Cody Ko

Cody Ko
Cody Ko

CODY KO is an actor/comedian/FIbillr/podcaster/SoundCloud rapper/internet badboy based in Venice, CA. He speaks in several podcasts and makes comedy videos on FIbill, some of his most popular videos being his commentary on funny things he finds on Instagram.

  • Tristen Hartney
    Tristen Hartney

    Cody co … one of the good ones man

  • Vanessa

    i like yje video

  • fzlowwkeyy

    This video is funny asf😂

  • D C
    D C

    I do like the video

  • Gustavo Becchi
    Gustavo Becchi

    That outro LMAO

  • Bryan Yap
    Bryan Yap


  • Kissa Dunham
    Kissa Dunham

    Can I have likes guys

  • ZeusCaboose

    I like the video.

  • Mars The heavenly body
    Mars The heavenly body

    Is jerry still homeless will the justice warriors help him

  • Bubba Kushington
    Bubba Kushington

    This is the weirdest shit ever. Watching someone watch someone thats watching someone. Shit.

  • Zach

    So stagged and cringey

  • Nathan Berman
    Nathan Berman

    I feel like the African American part got kinda brushed over. Wtf was that?

  • Evelynn Woodruff
    Evelynn Woodruff

    “Tasering” lmao

  • Sana

    Buses don't go to your area Heather because it's too busy doing routes in actual poor people areas ookkkkay? Okay. Don't cry you poor poor poor girl you.

  • Danielle Dotson
    Danielle Dotson

    That ad transition F R I C T I O N L E S S

  • ur mom
    ur mom

    Cody please react to the new show on netflix “Sexy Beasts”

  • John Kennamann
    John Kennamann

    omg! I worked on this show.

  • Daclarvein

    I like the video

  • Ledi Plays
    Ledi Plays

    Theyre copying udy's vids

  • Vivian C
    Vivian C

    Get this man to 2000 likes

  • mike jones
    mike jones

    the editing at the end was fantastic

  • Nathan Ewest
    Nathan Ewest

    0:30 I actually had a discussion like this in the last month, but we just talked about this clip.

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman

    If my girl told me she found $200 and we should go out to eat, the only question I’m asking is where should we go! 😆

  • Nunya Business
    Nunya Business

    Hope that’s not real money the baby’s on bc that’s filthy

  • Michael Fleming
    Michael Fleming

    Why are the subtitles so janky too??? He made the boarder on some of the letters too thick and it makes the font spikes. Note 15:36 on “we”. It’s soooo pathetic 😩😭

  • xXStarchyXx

    Love it

  • there goes charlie
    there goes charlie

    Sweet fun fact. Hey let’s get the Snapple marketing department on the line.

  • SpawnPK Tom Hanks
    SpawnPK Tom Hanks

    “I’m sorry WHAATS 🙃😖😩😠🤯GOOD?!?”

  • Sad Face
    Sad Face

    I can not believe that channel is real holy shit JUSTICE BABY

  • Luke Sirrell
    Luke Sirrell

    Express VPN is so good when I signed up so I could play roobet, I lost my house!

  • nickbrn60

    This is gold.

  • Abby ‘
    Abby ‘

    Angel mami is such a queen she’s incredible

  • Comptonkid

    My whole friend group watches your videos

  • Noelle Baca
    Noelle Baca

    damn it now i cant listen to russ without cringing

  • Camping Online
    Camping Online

    So we're watching a video, of a guy watching a video, where a the characters are about to watch a video but then are interrupted by an ad that is interrupted by an ad that's interrupted by an ad. I need to lay down.

  • Deven Shortt
    Deven Shortt

    i like the video

  • Sup TV
    Sup TV

    Is that a whoop band???? Respect.

  • Leslee Belle
    Leslee Belle

    The fact that it’s at 2K comments 😂 niiiiiice bro

  • Bryan

    If you see a dude "jogging" while wearing a black polo and cargo pants in the middle of summer, he's *probably* either late to a drug deal or running from a drug deal that went south.

  • Abigail Snow
    Abigail Snow

    Wow Cody Ko just sure learned a lot from his parents. 😀

  • Nolan Ford
    Nolan Ford

    His breath must STANK 😭😭😭

  • Drew Carbone
    Drew Carbone

    i like the video

  • Gabriel Flamerich
    Gabriel Flamerich

    Isn’t vigilantism just lawless-law

  • lily mae
    lily mae

    Cody one of those people were only referred to with they/them pronouns by their sibling and i think you might have misgendered them

