmao disgraceful millennials

  • Heaven-lee Roach
    Heaven-lee Roach

    He looks like a Nathan

  • isabellapavia

    The link to donate to the camp aaron (the first guy voted out) was fundraising for. I have another comment that caught some attention about my story and the link was requested so i figured i’d put it out. Thankyou aaron for having such a kind and selfless soul! donate.kesem.org/give/237241/#!/donation/checkout

  • Christian Lucas
    Christian Lucas

    Dude shut the hell up, you are in shape hahaha

  • Studious Emma
    Studious Emma

    Apparently GenZ turned out to be smarter than millennials

  • Studious Emma
    Studious Emma

    Watch the IQ one

  • Sklik

    My friend literally became fluent in sign language through tutorials on youtube lol

  • Fru!t Punch
    Fru!t Punch

    They voted aaron off first because hes a cis white male

  • Aqx

    Let's just all acknowledge that Aaron deserved it the most

  • Ally Perez
    Ally Perez

    this is like a small scale Lord of the Flies....

  • Marcella Jenkins
    Marcella Jenkins

    The healthy history nouzilly grip because tuna initially paste after a dizzy headline. squeamish, judicious gym

  • My friend Myles
    My friend Myles

    The guy who owes $600 dollars to his mon bruh how did he not get voted out firs

  • The Bug
    The Bug

    Cody I love you but for the love of god please watch where your audio peaks. I can’t have you screaming out of my tv when the rest of the video is quiet

  • Liam Clark
    Liam Clark

    11:16-11:20 I think I had a stroke

  • Br33 ◥(ºᵥᵥº)◤
    Br33 ◥(ºᵥᵥº)◤

    Destiny only got as far as she did because she looks the coolest and it would've come off as bitterness toward her unique style. Her personality annoyed tf out of me though, she's the type of person to make it difficult accepting a compliment. Regarding Sonne's situation, he should've won, however he said some questionably shady stuff..

  • gsellbeats.

    "i need to help my deaf mom" "i help a camp for kids with cancer" *gets out first*

  • Robby DeFrancesco
    Robby DeFrancesco

    These people have no brain cells. You voted off the nicest guy first. Then gave the girl who's problem was the fact that she was in the best position out of everyone their. Attacked Mohammed for no reason and gave Alliyah the money. Alliyah was one of Destiney's biggest supporters. Starting to think she just kept her their so that there would be less brain cells in the group that decides who gets the money. Edit: Also gave the money to someone who would still need 23k to get her "mental health" treatment.

  • Gamma

    How the fuck did destiny got so far???? Making this face 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 I need the money for my nice apartment 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Dulin

    Bro the literal most applicable people got kicked off first

  • Hisham Molawi
    Hisham Molawi

    She won cuz she’s black

  • Corinneee

    if Destiny won, it would be witchcraft.

  • Dhaloh

    charity hater

  • Eesha G.
    Eesha G.

    Blue Lipstick Lady was super shady and sneaky, yet EVERYONE was like "omfg I TRUST YOU W MY LIFEEEE". Make it make sense😑 She loooves the attention pls✌

    • Eesha G.
      Eesha G.

      @Br33 ◥(ºᵥᵥº)◤ her reason for the 1000 bucks was so shitty and entitled, but she played her cards right in some weird way and voila! Everyone ended up thinking of her as the only good person and "one they could trust fully". Pssh. Gimme a break

    • Br33 ◥(ºᵥᵥº)◤
      Br33 ◥(ºᵥᵥº)◤

      shady? how?

  • Aashi Goswami
    Aashi Goswami

    For anyone who does not know this aliah cheated in one the rounds. She only read read out 5 votes instead of 6. Time stamp 8:38

  • Katie Reckley
    Katie Reckley

    Destiny’s face 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Katie Reckley
    Katie Reckley

    These actually make me angry…. Like super pissed

  • Sam Glennon
    Sam Glennon

    The fact that destiny stayed on that long, while she literally just wanted to sell her apartment pisses me off so much

  • David Kipp
    David Kipp

    I hate “woke” millennials

  • Nothing

    Destiny looks a packet of hubba bubba

  • Nicolas Medina
    Nicolas Medina

    Cody is officially my favourite white boy

  • thobile mahlangu
    thobile mahlangu

    I don’t think Destiny strategy at all tbh, or that there was some insidious reasoning to her being there- she literally was just there. I believe (and I know ppl might fight me in the comments) the reason Destiny stayed is the strange over-familiarity ppl have with young Black women. Destiny just sat there and ppl starters talking to her like she was their best friend, as black woman myself I can definitely relate😂

  • thobile mahlangu
    thobile mahlangu

    Tbh I don’t think Destiny had any type of strategy at all lol, or that there was some insidious reasoning to her being there- she literally was just there. I believe (and I know ppl might fight me in the comments) the reason Destiny stayed is the strange over-familiarity ppl have with young Black women. Destiny just sat there and ppl starters talking to her like she was their best friend, as black woman myself I can definitely relate

  • Nathan Erlandson
    Nathan Erlandson

    Funny fact, not ocean related. I went to high school with Tracy in this, safe to say she hasn’t changed. Way to represent the hometown Edit: I’m also 20 and she was a year older than me so idk how “millennial” she is

  • Amna

    Sonnie was the worst one amongst them imo

  • Yana Stanimirova
    Yana Stanimirova

    Aaliyah counted only 5 of the 6 votes from the second round. She cheated and it completely shows.

