Cody Ko

Cody Ko
Cody Ko

CODY KO is an actor/comedian/FIbillr/podcaster/SoundCloud rapper/internet badboy based in Venice, CA. He speaks in several podcasts and makes comedy videos on FIbill, some of his most popular videos being his commentary on funny things he finds on Instagram.

  • Saci Bubnó
    Saci Bubnó

    just casually liking all the comments about Scott Cramer (check him out if you haven't already) Cody we love you, this is a great video, and you actually included clips that Scott hasn't in his video. But come on. This is now the third video that you reacted to after he did it himself. And he seems to be the only one who made a video about the moment of truth before you did, so it's hard to believe you didn't know about this. Especially because you even said in the video that you didn't watch the show while it was on tv. I'm not saying you're ripping him off or anything, but if you're aware that a smaller channel made videos about topics you cover already, you should shout him out.

  • bird lady01
    bird lady01

    I don't really watch Cody Ko but for some reason I would mistake him for other youtuber Kurtis Conner (who I also don't really watch). I don't know why but they would be similar to me for a reason.

  • Gianna T
    Gianna T

    What did you break, Cody?

  • Imogen Menegaldo
    Imogen Menegaldo

    **breathing intensifies** 😤😤😤


    "Family friendly content"

  • Aiden McClenaghan
    Aiden McClenaghan

    the whole brand deal thing at the end was such a flex

  • Pragya Anand
    Pragya Anand

    It says a lot when the only "It's fine actually, I think you're great" is @7:00

  • Laura G
    Laura G

    Paul’s gf looks like Kylie Jenner

  • Jg55

    Where is the other dude not this lame chick

  • Jeffs_R _Us
    Jeffs_R _Us

    I cannot believe what I am looking at right now the only two explanations for this video ever existing is 1. It doesn’t and 2. I’ve lost my mind and it still doesn’t. I refuse to believe these two people have been within 2000 meters of each other.

  • Kitty K.
    Kitty K.

    The girlfriend of Paul reminds me of Shakira somehow lol

  • JustAJoJoRefrence

    Detroit: Become Kombucha

  • Gabi Szymczak
    Gabi Szymczak

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  • Zack Bern
    Zack Bern

    My friend bought that house and he is a tik tokker so yes it is a tik tok houe!

  • Bradley Hart
    Bradley Hart

    This is like Maury x Jeopardy

  • Zomy_

    I fucking love the stripper mouse. I want it for the background of my stream.

  • Wayne Campbell
    Wayne Campbell

    Maria is so beautiful. Surely, she left that douche.

  • Caden Douglas
    Caden Douglas

    Those hoof shoes are awesome!!!!!

  • Sara Bračun
    Sara Bračun


  • brianna uwu
    brianna uwu

    gosh i’m craving a cody & noel collab for a ‘that’s cringe’

  • Durkle Georgeson
    Durkle Georgeson

    the more I look at Kelsey, the more she reminds me of Amanda (Drew's wife).

  • norma

    im sorry did i hear that correctly


    couldn't choose between breaking bad or this video but the intro had me

  • jillian c
    jillian c

    Cody… the women buying that taxidermist mouse are the same women that practice witchcraft- they’re also the same people who love your channel lmfaoooo PLEASE roast those “alt” bitches more, im begging

  • Isabella Hurley
    Isabella Hurley

    Kelsey looks so stunning in this

  • awesomegaming750

    The teacher rapping was actually really good. Slim shady who?

  • Rachel Colameco
    Rachel Colameco

    My teeth... oh my God my teeth hurt. My toes are in pain from bring being scrunched so hard..... Aaarrggghhh

  • Leigha Carter
    Leigha Carter

    This hurts to watch

  • Wesley Yip
    Wesley Yip

    bruh the last guy is literally dwight from the office what the actual fuck especially at 14:18

  • MeSaDrums

    I laugh way harder than I should have when he said his full name as one word “Paulsion”

  • Platinum Diamond
    Platinum Diamond

    18:36 for bearded dragon

  • Avinaasha Shastry
    Avinaasha Shastry

    The problem is that you cannont unlearn your skill. Worse song is actually better

  • Charlotte Silver
    Charlotte Silver

    It's so pure that Cody doesn't know the correct way to pronounce gigolo :D

  • Sayre Ringuette
    Sayre Ringuette

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  • LaChina

    09:02 I was so sure an add read about Skillshare would come up

  • Lollie

    You guys are goals 💜💜💜💜

  • M

    Most of us can't afford to be this delusional!! ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️ I cannot stop laughing! Fair enough😂

  • Χριστίνα Μι
    Χριστίνα Μι

    Cody with a mustache is weirdly hot

  • McDeezy

    did danny duncan get his whole brand from skippy?