  • rock9solid

    That ad read was big brain

  • Amanda Hearndon
    Amanda Hearndon

    Boy! You are right! You are a 💩 turd!! Jk! We love you 😘

  • Ruby Bennett
    Ruby Bennett

    why does the beginning of the first video seem like the intro of a porno

  • Stefan Sneck
    Stefan Sneck

    okay guys so i have used express vpn before and now i use nord vpn. they both have worked perfectly fine and very well infact on my work and home computers, however nordvpn on my phone sometimes will not work on my phone on certain servers on netflix, and will slow down my connection. i have never used expressvpn on my phone, but i would recommend is if you want to watch netflix on your phone with it i guess because sometimes nord won’t work. idk why i wrote this but great video cody thanks

  • Vibingmemes

    Edit: Oh my god I can't believe I got so some likes

  • AlisonChains13

    I like the video

  • Mayhem

    The first thing I saw is they used the wrong “you’re” in the second sentence

  • Vibingmemes


  • Sana

    After watching this one, I searched "Pranksters get their asses beat" just so I can move on with my day without this bothering me.

  • Dorian McLean
    Dorian McLean

    They really had him going in to a i8 and then actually filmed in a normal car

  • Maricarla Aleman
    Maricarla Aleman

    react to sexy beasts on Netflix

  • She’sSoCrazy ILoveHer
    She’sSoCrazy ILoveHer

    I like the video.

  • zxn


  • Moe Gann
    Moe Gann

    omg Big C! I ugly laughed.

  • BeautifulCrazyy

    Omg did you just say Geocities? Damn instant flashback to AOL dial up trying to download music from my favorite been in the whole wide world Hanson LOL anybody remember those days when one picture would take at least 15 minutes? And a song omigod forget about it you might as well let it run overnight. I can smell the overcooked brownie from my kids cuisine that I wasn't allowed to eat so I'd go to dad's house and eat them while putting myself in a Hanson coma... same the good ole days lol "And in an MmmBop there gone" 😉😜

  • alaina Canfield
    alaina Canfield

    My cat Kyle watches your videos

  • asjkajd aldada;dla;a
    asjkajd aldada;dla;a

    This whole video by American Justice Warriors had racist undertones in my opinion and heres why I think that. u might think its a stretch at first but just stay with me: -The only personality trait they gave the girl is that she's from South Africa, and then showed the first clip of her acting "aggressively" (saying "get that camera away from me" angrily) we know there is a stereotype that black women are aggressive and steal. -They also randomly threw in the fact that Elon Musk is "African American" -"Jogger" Jerry, a lot of 4chan conservatives called black men that have died from police (Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd) "joggers". It sounds like the n word hard r, that's why. There is an urbandictionary definition for that as well. The constant usage of the nickname "jogger" rang suspiciously for me. -The username "American Justice Warriors" alone is suspicious. Meanwhile nobody is the video is visibly black, these stereotypes and stereotypical behavior can still be acted in caricature or fictional form.

    • j j
      j j

      was looking for this comment.

  • Riyana Gupta
    Riyana Gupta

    American justice warriors is fake because the same actors are on life lessons with the b luis

  • Mr Beince 8K
    Mr Beince 8K

    I liked the video!

  • oEZie rOtaku
    oEZie rOtaku

    n Cody Ko U struck jackpot in the girlfriend Pachinko box department both got logic, looks n laugh 2sides of the same coin n all that hope yall stay happy together forever

  • Jordy Zambrano
    Jordy Zambrano

    0:30 yeah. Exactly like that.😐

  • Rome Makes
    Rome Makes

    I like the video!

  • Adrian Juan
    Adrian Juan

    F for Uncle Leonard

  • Zenokiller24

    bring back cody cut

  • Baby Baby
    Baby Baby

    Censors face, puts his private Instagram account 😩

  • Miles Grimm
    Miles Grimm

    Man i can see how Cody looks like a baby back bitch after hearing him say he did on the pod

  • Kramer Laugh
    Kramer Laugh

    it’s like a shitty UDY pranks

  • Kelly

    6:05 I just laughed so hard while drinking water and almost drowned. I had to run to the toilet Bc I thought I was gonna throw up I was gagging so hard. Fuck off

  • Nathan R
    Nathan R

    “that was familiar” Kelsey is hilarious

  • Micah Murphy
    Micah Murphy

    the thing is. i’ve actually had that conversation from the beginning multiple times.

  • Gennyo

    Are people supposed to believe this is real? ☠️

  • ׁ

    nolan take a note. this is the type of story that we want

  • Juli J.
    Juli J.

    I can't believe that this is actually real people.. what kind of universe they live in??

  • NSD_Lighting 102
    NSD_Lighting 102

    cody savage also means wild and crazy

  • Jeanine Hadley
    Jeanine Hadley

    "Imagine being excited to get FIbill comment likes" "Couldn't be me 😉"

  • Braden Becker
    Braden Becker

    They unironically do the same ridiculous edits that Cody would do ironically over the existing video to make it funnier