  • himbo frizzle
    himbo frizzle

    i gotta watch these vids on 1.25x speed cuz it gets too uncomfortable ugh

  • Castiel Hoffhein
    Castiel Hoffhein

    the three left shouldve been tracy, aaliyah and aaron

  • Tonycia •
    Tonycia •

    What mental heath issue costs $24,000

  • Mary J
    Mary J

    I am disappointed

  • keira llaneza
    keira llaneza

    but like the cut should have cody in these types of vids with a bunch of other FIbillrs

  • Dammean Feliz
    Dammean Feliz

    Yo the first three people that got out should’ve been the last three people

  • Jack B
    Jack B

    when aaron got voted off i fr gave up on the rest. like WHAT

  • Wally

    Did they really eliminate the guy who tried to help parents with cancer over a girl who wants to renovate her apartment

  • Joshua Benevides
    Joshua Benevides

    Cody: why do these videos even exist? Also Cody: watches every single one of them

  • charmanater

    2:50 Literally FaZe Banks

  • Who TF Asked
    Who TF Asked

    Set 8 kids be like

  • Evan Gangle
    Evan Gangle

    lets play "who's the most marginalized?" 😂 fucking hell these niggas need to fix their faces we all goin through same thing.

    • Edgar Draves
      Edgar Draves

      @Evan Gangle Oh well then carry on then. Tell your friend I say hi as well.

    • Evan Gangle
      Evan Gangle

      @Edgar Draves naw that's just a homie

    • Edgar Draves
      Edgar Draves

      Assuming that you are the person in your profile pic, maybe cool it on your use of the N-word.

  • SirProcsAlot

    On god that one bish is AOC with a nose ring

  • V. Smith
    V. Smith

    I wish I would’ve been in this video I would’ve pointed out destiny reason being stupid from the beginning

  • DuGong

    millenials r gay


    wtf the blond guy should win

  • Bruno bucciarati
    Bruno bucciarati

    All these People except for aaron give me brain cancer.

  • fRoGEs

    All of them has brainworms

  • Dhruv

    bro 24k for mental help is an oxymoron

  • fuuzzzy

    They didn’t want the straight white guy to have a chance so they got him out immediately, typical millennial behavior

  • Vyrgil Ronson (11:11)
    Vyrgil Ronson (11:11)

    Aaron is so hot tho anyone have his insta?

  • Kayla Nicholson
    Kayla Nicholson

    They HAD to have forgotten blue lipsticks pitch 😂😂😂

  • Queen Rabia
    Queen Rabia

    How are you going to compare a girl who wants money after her dog that got surgery, and a camp that's to help kids mentally b/c their parents have cancer? It seems like people care more about dogs than other humans. 🤦‍♀️ And sublet an apartment, how is that more important?? Tf your problem is that you live in a nice place and want to bounce. Literally what is this bullshit???

  • Captain J. Flint
    Captain J. Flint

    I bet myself Aaron was first ….. must be psychic I guess ….

  • Abbriella Michols
    Abbriella Michols

    theres no fucking way they’re giving destiny all the power

  • Abdulrahman ِAlnahdi
    Abdulrahman ِAlnahdi

    I hate these guys, except for Ryan or whoever his name (he's the best in whole cut shows)

  • Abdulrahman ِAlnahdi
    Abdulrahman ِAlnahdi

    I like the 3 colored shirt guy, I like every video he's been on

  • Gerald Sadya
    Gerald Sadya

    What the actual fudge is happening

  • Destiny Noyes
    Destiny Noyes

    “destiny chose our destiny” hahah never heard that one before😐

  • Matt Bradbury
    Matt Bradbury

    It’s crazy that the guy who owes his mum money wasn’t kicked out first

  • Matt Bradbury
    Matt Bradbury

    You can literally take a course for sign language online for like 5 dollars

  • Westy

    Cody: am i wrong Also Cody: * turns around to see if anyone's there.

  • Melanie Santana-Sanchez
    Melanie Santana-Sanchez

    Literally Mohammed and Aaron are the only two people that deserve it

  • MishNugget

    Earl owes his mom $600 in Tracy says that $1000 isn’t going to get him there wtf? Also the guy who wanted to teach at a summer camp for kids whose parents have gone through cancer got voted out before the girl who wanted to sublet her apartment. let that sink in for a second.

  • Mikey s
    Mikey s

    2:10 never thought i'd hear schlatt in a cody ko video

  • Ryan Loaiza
    Ryan Loaiza

    They won’t vote out the girl trying to sublet the apartment cause it would be “racist”

  • Molly Nava
    Molly Nava

    Why is they all so dumb

  • Manic Fiasco
    Manic Fiasco

    The millennials are the shitty older siblings of the high schoolers.

  • Sgt Nooodle
    Sgt Nooodle

    This is called "we are too nervous to vote out the only black person."

    • heart.

      ofc you brought race into this smh

    • Rebbie Davis
      Rebbie Davis

      They literally voted out Sonne dumbass

    • Valencia Here
      Valencia Here

      uhh they definitely voted out a black parson

  • StitchTheWeirdo

    Destiny played them all. Destiny literally looked like she was about to cry anytime anyone even looked at her

  • Who Me?
    Who Me?

    I have a motto my grandfather taught me when I was very young and at first in life I never understood what it meant. I hit about 21 and I remember thinking oh this is exactly what my grandfather meant when he said what he said to me. But now I'm 37 and I fully embrace what he meant when he told me "NICE GUYS ALWAYS FINISH LAST"

  • Katja U
    Katja U

    I hate these people so much

  • Caleb Steindel
    Caleb Steindel

    Mohamed at 7:18 - "Well how do well how do we think, like why are we like who are we voting for like what like how are we thinking rather than just like I don't wanna be mean

  • Temuul Munkhtur
    Temuul Munkhtur

    the show should be "the most charismatic person gets 1000$"