  • Tallulah Timoko
    Tallulah Timoko

    react to the british version: 'Just Tattoo of Us'!

  • Davi Villano
    Davi Villano


  • Georgie

    4:49 he’s so right homie is built like PlayStation 1 Harry Potter character

  • Sendal Jepit
    Sendal Jepit

    9:23 ini mungkin yang kalian cari

  • Brooke Spencer
    Brooke Spencer

    Love it! 🖤

  • Kyle Mailey
    Kyle Mailey

    What does he eat then? like all meals have vegetables in them. does he just eat bread and meat?

  • Austin S
    Austin S

    Had to go back to the office after being home for 15 months, this keeps me going now.

  • Gladiator KING
    Gladiator KING

    This is so cringe I feel so bad for the guy😬

  • xrrxy vvoi
    xrrxy vvoi

    Moment of Truth: Have you ever accidentally evaded paying your taxes for 4 years?

  • Julia Grabowska
    Julia Grabowska

    "You have a whole baby?!" No, just a half of it...

  • Fluriote 111
    Fluriote 111

    Still iconic LOL

  • Deepesh

    If you are not bright , have a guy who is brilliant. They took it seriously..

  • Cristina Salas
    Cristina Salas

    o mai god

  • Karen Hekla
    Karen Hekla

    I thought the breaking something with a throwing lemon was a bit but you could see the regret in his eyes once he let go of it…

  • Lily Fraser
    Lily Fraser

    watching Cody and Kelsey together = bi panic

  • Bri Rader
    Bri Rader

    Tell me you’ve never seen Dinner for Schmucks without telling me you’ve never seen dinner for schmucks

  • JVtv

    22:24 best part of the video.. thank me later

  • Henry Cook
    Henry Cook

    Everyone saying that Cody stole Scott Cramer's idea when in reality he's not stealing it at all. Did John invent commentary, or the concept of reacting to cringy T.V shows? Just because two creators covered the same topic doesn't mean that one copied the other.

  • PlsAllowAly •
    PlsAllowAly •

    I would like to think that they were just actors so that I could feel better. Don't spoil it please.

  • Samuel David
    Samuel David

    I hate to take the alcoholic's side in this, but it's not his fault. At least in Dhar Mann's scripts, the alcoholic dad is a jerk who leaves his family to continue partying. Here, the dad still tries to be in his daughter's life despite his alcoholism and the mother up and steals his daughter away from him for 18 years. Then, all of a sudden, we're supposed to blame the dad for not seeing the daughter that was stolen away from him years ago? Really?

    • Ailsa Ni
      Ailsa Ni

      Lmfaooo turns out dhar mann used to be a scammer

  • Евгения Сафонова
    Евгения Сафонова

    The cup lifehack also does wonders on your cheekbones

  • Jack Alter
    Jack Alter

    I cant tell what's sarcasm and what isn't

  • Javier Jimenez
    Javier Jimenez


  • Евгения Сафонова
    Евгения Сафонова

    Kudos to the person who searched for the influencers to advertise better help. Cause being depressed those are exactly the type of videos I watch for comfort

  • Евгения Сафонова
    Евгения Сафонова

    The real sponsor of the video is durex

  • Deniz Erdener
    Deniz Erdener

    We love minions

  • Евгения Сафонова
    Евгения Сафонова

    Those kind of videos keep me alive

  • QMUL هجوله
    QMUL هجوله

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  • jo

    thats some pretty intimate eye contact

  • AJ Suoniemi
    AJ Suoniemi

    There is a private residence called Antilla in Mumbai that is over 400k sqf and is worth over 1.2b$ so while this house is fucking absurd it is not the biggest or the most expensive

  • Mike Stark
    Mike Stark

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  • Neelam Bains
    Neelam Bains

    This is a rip off of the short film called Lily meets Charlie! Just very very poorly done. xD

  • QMUL هجوله
    QMUL هجوله

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  • Taylor

    how did this clown pull 100 ladies we gotta do better queens

  • Professor Super dweeb
    Professor Super dweeb

    Most of the people Cody so called “bullied” colabed and became friends with Cody

  • Cameron Hendrix
    Cameron Hendrix

    I dunno, u know?~ Cody Ko

  • JhongYT

    These pranksters never grew up as a kid and now they think bothering others is funny and rad as fuck dude HAHA!! Fck those guys.

  • Emie Vanoss
    Emie Vanoss

    I thought it was ed Sheeran 😐